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The Dangers of Channeling

Channeling is where you allow the energies of a spiritual being to take over you so that you can translate and interpret messages from that being.  Channeling is not an exact science and it takes a LONG time to learn to channel from a place where no personal bias or personal influence gets in.  I have been…
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Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession This has been a hot topic as of late.  There are so many movies and documentaries on Demonic possession and what it all entails.  The fact is that not a lot is known about possession and there is a lot of incorrect facts out there.  My goal is to help provide some clarity to…
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Transvocation ~ Mental Mastery Skill for Demonic Connection

When working with Demons, Deities, Entities and Spirits there are different ways that we can connect with them and work with them. Some of the more common ways are invocation (inviting them to join us in a sacred space), channeling, meditating with them, using a pendulum, a ouija board, and of course, rituals. There are…
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