Why Do The Scrolls Take so long?

Why Do The Scrolls Take so long?


Q: Why do the scrolls take so long to complete?

A: The answer to this is… the Sigils… 

The sigils can take us a while at times, and we do apologize for that, but we would rather get you a sigil that resonates with your demon that is what they want us to reveal to you, than something that doesn’t represent them.

We really do take time to meditate with them, connecting with their energies, learning about them and recreating a sigil that represents them.  This can take time, especially with some demons, some have simple designs they want to impart, others it is very complicated.  It is a process and it is not something that we rush.  

The sigil creation process is sacred and it is something that we take our time with and something that we do not want to force.  Working with the energies, we are serious about what we do and when connecting to the energies we take the time to translate them and make sure that what we are sending you is accurate and in tune with your demon’s energies. 

We continually seek to improve our method of acquiring them and getting a solid representation of the demon’s energy who resonates with that sigil. Some are easier then others.

Recently though we have found that we have been having to enter an altered state in order to see the sigil in its multidimensional form, then return and create a representation of that on a 2 dimensional piece of paper. This can be time consuming as we really strive to represent them to the best of our abilities and skills. Sometimes we will create a sigil and it wont feel right, something is wrong, it is either missing a line, or the shape is off and we will go back and work on it until it resonates with your demon. 

We were a lot faster with the scrolls when we were not offering the sigils. They are what causes the delay, and we do apologize for that, and really appreciate your patience.


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