My Path is Better than Yours..

The eons old debate, who has the right path? Who has the wrong path? Who has the best path?  Who has the better path?  

This is one thing that is starting to really frustrate me about the LHP (Left Hand Path).  It is being filled full of zealots and self proclaimed protégées who feel that they can dictate the course of everyone else’s path.  They have the correct LHP and everyone else is wrong for not adhering to their version of spirituality, or only the ‘approved’ LHPs can can been be seen as valid, everyone else is a fraud.  *slow clap* congratulations, LHP you just became dogmatic.   

When one starts dictating a dogma for the LHP then they are no better then those spiritual paths who claim they are the only one.  Human nature is one thing that is predictable, and so the LHP becomes a dogma by the power of the controlled masses.  This though is the trap that we are all programmed to follow and succumb to and why we tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.  

This is not about disagreements, this is about those who deem certain branches of the LHP invalid because they are not what they deem the path should be.  The LHP should be about disagreements and pursuing what is right for the individual, but telling someone that an entire path is wrong and should be boycotted because it does not work for that person is wrong. There are many paths that do not align with me, but I am not going to discredit them because they might work for someone else. It is highly dogmatic for a path that is supposed to be about personal freedoms and liberties, to dictate the course of someones spiritual journey.  

To be honest, this whole notion has bothered me to no end. The fact is that in my time analyzing and studying the layers of the spiritual world I have uncovered that it is so complex and so massive that there is enough room for many different philosophies, perspectives, and spiritual paths.  We are going to access and work with different regions and different layers and what is important is that those layers make sense to the individual who walks in them,  and that those layers empower them. 

If someone is using spirituality to escape reality damaging their growth, that is a problem.  If someone is recklessly endangering themselves for ego and brining others down with them, that is also a problem.  But those who walk the path, genuinely learning and expanding their knowledge, getting real results, there is no problem.  No one has the right to tell them they are wrong or that their way is better.  

The Inner Spiritual World is a Multiverse and has many different aspects to it. The Outer Spiritual World is not connected at all to itself and some parts of it contradict other parts, so the truth itself is contradictory..  Experiencing the Outer Spiritual World and walking in the layers that I walk in, I cannot speak for everything in existence.  I have my expertise which is the Outer Spiritual World demons, but that is a fraction of what is out there, and who is to say who is right and who is wrong.  

My path is right for me, but it might not be right for another.  Just like many people who try to argue with me have no understanding of where I have acquired my knowledge from, so it amuses me to no end when they try to label me and place me in their box.  Considering I have, between the inner spiritual worlds and the outer spiritual world, met 6 Lucifers… How egomaniacal it is to conclude that one’s perspective is the only one? But, that is people for you.  

I flat out say I work with Outer Spiritual World demons, that is my area of expertise.  Others who work with inner spiritual world demons and different layers of the inner spiritual world are going to have different experiences.  If you are going to argue, make sure you are arguing apples with apples and not apples with oranges.  This is one main thing I have noticed, everyone wants to argue about who is right or wrong without realizing we are talking about different realms and layers.  Let’s understand this before we argue, and before we label right and wrong.    

Finding Our Path.

With my perspective I always say there are so many layers out there that we can all fit into this puzzle, and that people need to explore and find the spiritual path that is right for them.   We just have to look beyond our three dimensional mindset to perceive it and open ourselves up to the possibilities.  The challenge for me is making it all work, not proving people are wrong but understanding what layer of reality they are walking with.  There are aspects of the Abyss and the Void which are inside of us which dictate the perspective that we get and the experiences that we have.  The inner spiritual world has its own void, which is unique in energies to the outer spiritual world void.  There are going to be layers of one person’s expertise which do not make sense from other spiritual layers and we have to be open to that.  

Is the spiritual world a safe free for all? No.  There are areas of vast darkness which are dangerous for us to explore and can cause damage and harm.   That does not mean that there are not astral realms that mirror those realms which we can explore in the safety of our universal spectrum.  There are dangers out there which we have to be mindful of, but we also have to be aware that just because we are at a stage where we can access those dangerous realms of darkness and have to take incredible precautions, someone else speaking of darkness might only be accessing a side of their mind and they will be safer in their explorations.  

