Starting out Working with Demons and Spiritual Practises

I want to just let everyone know, walking any spiritual path has it’s risks, it has its dangers. There are beings and creatures out there that can latch onto you and cause damage and hurt you. When you start to work with demons there is a huge amount of energy that is raised from you, and also from the demons who visit and work with you. It is very important to make sure you take the time to learn your craft and learn to protect yourself.

You can always tell those who are just starting out on a path to those who have been walking it for a while. Walking a spiritual path and inviting spirits into your life means you are inviting certain supernatural elements. Like Objects moving, strange sensations, strange smells, items being throw off alters. One of our forum members reported pictures falling off the wall, these things happen.

Walking with Spiritual forces they can move the objects in your surrounding environment. The best thing to do is just to panic and remember you should be constantly working on your spiritual foundation.

The reason we talk about building a spiritual foundation is because you are your first line of defence, you are the one who can keep yourself and your space safe. You can always tell seasons practitioners as they seldom have issues and when they do, they know the steps to take to deal with them. I have never had anything happened that involved a reaction on my part, even when one in my house got possessed by a sludge, I knew the steps to take to deal with it and handle the problem. I had confidence in my spiritual foundation.

When you have a solid spiritual foundation, you are prepared for the unpredictables that happen when walking a spiritual path. We always recommend if things happen where you feel panicked or scared, stop what you are doing and go back to your spiritual foundation, assess the situation and return to your foundation. We always recommend people who are starting on a path (especially a demonic path) read everything that they can before beginning to work with demons, and also having a solid foundation, this will prevent things from happening and also from attacked from dangerous entities that are drawn to the massive energies that demons produce.

Once you have read and have a good knowledge foundation you should begin working on shielding and warding your space.

Shields are personal and stay around you, Wards are permanent energy fixtures that stay around the space you have placed them.

From there we always recommend cleansing as cleanses is a very important skill for removing negative energies in the aura. Cleansing is very different from shielding in that shielding is an energy that remains around you and keeps specific frequencies out. But since some of our negative energies are caused by our own mind it is very important to cleanse the body, and go through with your preferred method, some people like rosemary baths, some like sage, some like salt water mist. Cleansing is important for ones spiritual foundation. Grounding as well, which is how we remove excess energy from our rituals and workings and return to ourselves and ground back in our bodies and return the energies to our normal state.

Focusing and mental mastery are equally important as when we are focused we can work with and shift energies, and when we have mental mastery we have mastered our emotions and have control over ourselves, so that if a situation arrises we can asses it and handle it in the least disruptive way possible. If you find that you are having situations arise where you are experiencing paranormal activity and you can locate the source, and you are concerned we always recommend ceasing what you are doing and returning to your spiritual foundation to ground and get a sense of what is going on. You should be able to set up defences and shields to defend yourself. Remember no one is above your spiritual authority and can do things against your will. Take back your power, find your spiritual foundation and don’t let any spiritual force bully you around!


We have free PDF’s here with exercises on building your spiritual foundation that can be downloaded here..

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