Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

Thanksgiving 2017

One of the main things that we are taught when we walk with demons, is the concept of thanks and gratitude.  When you shift your attention to that which you are grateful for, those things which you are thankful for, it changes your energies, it shifts your perspective and you are able to see your world, and your surroundings from a completely new perspective.

So many times the blocks in our lives and the things that hinder us, and stagnate our growth can be removed with a change of perspective.  When we give thanks for what we have, and shift our attention away from what is wrong in our lives, towards what is right we find that we are indeed surrounded by great abundance, and great wealth.  Our problems seem smaller as they weighed up against the positive energies that are around us.  This is not to say that the problems do not exist, but changing our perspective and opening up the energies of gratitude can lead us to find solutions for the challenges that we face.

Thanksgiving to our coven is a time when we reflect on our lives and look at things that we have, things that we have accomplished and celebrate those things.  We celebrate the good in our lives, the wonderful friends and family who walk with us, and take the time to sit with those people and honour them.

My father says that Thanksgiving is a time to sit with friends and family and just honour each other, honour the presence of each other in our lives and be grateful for that which we have and that which we have created.  Thanksgiving really does mark the end of the harvest season, when we move towards the cold harsh winter months where friends and family and community were essential for survival in the North.  In Canada we are in the great North and there are places in our country where you need that sense of community even today to survive.

When you are in a place where you need your friends, family and community to survive it puts perspective and you really are grateful for those who walk with you on this journey.  Thanksgiving is a reminder of that, it is a reminder that as we move to the darkest times of the year we have friends, family, spirit companions who are with us, and who have walked with us through the brightest times of the year and will stay with us and enhance the darkest times of the year.

Thanksgiving is a ritual of gratitude and thanks, one where you appreciate those who are with you.  This is a time for rituals of celebartion and gratitude, and also I find a great time to send out the energies for manifestation and abundance.  Spells for calling to you what you desire and working on the energies to make your dreams and desires come true.  It is a time to really send out those positive energies and build that foundation, the new year is almost upon us and we have a lot to reflect on, but also a lot to celebrate.  The energies of this time of the year are wonderful, they are full of life and festivity and it is a time when you can tap into those currents and really open up the abundance energies to manifest and create in the coming year.

The energies of this season have the power to elevate, to rise you above where you are and remind you of the good, the wonder and the amazement that this world has to offer.  It is the darkest time of the year, but it is one of very positive and empowered high vibrational energies.  Which I believe is what symbolized exactly what demons are.  They are dark, they are of the darkness, but they bring high vibrational darkness and help us to remember all that we have to be grateful for and all the hidden abundance that is all around us.

We at S&S are grateful and thankful for all of you who walk with us on this journey.  You brighten our hearths and liven our path on this planet.  We are thankful and grateful to have you here with us.   This year was the best one yet and we know that this is just the start.

Darkest Blessings!

Akelta, Satyra, Yllidra


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