Tag: Shadow Self

The Balance of Mature Darkness

Darkness is an essence that is misunderstood.  It is in everything, and it is something that we are taught to repress and refute.  The darkness is seen as evil and sinister, a force that is opposed to good.  The darkness for ages has been shunned.  We have been taught to lock it away and deny its existence.   Her secrets…
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Why Demons are Evil

Sorry for the misleading title.. I for one do not think that demons are evil at all. In fact I think they are some of the most incredible and well balanced dark divine beings out there. They understand the darkness and they understand the depth that it can go… It is humans who more often…
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Satan's Academy Cover

Balance of the Shadow

Lord Satan calls on us to master the self and learn about who we are. Humans are not all light and they are not all dark. They are a balance of both.  But not every human is the same concentration of light and darkness.  Each individual has their own unique scale of how dark and light…
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