What Makes a Demon a Demon?

This is a very interesting Topic. There is a lot of trash going on about Demons, but what I see is that they really are not defined at all and no one seems to be able to agree on what a Demon is….


Fallen Angels
Divine Demons
Solar Demons
Necronomicon Demons
Hellbounrs Demons
Lowbourne Demons
Chaos Demons
Spectral Demons
Shadow Demons

All are types of Demons…..

What we know about demons, they are dark, can appear menacing but also in many other shapes and forum and appearances. They have their own morals and ethics, they have families, feelings, emotions. They are capable of expressing deep love and emotion. They can be cruel heartless, menacing. They are tenacious and they can get the job done. They are focused, powerful, masters of themselves. They can be dangerous, primal, sexual, aggressive, possessive. They can possess people, influence them to commit terrible acts. They can toy with the minds of the weak. They can also help people, heal people, attract money, opportunity, abundance, help with personal mastery and awakening one’s true essence. And so much more…..

They have a hierarchy, Royal Demon Commanders, Demon Commanders, Demon Generals, Sons of Satan. Lower level demons, Demon King and Queens, Princes and Princesses, ect. We will cover Demon Classification and their Realms in another thread, This thread is out to answer the question…What is a Demon?

So What is a Demon….?

Lets start this journey with the Word….

An evil spirit or devil, esp. one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell.
A cruel, evil, or destructive person or thing.

~Source : Google Dictionary

Demon: inferior divinity, genius, attendant spirit; evil spirit, devil

~Source : Oxford Concise Dictionary of English Etymology

The letter “e” in the word demon is very important. Basically “e” means energy (Source : Physics). Energy is powerful. A Demon is a being that is both power and possesses an energy, a special type of energy a dark energy.

Demons all have within them a black energy. Most people do not have the eye to differentiate between the different types of black energy. I have made a life’s work out of it. In fact this is my occult passion. Analyzing the different types of black energy. Humans have darkness within their own energy field but it is seldom black. A sharp third eye can detect that various shades of darkness within the aura and see the difference.

We all have dark energy within our beings. It is our dark side, our balance. Most humans have dark shades of blue, or purple or grey, but black is rare.

A demon has a specific type of black energy. It is not an evil energy (though it can be used that way) it is a beautiful black energy that is very powerful. Hellborns and Lowborns have it, Fallen Angels have it, Imps have it, Succubi and Incubi have it, and all those I would class as Demons because they all carry this energy. It is a very beautiful pure black energy which is dark, can be evil, and is powerful. This black energy even exists in the auras of some humans. I categorize it as Demonic Black Energy. This energy is in all demons.

The interesting thing with this black energy it that within it you can see different black colours, I hope that makes sense. Trying to explain what I see can be challenging. It is black, but it is colour black, then as the entity gets darker it becomes more black black…The darker an entity is and the more capable of evil they are the closer to solid black this energy gets, yet it is still a beautiful pure black at this level, and they never quite make it to be classified as a pure evil being at this level. Obviously as it gets closer to black your skill level needs to go up as solid black demons like to play games torment people to teach them lessons and have fun with what they call weak minded individuals, manipulate, ect.

Demons are the dark side of Divinity, they are high vibrational dark beings that understand and embrace the pure and beautiful darkness of the Divine and of the world.  They have a deep understanding of the darkness and the divine nature that is contained within the shadows.   Their understanding of the shadows and of darkness gives them incredible and unique perspectives of the world and actually makes them incredibly balanced and incredible safe to work with as they understand their darkness and they know the destruction that it can cause.  They are beings of choice though and many of them choose to embrace their own balance, which is a mix of light and darkness within them.

Interesting fact some humans have this energy in their auras I would say they are demonic in essence and have demonic ancestry. A Demonic energy human can learn to awaken and use the energy in their aura they can do some pretty amazing things with it.

There is another type of black energy that often gets thrown into the Demonic fold but this energy is truly evil. These entities are quite commonly referenced as Demons,  though I would not classify them as demons as their energy looks very different. There entities are the ones who possess, torment, torture and destroy, they take great delight in carnage and causing ruin to those who lives they cross.  Their energy is a sludge like black energy that is very corrosive, destructive and horrified. The entities that embody this energy are not demons, I call them Sludge Entities.

Demon are capable of love and have feelings, these being have no emotions, they do not experience love, no joy, and they show only a desire to destroy and cause turmoil. With these entities the only end result is complete and utter destruction and ruin for the one working with them. They bide their time and wait for the correct moment when they can break free and destroy you and wreck your life. They are twisted, scheming, manipulating, evil creatures. They are very dark evil creatures that take delight in pain suffering and torture and will gladly destroy you, your world and everyone around you.  These predator entities all have this energy in them. They are very nasty little things and they do manipulate, they do destroy, and they do wreck lives.

note*** Werewolves and Vampires though they have a dark energy they do not possess this particular energy so they are not demons. They have a very dark spectrum of energy but it is still not the pure black. They are a dark creature that is for sure, and they possess their own dark energy which has it’s own unique set of traits but it is not the same as a demons.


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