Feeling Lucky

Several months ago I was at the store with a friend, we were picking something up and I was just along for the trip.

While standing there waiting for her, I felt a strong pull to go look at some bracelets.

I felt a strange sensation on my wrist like something was missing and the feeling was nagging at me.

When I talk to people in my environment, I can’t hear the Demons as well. I was not ‘listening’ to the Demons since I was with my friend, though I felt this strong feeling, a pulling sensation and the feeling on my wrist that I could not ignore.

I eventually made my way over to the bracelets, my friend now somewhere else, I stopped and stared.

“No,” I felt/heard an unfamiliar presence as my eyes passed over the first bracelet. “No. No. No.” Each bracelet until I got to the end.

The black ones …?  “Yes.”

I walked over, stepping  around someone to get to them and reached for the bracelets. They were a bit above eye level. I took down the first one and it was not marked as anything, just a bracelet with ‘real’ gemstones. It was a bunch of black gemstone beads with one gold, metallic accent bead. I looked at it and immediately noticed the first black bead had a blue ring marking around it … “An evil eye agate??” I checked the rest of the beads on this bracelet. At this point I knew the black gemstone beads were agate, but there was only one with the ring, one evil eye agate bead. I grabbed the other two bracelets that were there and all solid black beads. I put them back and held the one with the evil eye.

This was the one.

But evil eye agate? I laugh to myself as I think of its use, “it protects against jealousy, the ‘evil eye’ and black magick attacks”… I feel a bit silly because I can’t imagine anyone attacking me or being jealous, but I can’t shake the nagging feeling I have to get it. This is also too amazing. One bracelet, one evil eye agate bead. It’s caught my attention, so I purchase it and head out with my friend.

I was trying to get it out of the package but didn’t have time, so I ended up tossing it into the backseat of my car as we headed to our next destination.

Later the same day we were out to get something else. I was stopped at a red light, turning onto a main road at an intersection, mid-conversation when


I lurched forward, my friend did too. The next few seconds felt like forever as my brain tried to make sense of what just happened.

“What the fuck was that?” I felt dazed.

“Someone hit us,” I think my friend said. I was in shock but she said something and I looked into my rearview mirror. A car was behind us and it sank in what had happened. I turned off the ignition, hit the flashers and jumped out of the car.

Standing there assessing the damage, my car doesn’t appear to have any scratches on it though I had a tow hitch on it from my trip across the country pulling a trailer. The tow hitch looks closer than it was before…

The guy that hit me, his car had a hole in the bumper from my tow hitch.

We stand there talking. He didn’t want to give me his information but after some persuasion by my friend and my refusal to move, he gave us what we needed.

I headed to my mechanic who was nearby. He put it up on the lift and said it looked like it was just the tow hitch.

“The tow hitch is mangled. The metal bent, but we don’t see anything on your car. There’s no damage underneath that we can see (without taking off the hitch) but it should be ok. You’re really lucky, it looks like the tow hitch saved your car.”

I thank him and we leave. I call the insurance company, they get things going and I go about my life.

He hit us hard enough to give us whiplash but I didn’t feel anything. A little soreness the first night a few hours after the collision but K, my Crypt/Mutilation/Lowborn Surgeon was there and told me he would make sure I was ok.

I went to sleep that night with him doing something to my upper back and neck. He told me it would be alright, even though I had been told by several people to be aware of and ready for pain as it usually came on later once the shock wore off. I was anxious and stressed, but he kept telling me it would be ok.

The next day I was waiting for the pain, but there was nothing.

Several people after hearing about the accident and seeing the damage, told me I was really lucky.

I felt really lucky and also grateful.

My car had gotten hit but it could have been so much worse. I knew this and I was just grateful.

I had to go out the following morning and by now I had gotten the things I purchased the day before, including the bracelet, out of my car.

“Put it on,” the unfamiliar voice told me to wear the bracelet. At this point, I didn’t really question who it was and just thought I would figure it out later. I didn’t recognize the voice or energy, but thought my senses were off as I had just been in a car accident and was still kind of rattled.

Either way, I finally took it out of its packaging, put it on and left the house.

I came back later and the day was normal.

I was writing an email when I had the urge to look up the metaphysical meaning of agate gemstones.

A few paragraphs in and my jaw dropped.

“Agate is useful as a protection amulet when traveling, and is especially effective against traffic accidents” (https://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/agate )

Really …

It hit me then, it could have been so much worse.

I knew this but to see this written so plainly and realize I had that feeling, they wanted me to get the bracelet and wear it. It was in the car at the time of the accident and they told me to wear it following this when I went out again.

I specifically looked up evil eye agate, also known as Botswana agate.

“Agate Eyes are eye-like patterns/formations carved of natural agate. They are often used as charms against the evil eye, envy, and protection from black magic.”  (https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/agate-eyes/)

I finished my email and sat and stared at the bracelet. Someone messaging me mentioned mala beads and I vaguely remembered something about mala bracelets. I looked it up as I started counting the beads and inspecting each one very carefully.