Another problem is that there are people who use spirituality to fuel their ego, instead of seeking and looking for truth, they just inflate themselves. This will cause stagnation but that will be revealed in the life of the individual who continually needs to have validation that fuels their ego story.  This is dangerous and stagnating to the growth of the individual, but for the most past listing to the world of another can reveal this.  These are all things to be mindful of when walking our path.  

Some practitioners move through the dark layers and have very advanced methods of protection because they have gone darker than most ever will.  They actually delve and explore the deep darkness of the spiritual world. While others explore the darkness of their mind, or the darkness of an inner spiritual astral world, so they can move through these layers with less protection.   Protection is essential, but so is perspective.

The search in the end should be for our truth which will be different for everyone. The different paths and aspects of that truth leads to a very unique and complete picture, which looks different depending on the angle you view it from.  The complexities of the universe, inner and outer spiritual worlds demand that we be open to the perspectives and complexities of the different paths. We need to realize that we as individuals have certain energies inside of us which will dictate where we are.  They are your divine energies and they are what is guiding you back to your source.  We all don’t have the whole picture, but if we devote ourselves to our piece of the picture, then we are going to add to the overall beauty of the whole.  

Are things going to be wrong?  Yes and no. Is something truly wrong if it brought you to what was right?   Sometimes people act from a place of ego,  trying to fill a void in their life, but that speaks more of missing pieces inside of them and these revelations are guides to help them heal and continue their journey to truth.  

I disagree with a lot of things I read, until I look at them from the inner spiritual world, or from the death realms, or their own inner world, or even from the hurting side of people’s psyche. Then I see how they are also right.  We need to understand and explore all sides and continue to be mindful of where our actions and beliefs are taking us.  

You cannot code in Cobal or Python if you only have learned PHP. You have to be able to have the knowledge to work with the energies that you are translating and that is important. Knowing that many of us have different knowledge that we are translating from. Some know HTML, others know PHP, some know Cobal and some still know Rexx or JCL. Knowing which layer we are receiving information and how we are translating it is important.

There is danger out there, which is why we teach about the spiritual foundation, but we also should not let the fear of that danger stop us from learning about ourselves, our path, and embracing what is within us.  The LHP is one of exploration and growth, it is one of danger and of risk.  We know the risk when we choose to walk into the darkness, but we also know that the risk is worth it to uncover the truth about who we are.  We know that walking into the darkness is about being empowered.  

As we learn and grow, we are more capable to protect and defend ourselves.  The LHP is about taking personal responsibility and accountability for ourselves and our journey.  It is not a dogmatic system that is designed to continue the oppression that has been forced upon us for centuries.  Which is why it is sad that in some situations it is taking that turn.  

The work should always be to uncover the truth, while being mindful of the multiple layers and dimensions that flow all around us.  I am in no way preaching a free for all.  There are realms that are dangerous, there are beings which will harm you and damage you when you come in contact with them.  But my experiences with the Demons of the Outer Spiritual world are going to be different than those who work with demons of the Inner Spiritual world and other realms, these aspects make a huge difference in how we interpret and translate the energies we are getting. Perspective changes everything and it is important to know that perspective to know where the information is coming from.  

The perspective and layer from which one is basing their information on has to be understood.  Where I am an expert in the areas that I work in, my knowledge may be lacking in layers of the inner spiritual world where another connect.

There are a lot of views and perspectives that don’t align with me and my path, but I don’t try to tear those paths down.   I would rather focus on knowledge and building up my own path.  Empowering those who are drawn to what I have to teach and with whom this path resonates.  

I have a lot of knowledge that comes from various sources, including some of the elites in this world who work in the shadows to control the masses.  A lot of what I have learned has been to undo the base programs we have been implanted with that keep us under their control.  When I see people acting from these programs, that I know have been implanted into us I am going to take note of that when those people are giving me advice.  I know the source of these programs is from a group who has no problem sacrificing all of us to suit their end goals.  I know many do not even know they are being controlled. 

