Inviting Demons into your life

Inviting Demons into your life

Demon Guide

Demon Guide

Inviting Demons into your life: Really if you are prepared and well researched you shouldn’t encounter any issues. Working with any spiritual being invites risks unless we ourselves take the time to prepare and build our spiritual foundation. When you have the education and the confidence in our own skills and abilities we can work with demons from a place of empowerment and invite them to join us and walk with us.

Demons are actually quite protective being and make wonderful guardians and companions. Many of the problems people have come from being disrespectful towards the demons, blasting then, ordering then around, thinking them as a servant instead of a powerful sentient being. They have feelings and they are Gods themselves and it is important to be nice to them and respect them. They should not be attacked and ordered around and forced to submit. People who approach demons with respect seldom have issues and if they do, they might want to look at their spiritual foundation to see if there is a sludge entity or malicious entity that is targeting them masquerading as a demon.

Working with any spiritual being opens many doors for inviting accidentally unwanted and malicious entities into your life. When we have a strong spiritual foundation you know how to protect yourself and your space and cleanse yourself of these unwanted energies. It is important before walking any spiritual path you learn how to protect yourself.

What is a spiritual foundation?

A Spiritual foundation is where we have taken the time to build our own spiritual tools and we are confident in our ability to handle any situation that comes up. It is advices before one walks a spiritual path they read and study learning their craft and finding what resonates with them. As they learn there care five key foundational points that should be developed. Warding your space also falls into this category.

The first is Shielding – Being able to shield yourself and your energies from any malicious creatures that wish to harm you. When you work with powerful beings you can accidentally attract the attention of predatorial entities who are drawn to your work. Learning to shield protects you and keeps you safe.

The second is Grounding – Grounding is being able to recenter yourself and bring yourself back. Doing spiritual work can wreak havoc on the senses and can create unbalance in the body. Grounding allows you to release excess energy and return to a balanced state.

The third is Cleansing – When we cleanse our aura and the space around us we are able to remove a lot of the negative energies that can plague us and bring down our energy vibrations. Having a cleansed aura actually helps keep malicious entities from attaching to you. Having a good daily cleansing routine goes a long way to good energetic health.

The fourth is Focusing – A lot of our ability to communicate, work spells and manipulate energy comes from our ability to focus. I would say focusing and being able to direct the mind into a focused state accounts for most of our psychic ability. Have a good focusing foundation is instrumental for a strong spiritual foundation.

The fifth is Mental Mastery – In order to be able to handle some of the situations that are presented to us having control over our mind and our reactions to things is very important. When the energies are shifting anything can happen and it is important to be able to keep a clear mind and be able to navigate through anything that comes at you. Training yourself to be in control of your mind and continue to shift the energies around you no matter what happens.

There steps are foundational for any spiritual practise!

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