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Unethical Practises – Commenting on the Bindings of Other Conjurers 

There have been times where people have asked me to comment on the bindings and spirit keeping practises of other conjures.  I will never comment on the work and craft of another conjurer or discuss whether their bindings are good or not.  This is something that I just will not do.   This is because……
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The Key to Manifesting in Turbulent Times

The world is changing, it is shifting and the energies are in a state of turmoil and chaos.  Many of us have experienced this: the crazy ups and downs, the challenging and destructive times, the days when it feels like the world sludge is the supreme overload of everything and destined to make life a…
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Connecting with your Companions

When we begin a path of working with spirits/entities/demons and really any companion, we all want to learn how to communicate with them and connect with them.  It is important to establish a connection with them.  It is very important.  You have invited this being into your house, their energy is present in your surroundings and they will…
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