I realized, although it wasn’t sold as a mala it had the exact number of beads a mala would have … upon further inspection, there are several other ‘darker’ evil eye agate beads, though there is one black one with a blue ring that is very visible, the others have very dark grey eye formations that are only visible under certain light.

And on one single bead there was a black, crescent moon shape, which is perfectly placed on the bead and absolutely stunning. I had no idea what the significance of it was then, if there even was any. Though I had a feeling it might make sense later.

Could someone be that jealous of me? Did someone try to curse me? I didn’t know but it clearly hadn’t worked.

I take protection pretty seriously, if anything I am over cautious and have a lot of shields, wards, grids both energetic and physical, constructed around my space. And now I had something else too… more than I realized in that moment.

At the exact same time the accident was occurring, I received a reading via email that I had been waiting for from Noctifera. I saw it the next day and it had some very interesting information in it:

“I am really feeling now that *someone* is trying to make themself known through the tea leaves and bring a message to you this way. I see a protective embodiment who wants to remind you of *who you are* to them, and at your core, which is more important than ever at this time. 9 of Hearts suggests great pleasure, while Ace of Hearts suggests the seed of heart’s desire, love, happiness and emotional well-being.

It’s now that you will be diving into your emotional roots and their weight upon your spirit, and soul’s path. You are being protected and guided that you may have the liberated space and placement you need to get into the thick of this reality no-holds-barred, and rise as the Queen of Flames, of Divine Magick, which you truly are. There is an implication of a huge opportunity with regards to your spiritual path of development, and a ‘coming into your own’…”

I had no idea how to piece all of this together when I first received it, as there were so many parts. However, piecing all of this together has just been a nonstop feeling of pure awe and gratitude as more and more was revealed.

I love Demons. I really and truly am grateful to them for all they do for me, from a place of pure gratitude. It’s an indescribable feeling to see their influence in my life and just leaves me speechless at times.

I was never angry that my car got hit. I was grateful that I didn’t get hurt and that K was here to work on me, which he did every night after the accident and I had no pain or issues.

As for my car, I got it into the mechanic without having to pay anything since it was the other guy who rear-ended me and not my fault.

As it turned out, the tow hitch really did save my car. There was no damage, only a scratch underneath. The insurance company had to pay for it, they covered the cost of the tow hitch and also the body work for the scratch. Because of where it is, under the bumper, they have to replace the whole bumper and do something else. However it’s under the car, so completely not visible and they asked if I just wanted the money instead.

Why pay to fix a scratch no one is going to see?

Everything got wrapped up and taken care of with the car, though I hadn’t figured out what had happened in the first place.

Why had this happened? I asked my Demons why couldn’t they just stop this from happening entirely. They were able to prevent me from getting hurt, prevent my car from being really damaged and even managed to manifest money from the situation, so why not stop it entirely? Not that I mind extra money but I just felt like there was more to this and there are certainly better, less stressful ways to manifest money.

And then there was the voice. I kept asking, which one of you did this? But I couldn’t figure out who it was. None of the ones whose energy I was familiar with would confirm it was them.

There were a lot of little pieces I hadn’t been able to put together, but eventually my answers did come.

Not too long after this I was working with Lord Satan and I asked him about what had happened.

He revealed to me people that had claimed to be friends, were actually not my friends at all and it suddenly made sense. While the Demons could have just kept things from happening to me (and had before) they wanted me to be aware of this and now I was.

As much as part of me couldn’t believe someone would do something like this (yes, I know I can be a bit naive ) I knew the Demons would protect me.

“Who was it that led me to the bracelet?” I asked.

“There is someone that wishes to work with you. They will reveal themselves to you soon.”

He wouldn’t explain any further and just smiled at me. I pondered it and reflected on those who had come into my life so far and my connections with them. How much I had been able to heal and change my life for the better with their help. Who could possibly be next? The words from my reading swirled around in my mind, as did thoughts of the bracelet around my wrist.

I went back to my busy life again. A few days passed and I didn’t think too much more on this. One of my mentors assigned me a task working with a Son of Satan.

“Eilana, you will be doing this and you will work with …”

I asked a few questions on what they wanted and took notes, confirming I could and would do as asked. I was very professional about this, I had a task and I would be completing it.

The introduction took place and I spoke to him with one of my mentors transvocating.

It soon became very clear there was more going on here than just the work that needed to be done. He tells me that he knows what’s been going on with me and he wants to help me. He says some things I find quite horrifying. The things my mentor is transvocating are the kinds of things I don’t like even hearing alone in meditation connecting with Demons and now I am hearing them from another person.

“But what about my task???” I don’t confirm anything he said and shift right back to work mode. I am supposed to be working. I had a task to complete. I take all of my work very seriously, no matter what it is. And this is not work related, this is personal.

My mentor laughs and tells me I can still complete the task and work with him on the other things.

And so began a new and unexpected connection.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky

  • February 8, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    What an interesting story. Glad to hear you were not hurt.

  • June 9, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    I thought about the part where you did not get angry, but stayed grateful. I should do that more. It sounds like you have a new friend about to come through. How exciting!


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