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Demon Reconnecting Ritual

Sometimes we may be working with our Demon companions but notice they get quiet or things seem different. You may wonder if they left or if something has happened and they are upset with you. It is not uncommon to have time where due to stress, lack of sleep or other factors in your life…
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Feeling Lucky

Several months ago I was at the store with a friend, we were picking something up and I was just along for the trip. While standing there waiting for her, I felt a strong pull to go look at some bracelets. I felt a strange sensation on my wrist like something was missing and the…
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What Makes a Demon a Demon?

This is a very interesting Topic. There is a lot of trash going on about Demons, but what I see is that they really are not defined at all, and no one seems to be able to agree on what a Demon is…. Demon… Fallen Angels Succubi/Incubi Divine Demons Solar Demons Necronomicon Demons Hellbounrs Demons…
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