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Delightfully Dark Discussion ~ Lucifuge Rofocale

Demonic Enns and Meditations What is an Enn?  When first starting working with a demon, specially the Dark Lord and Dark Ladies, this is a common question asked. An Enn is a phrase that is particular to a demon that is connected with them energetically. It can be used as a call or invitation of…
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Exorcism of Sludge Entities

This is a ritual that I have used to bind and banish sludge entities who have attempted to torment and torture me and my family.  Sludge entities are a vast spectrum of entities who cause torment and destruction upon those who cross their path.   They range in size and can be smaller parasitic creatures,…
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Being Abused by a Sludge Entity

If anything Spiritual is abusive to you, banishment and cleansing are always recommended.  Nothing should come into your space that is abusive.    Imposters and sludge entities can pose a problem, and they can interject and insert projection and destructive images into us.  They also enjoy torturing and tormenting us and can be very mentally…
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