Spiritual Foundation 101 – The Protection Shield

We often make references to building a strong spiritual foundation. Here we will begin to explore this and offer exercises and information designed for you to begin to build, or improve upon your spiritual foundation so that you can protect yourself, your family and friends when walking through the world of spirit. A strong spiritual foundation will alleviate a lot of issues and give you confidence not only on your spiritual path, but also in your life.

The first of the core foundations we will be discussing is the protection shield.

What is a Protection Shield?

A Protection Shield is basically as it reads. An Energy that encases you or whatever it is you wish to protect that is designed to keep our malicious spirits/entities, attacks from a malicious practitioner, and anything else that would try to threaten you or that which you would like to protect.

The shield can take on different colours and shapes basically they are crafted from energies and very individual. It is an art form creating protection shields and no they are not all equal.

There are many different types of shields you can use…

Shields where you call energy from an outside source… Invoking a Shield

If you work closely with a deity or have a high level familiar if you are ever attacked you can call on them for protection and aid. Basically, if you sense an attack coming on, or feel uneasy, or sense there is something wrong you may be having a spiritual attack. At this point ask your deity or familiar to shield you from the attack and protect you from any maliciousness that is trying to harm you.

A deity who you are close with , you will already be vibrating at their energetic frequencies, they will quite often act to surround you with a protective energy and help you in your time of need.

With Deities….It is important to develop a relationship with a deity before attempting this in a dangerous situation as some will only act to protect those who are of their allegiance, and others will not even act at all and leave you exposed. So make sure you get to know the deity you wish to call on before attempting this…

Shields you craft yourself with different energies…. Crafting a Shield

A shield can be creating by the practitioner, with the use of conjuring different energies.. These techniques range from very simple energy shields designed to deflect an attack, to an all out defense shield that will harm anyone who tries to harm you. How you craft a shield is you bring energy down through your crown Chakra and surround yourself with it. It is a basic visualization basically you see the energy flowing down through your crown and to your solar plexus where then you see it expand and surround you and if you can push it out that far the whole room. Now depending on the colour and the intent of the shield they can do some pretty powerful damage.

Shields cast upon you or created for your by a high level familiar…. Shield Gift

Some high level familiars have created shields and methods of protections that they will offer to their keeper as gifts. Each of these gifts is as unique and the familiar and is usually presented to their keeper after a time of working together and growing closer. When you first get a high level familiar, the relationship will build over time and get stronger.

Your high level familiar will also take measure to set up a defensive perimeter around you in case you find yourself in trouble. Over time as they get to know you and what your lifestyle is like they will modify and strengthen this shielding.

If you have a high level familiar and find yourself in trouble you can always call upon them for help and assistance. They will act to protect you in your time of need.

Shields you craft yourself from your own energies…. Self Energy Shield

As you spiritual foundation grows and become stronger and more sophisticated you will naturally be able to craft a protection shield from your energies. Much like exercising helps to build up muscles and fitness helps to shape a body that can defend itself when attacked, practise with energy shields and working with defensive energies will allow you the capability to craft and craft different shields from your own energy. We all have build in mechanisms for protection, spiritual instincts, you might call them.

Some different protection shield you may have heard of…

The White light protection shield – This is a very generic shield and very basic, it is a good for all occasions shield if you don;t know anything else. Prefered by practitioners of the RHP, especially when combined with calling in the archangels, it can have it’s uses upon the LHP. Remember white energy is not owned exclusively by RHP practistions. it is just an energy….

If you are being attacked by a BA entity the WHite energy shield is easy to cast and will work in the moment. Though it is not a long term solutions and will have to keep being reapplied to withstand a spiritual assault. It is better for low level entities and for short term use only.

This is just one of an infinite of different types of protection shields, you need to experiment and learn and find the shield that is perfect for you and will give you the strength and protection that you need.

Building a strong spiritual foundation is very important, and the shield is your first line of defence against any spiritual attack, as such we have prepared a complimentary gift for you. An e-book with the basics on shield creation…


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