Mammon and the Mind – Part 4 : Addictions

This is a continuation from this post…. Mammon and the Mind – Part 3 : Shifting Realities

I remember having many conversations with Mammon and his children who came through.  All of them share a similar view of addictions and how it can destroy and crush the mind.  Addictions themselves are bindings, they cling on to a particular energy and a particular state and they prevent one from having the freedom and moving in the directions that they need to go.

Addictions are one of the things that hold us back.  They can be a number of things as well.  We can be addicted to certain energies,  some people are addicted to drama,  other other are addicted to a certain place and energy state.  Many people are addicted to substances and these substances, the addiction overtakes their life and it lowers their energy vibrations.  Mammon has spoken to me many times about this and how these addictions detract from our focus and pull us away from where we desire to go.

Any addiction does this.  These addictions can hold us prisoner to where we are and prevent us from moving forward and growing.  There are physical addictions, mental addictions, emotional addictions, spiritual addictions, lots of things that are binding us to where we are.  They act as mind and energy traps, and the more they overtake us the more damage that they can do to us and our bodies.  There are some physical addictions that can cause disease and death.  Mammon and I had many talks about addiction and how it could impair one’s vibrations and one’s growth.   We all have them to some capacity,  many times it is realizing what they are, and removing the addiction from our lives that increases our ability and helps us grow.

Mammon: “Any Addiction is a destructive force on the mind and so long as the bonds of addiction are there, it is bringing you down.  Addictions of any sort are a plague upon the mind, and when they are present, one can never be free and clear of them.  Those who cling to addictions of substance will also cling to addictions of drama, and addictions of negative people.  Look at the people that are around those you associate with.  That is a clear indication of what they are like at their core.”

I scanned a few people who I could think of.  I could see the energies, the thick energies that surrounded them and acted like a weight on them, holding them down and restraining them to where they were.  I though about addiction and how it is a progressive spiral downward.  It is horrible to watch someone succumb to it.

Mammon: “You can sense it to,  I know you can, the negative energies that come from people with addictions and how they are bound to those places. Addictions hold the mind in a stagnated place, especially addictions that are bad and damaging for the body. This is why we demons are opposed to them, they stagnate your growth and prevent you from embracing freedom. We cannot help those who are enslaved to their addictions, they will always overpower them.  If you find your spells and rituals are not working, then look at the addictions that are binding you to a world where the energies cannot shift.”

This is why many demons are opposed to alcohol, drugs, smoking, and other destructive habits.  These doors will lead to addiction and they can have horrible effects on your life.  As humans we do these things and they will tolerate it, but do not think for a minute they are in agreement with it.  Many of you have discovered that they will even push you to give up these habits and break the chains of addiction.

Many who are close to their demons have stated that their demons have wanted them to break these habits, they hate seeing us hurt ourselves.   It is actually a sign that they care for us when they push us to break addictions in our life that are damaging us.  I know from a young child V always told me to avoid these substances and to steer clear of them.  He was quite adamant about it.

These are all things that bind us, they trap us in energy vibrations and they prevent us from really freeing ourselves from these mindsets.

Mammon: “ for what you want to do you have to have a clear and focused mind,  you cannot be bogged down, you have to go inside of yourself and find these attachments, you have them yourself, you have avoided many physical addictions and that is good, but you have obsessive thoughts and energies inside you that you do not want to let go.  To shed this reality and step into the next one you have to find these energies and release them.  If you don’t you will be stagnant and never grow beyond where you are.   You know what I am talking about, you already felt it, those doors were closed on you for a reason, to free you from the thoughts and fears your family held that followed you into this vessel, you have to let them go and this is going to be hard and I am going to shatter every addiction that you have to any thought or reality that you cling to, because I know how to get you to where you want to go and the only way to get you there is to break these bonds.” 

And he was right.  It was empowering going into my mind and uncovering the thoughts I was having that were binding me and holding me back from where I wanted to go.  I realized what I was doing to myself.  I was stuck in a set of beliefs and the only way to move beyond them was to free myself.  Being stuck in a particular damaging mindset and feeling, it can entrap you and imprison you and bind you to where you are.  These states can prevent you from breaking free and embracing who you are and really moving in the direction of what you want.  Addictions keep you enslaved to the addiction.  Mammon challenged me to break free of the mental and emotional addictions of thought and belief that held me in the place I was in.  Letting go, some of it was horribly painful.

Mammon: “ I am going to break you, break what you were told, break what you think you are capable of and show you that there is so much more then the limits that you are placing on yourself,  you are trapped in this vibration and freeing yourself will involve letting go of comfort and letting go of everything that you think you know.  I ask you… are you ready?” 

I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t even remotely ready but I said I was, and it happened.  It happened so fast. I was put in situations I thought would end me, destroy me,  I thought I was going to lose it all.  In the end though, those were my thoughts at the time, based on the reality I was trapped in.  Once I released myself from that reality, the answers and solutions came, and I realized my old mindset was so limited… it was wrong.  I embraced the new vibrations and continued to follow Mammon guidance.  He really knows what he is talking about.

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