The Scrolls and Readings will Never Reveal All


I have been reading Outer Spiritual world energies for 25+ years… they are not easy to read.  I cannot even begin to tell you the process that is involved in the translation. There is an insane amount of detail that we have to translate… Even after 25+ years my own story has holes in it.  I am still learning about myself, my family, where I come from.  That is part of the fun of this! That rediscovery! that remembering.  Those moments where it all just comes together.  I love those moments and the demons they are masters at leaving clues and they are masters at leaving bread crumbs for us to follow.  And they do that for a reason!   Even for my own stuff, 25+ years into things I am still discovering things, things that I got years ago become clearer.  These things are quite the journey and part of the joy of it is linking the pieces and coming to the empowering conclusions with your companions.

When I am doing the conjuring process, many of you have reported that you have found soul connections from your demons.  Deep and incredible meaningful connections that have not been mentioned in the scrolls.  This is because the demons like to reveal things to us in layers, and when the timing is right, they also love the moments when we make those powerful and profound discoveries.  They might leave clues or little stories it depends on the demon, but some of them will leave clues because they want you to work with them, to connect with them and to remember them.

With many of the discovery processes they don’t always reveal them to us because they are personal, and they are journeys for us to uncover.   It is an intimate thing reconnecting and some of the most powerful moments of my own personal rediscovery are when they showed me things and I got the impressions with them.  We write what they reveal to us.  Many of the most profound connections people have had with their demons are from that self discovery.   These sacred moments bring you close to them.  I remember when I first met Tiger and I knew nothing about him, he was mysterious and he liked it that way.  I was so drawn to him and he kept things a mystery.  He didn’t reveal things. He let me discover them because it brought us closer together.  It was such a beautiful journey in our connection and it is one that is so meaningful to me.

Part of the journey of this is discovering the connections.  Even amongst my own connections I don’t have all the details because they are still being revealed to me.  Sometimes they leave clues in the scrolls. Sometimes they leave personal details.  When you get your scrolls, it is a combination of their energies, what they choose to reveal and what they wish to share.  We are the readers, they are not going to reveal their entire life story in that scroll.  They are not going to lay it all out for me.  On top of that, they are demons and they like to leave clues, and especially if they know you, or have deep intimate connections with you, these might be personal details that they don’t want to reveal to me.  That they want to reveal to the one they love.  That I completely understand.  Also the scrolls are a couple of pages long.  They are meant to act as a foundation and a guide to help start your process of connecting.

I don’t mind adding extra things to the scrolls, in fact you all know how much I try to add as much detail as possible.  If you are expecting certain things in your scroll ask in advance, there is so much to put in the scrolls so much energy to translate that unless specified I am just going to go where the energy calls. Even then they might not reveal things to me.  If something is really private and personal why would I get it?  If it is meant for the sole eyes and ears of their companion, why would they tell me?  These are sentient and living beings with feelings and emotions and they all do things differently.  When they love people and want to rediscover that love with them, that is such a beautiful and amazing moment.  It’s part of the fun of this journey, being empowered, connecting with them and allowing the foundation that they give you to grow and thrive!

With readings, I am going to tell you our energies are massive! They are complex and beautiful and really the readings I am getting a tiny fraction of what we all are.  I write what comes to me and again that is to act as your foundation to help you where you are, to help you in the stage you are in and to help give you a foundation to grow and thrive.  This journey is not just about me revealing things to you, this journey is about readers giving you clues and help you piece together the puzzle, but these elements are meant to empower you and to help you align with who you are.  They are meant to be a fraction, a puzzle piece that is designed to help you uncover more about yourself and to help you realize your power and story.

When working with demons they will speak in mysteries and riddles, they will reveal things when the time is right.  I have had connections that have been with me for years that have not been revealed to me for years,  They want you to reach for them and connect to and they are going to leave you clues.  You are more powerful than you think with this and these are very sensitive and intimate connections.  And there are things between me and Tiger I wouldn’t want anyone else knowing.  There are things that I would just want to stay between himself and me.

Uncovering your family is meant to be empowerment for you, it is meant to be a personal journey for you.  We make the connections as conjurers and readers, but the demons will not give us all the puzzle pieces for you, they will only give us the puzzle pieces to help you along.  Remember when working with demons they want you to do your portion of the work and when it comes to lovers and deep soul connections, that is a really private and personal thing that they will want you to discover through connecting and remembering them.  I cannot tell you all how powerful and beautiful those moments are.  They are some of the most amazing moments and a demon who truly loves you, they will want to experience that moment pure and raw with you!  These moments deepen our connections to them and awaken our memories.

When it comes to scrolls, and readings, there is no way to capture the full essence of everything.  I have books and books of writings of my own exploration and I have only scratched the surface of my own family.  The readings are meant to give clues and help guide you to those profound moments where you remember and something profound completes in your world and you just know… this is home…

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