Blasting Rods: A Pathetic and Weak Excuse for Protection

So….. It is time to address this dreadful tool of damnation…. One thing about me…. I have no respect for people who use it. It is a cowards tools and shows a lack of spiritual experience and ability….. I re-wrote the whole evocation ritual to a more LHP happy approach because of this blasted rod….

I will start this thread with a conversation I had with Mammon during one of my sessions with him…

I once asked Mammon if the rod had ever been used on him… His whole demeanour changed and his demon form began to show. He eyes grew dark and cruel and his tone turned to a growl and he uttered “yes” as if remembering the pain that had been imposed upon him….. “I would gladly destroy anyone that would use that accursed rod on me” He then said.

And here you meet the side of Demons that is so heavily portrayed in the media and in RHP thinking, but in reality it is only a response to those who would hurt them first. Is that not what people are taught to do on the RHP? Destroy and rid the world of Demons. So naturally they created the very monster they fear.

I am going to warn this post may get a little graphic and for those of you who love demons as I do, it will be painful to read, just as it is painful for me to write.

What is a blasting rod?

A Blasting rod is a magical tool basically designed to beat a demon into submission who is being “unruly” or “uncooperative”. The Rod is designed to inflict a huge amount of pain upon the demon and cause then to experience torment for their “defiance”. It is designed to force them to obey the commands of the magician and to make sure that the do not act against the will of the Magician.. Of course, to one on the RHP, it is the divine right of the magician to use the blasting rod against the “evil” demon and they can use it at their discretion no matter how cruel or harsh it may be. No Matter how much pain or torment they inflict upon the demon they see nothing wrong with using it.

They will reach a point where the demon will have undergone so much pain and discomfort that they will be banished back to their own realm. To get to that point a great deal of suffering almost to the point of death will have had been done to the demon.

Now I ask you… If this was done to you, or one you loved and you were a powerful demon… How would you react?

And now we begin to understand and see why some people have the terrible experiences with Demons that they have…. Because if roles were reversed, and our friends/family and selves were put in the same situation we would do the same. Some of the Demons who are blasted with the Rod are Satan’s children, Some Demons have children that are blasted with this damn rod…. as a Parent myself I would be capable of doing horrible things to anyone who inflict that much pain on my child.

Over 20 years of practise and I have never ever had a problem with a demon, never EVER needed or even thought about using a blasting rod. In fact even with BA familiars I have found other ways to deal with them. Even being attacked by malicious entities I have never seen the use for such a device.

I call it for what it is a method of torture and bullying. This is a fact, if you know your basics and can protect yourself you should not have a problem. If you are continually succumbing to spiritual attacks, you need to ask yourself what you are doing to bring this on and how you can protect yourself. Some people go out and look for problems and then wonder why bad things happen when they find them. There are little inexperienced punks out there who have no respect and deem themselves the chosen ones and go out looking for fights and then wonder why they get attacked and hurt… I have seen it so many times..

I go into dangerous places I will admit that, I had met very dangerous entities, but never have I gone outside my skill level, and always have been prepared and trusted in myself, my abilities, my familiars and the Demons who guide me.

Does a Conjurer need a Blasting Rod?

No, If you are not able to handle yourself, you should not be conjuring random entities At all. If you cannot tell the difference between a DA and a BA you should not be conjuring or opening yourself up to whatever is out there.

We screen our entities, we know what we are getting by the time they are put on the market. I have spent my life discovering and categorizing black energies and researching the different types to be able to tell the difference between DA and BA entities. I can even tell you the spectrum of DA entity that you will get from the kinder gentler ones, to the more violent and aggressive ones. It is a skill and it takes years to develop. It is an art and like any art takes practise and dedication to become an artisan.

But a bound familiar is causing me problems, wouldn’t the rod help?

No, Keepers…. you need to learn to strengthen and protect yourself using the core fundamentals… Shielding, Grounding, Focusing, Mental Mastery…. and get familiars from good conjurers, familiars who want to protect you and work with you and experience this world with you…. If you are a conjurer and bind an entity and it is causing you problems, you should not be binding at all! PERIOD!! This shows serious inexperience and it means you have bound something outside of your level, which means you cannot guage entities properly,. If you cannot handle something you have bound, why are you offering bound entities to people. First of all your bindings are weak and second of all you have no idea what you are calling and what you are binding, this is dangerous…. That is another thing to look at when getting an entitiy from a conjuere, how does the conjuerer treat their entities? Cause you may adopt a pissed off familiar who has a vendetta against humans and has no desire to work with you. Only cause you grief. You might get one that is seriously pissed off with being treated like shit from their conjuere and wants to take it out on their next human keeper

I have never had a problem with a bound familiar (also I have never bound a familiar I should not have, like one that is so powerful and destructive only a god should work with), The BA one we have he and I have an understanding and I know what he is about, I do not need to blast him or torment him. Sure he gnaws at his bindings but I get that and I know how to deal with him, we have rules and we follow them…… just as I know how to handle dark familiars, I treat them with respect , I am appreciative of them, I enjoy their company. They are my family and I treat them as I would like to be treated.

The DA Demons want to be respected and treated kindly. They do not want to be ordered around and blasted with a rod of pain by a little magician who thinks he is hot stuff. This tool is completely unnecessary for spiritual growth and goes against everything the LHP is about. It is an old tool, used by members of the RHP to command and conquer Demon Gods. Mammon has also said something interesting, their ability to contain is not as effective as it use to be, which is why you read about bad things happening to people who use these old tools and methods. When you come from cruelty, demand obedience and seek to conquer, be prepared for that being to fight back, and also remember these are powerful beings and when they fight back, your going to get as ass kicking, and rightfully so…

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