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Exorcism of Sludge Entities

This is a ritual that I have used to bind and banish sludge entities who have attempted to torment and torture me and my family.  Sludge entities are a vast spectrum of entities who cause torment and destruction upon those who cross their path.   They range in size and can be smaller parasitic creatures,…
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Being Abused by a Sludge Entity

If anything Spiritual is abusive to you, banishment and cleansing are always recommended.  Nothing should come into your space that is abusive.    Imposters and sludge entities can pose a problem, and they can interject and insert projection and destructive images into us.  They also enjoy torturing and tormenting us and can be very mentally…
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Spirit Communication

Levels of Spirit Communication

One of the goals of anyone walking a spiritual path is receiving messages form the spirit world and communicating with spirits.  We all come onto this path at different levels and it can be very frustrating for some.  Others are already aligned with their natural skills and they have a good foundation for spirit communication. Below you…
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Starting out

Starting out Working with Demons and Spiritual Practises

I want to just let everyone know, walking any spiritual path has it’s risks, it has its dangers. There are beings and creatures out there that can latch onto you and cause damage and hurt you. When you start to work with demons there is a huge amount of energy that is raised from you,…
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Inviting Demons into your life

Inviting Demons into your life: Really if you are prepared and well researched you shouldn’t encounter any issues. Working with any spiritual being invites risks unless we ourselves take the time to prepare and build our spiritual foundation. When you have the education and the confidence in our own skills and abilities we can work…
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Spiritual Foundation 101 – The Protection Shield

We often make references to building a strong spiritual foundation. Here we will begin to explore this and offer exercises and information designed for you to begin to build, or improve upon your spiritual foundation so that you can protect yourself, your family and friends when walking through the world of spirit. A strong spiritual…
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