My path is freedom and helping people to attain that freedom.  It is scary how much of what we think is programmed into us and how little control we actually have over our minds.  I know how badly we have been manipulated and conditioned to be under these people’s control.  It is scary what they are doing even right now to keep us there.  Those who truly come to me with knowledge that challenges me, I hear them and grow from their words, but I won’t waste anyone’s time arguing with programs.  

People who disagree with my methods with no base understanding of where I have attained my knowledge from, I am not even going to debate them when they just come at me with absolutely no understanding or even a desire to understand my perspective.  It is a waste of everyone’s time.  We all have to find our own path and I will teach my methods to those who want to learn.  But I am not here to proclaim some higher authority and force what I know on others.  Do what you want, do what is right for you, but don’t tell me what is right for me, without even understanding where I have attained my knowledge or the layer that I am working from.  

I believe in experts, and I believe that experts can and should disagree and have true debates.  I also contradict myself and I am aware of the contradiction, that is part of breaking my programs.  One of my mentors told me to keep an open mind and the other told me to keep a closed mind.  I hold the extremes of both these places in balance.  I am convicted on what I know and follow my path which has led me to success.   I also keep an open mind and read and listen to what others say and believe.  My path has actually been defined in many ways by holding contradictory extremes and experiencing the wisdom in the space that is between them. This is one great secret to attaining knowledge.  It allows me to hold strong on my course while also learning, growing, and understanding different paths and perspectives out there.  

You’re Right and I’m Wrong… Clearly…

I find it ridiculous when LHP individuals comment on and criticize other people’s version of the LHP, as if they are some spiritual guru who has all the answers.  How insecure do you have to be to dictate the terms of someone else’s freedom?  

Be mindful of those who claim to have the one truth and would rather spend time knocking down someone else’s path rather than growing their own.  I will admit when a path does not align with me, but I will also say that if it does align with others then those people should follow it.  Just because something doesn’t align with me, doesn’t mean that everyone should just boycott it.  It means that it wasn’t my cup of tea.  I know my path and I know it well.  I know what is right for me, and I want others to uncover that and find what is right for them.  

Stay safe,  listen to and learn from the experts, but if it doesn’t align with you, don’t take it as gospel.  We are on the LHP, we are on the journey of the self, not the journey of conformity. And those who try to dictate the terms of the LHP have no understanding of it or the concept of freedom.  Take heed of the warnings and dangers that are out there, but use that knowledge to protect yourself, and be prepared, not lock yourself into a dogma.  

My personal beliefs tend to come from the outer spiritual world which has been my primary focus, which when looking from an inner spiritual world lens, we find many things that are a part of the inner spiritual world that are not part of the outer.  The breadcrumbs that we have been given here, that grow and expand over time, expand our view of what is out there.  Even science says that the universe at times is stranger than fiction, the spiritual worlds even more so.  Be open to what is out there, but be convicted on what is right for you. 

At the end of the day  it either works or it doesn’t.  If it doesn’t work then it might be time to rethink what you are doing, but if it is working and you are getting insane results, then why are you going to listen to the label of someone who clearly has nothing better to do then criticize what is working for you? The LHP needs to take a step back and return to its roots, which is freedom and the pursuit of personal truth.  

 Satan & Suns is about the pursuit of truth which is why we enjoy having people from many different paths and spiritual practises.  We are about freedom, truth and empowerment and if that is deserving of criticism, then I welcome it with open arms.  I am not doing this for my ego, or for the validation of others.  I am doing it because it works, and I want to help others find what works for them.  Let’s stop the dogma, and stop the endless criticizing and just start creating and honouring our paths and our truths.

2 thoughts on “My Path is Better than Yours..

  • December 2, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    That was beautiful and truly humbling, at least to those of us who acknowledge that the journey continues, we dont have every answer to every question in existence and the journey seems to always begin again when you make some progress forward. I thank you for your wisdom.

    • December 4, 2019 at 2:10 pm

      Thank you GraveRaven, I am so glad you enjoyed the post!


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