Transvocation ~ Mental Mastery Skill for Demonic Connection

When working with Demons, Deities, Entities and Spirits there are different ways that we can connect with them and work with them. Some of the more common ways are invocation (inviting them to join us in a sacred space), channeling, meditating with them, using a pendulum, a ouija board, and of course, rituals. There are many rituals for connecting, some which are very simple, other are more complex. Some designed to allow for the being to appear spiritually and others designed to allow them to appear physically, and some which allow for more intimate methods of connection.

A lesser known method which I have used many times and is a unique, powerful way to receive messages and insights is a skill called “Transvocation”.

The interesting thing about Transvocation is that it is a form of partial possession. In essence, you merge your consciousness with the Demon/Deity/Being for a certain period of time. You always have control of yourself but they become part of you and you become part them. This allows you to gain access to their knowledge and insights which, as you can image, can be very useful in some situations. It also opens up doors for a more intimate connection with them. You will learn how they think, share thoughts with them, grow closer to them and learn about them in a very profound way.

Trasvocation takes a bit to master, also, it is not without it’s dangers so I highly recommend that you take the time to master yourself and your spiritual foundational skills before even attempting it. I also advise that you only do it with Demon/Entity/Spirit/Being that you know well and have a very good working relationship with. This is a form of possessions and for a time you will be one with them. There are only a few Demon Lords that I will do this with; Lord Mammon, Lord Azazel, Lord Lucifer and I would be willing to Transvocate with Lord Satan, but I have not at this time.

Trasvocation is a very personal experience and it is important to know your time boundaries. Some people will only Transvocate for a couple of minutes. Other people will Transvocate for a specific situation they need to handle so it will be a few hours. It is important though to know your boundaries and not remain merged for to long.

I cannot stress enough that there are dangers to Transvocation. The Demon/Entity/Spirit is in your body and you are sharing your space and energies. If you do not have a good grasp of yourself or have strong mental mastery and you transvocate for to long that Demon/Entity/Spirit (even accidentally) can take over and overwhelm your personality. It can even happen by accident, which is why before even considering Transvocation it is important to have a good grasp of yourself, a good grasp of your mental wellness and have good mental mastery.

Another danger, you can enjoy being the Demon/Spirit/Entity more than being yourself, so Transvocation can be an energy drug where you need to others energy to feel happy or you feel lost without them. A dependancy develops and you lose yourself more and more. You can crave the company of sharing yourself with them too much. I suggest that you have a healthy respect and appreciation of yourself before attempting Trasnvocation and have clear boundaries laid out.

Most people who use this skill are adept in their craft and have a strong spiritual foundation already built. It is powerful, enjoyable, and can take your relationship with your Spiritual Companions to a whole bother level. But, like most spiritual thing, it is dangerous to dabble. Do not go down this road unless you are willing to commit to learning fully.

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