Sludge Entities Mistaken for Demons

I have studied Dark energies my whole life and have noticed and understand the differences, true demonic energy is high vibrational darkness, the beings responsible for possessions are low toxic vibrational darkness. This is a distinction that must be realized to understand darkness. There is high vibrational darkness, high vibrational corrosive darkness, low vibrational darkness and low vibrational toxic darkness. Just as there is high vibrational light and low vibrational light. There is balance as well. Moving to far in one direction can cause damage. Different people will find themselves at different vibrational points. They will be drawn to different energies and everyone has their own unique balance. They have their truth which is personal to them. Demon are a being of high Vibrational Divine Darkness.  

The beings that possess and cause harm are beings of a specific low vibrational darkness. They are a different class of being all together.  The spectrum of darkness is vast and many people have not researched it as I have so most just class them all as demons, which is unfortunate because when you expand the scope of darkness and begin to understand the layers, you see just how complex and amazing it is.  

People who perform exorcisms will tell you that it is demons who are the ones doing the possessing. Well that makes absolutely no sense. What do they even get out of it? Nothing, so if they get nothing why would they possess anyone? There has to be a motive. There is one being that is notorious though for Possessions. The sludge entity is one who is notorious for possessions, and unlike demons, they actually do have a motive. You see Sludge feed on our energies and they thrive in carnage, despair and Trauma, they are feeder entities. Most Demons are actually not a feeder entity this is one of the reasons why they do not.  

When Sludge Possesses

The only types of demons who are feeder entities are demons like succubi and incubi who feed on sexual energy, which is a very different energy then what the sludge feed on. Feeding on any energy can be damaging, but whereas succubi, incubi and other sexual feeders thrive in passion, lust and sex, Sludge enjoy the energy of pain, despair, torment, destruction, depression and fear. These energies feed them and they nourish them and they sustain them. They thrive off of our pain and torment and they seek to bring more of these energies to us. They want us to suffer and they want us to sink into the low vibrational because it feeds them and gives them more power.  

I have performed exorcisms on Sludge, calling on three Dark Lords to remove the entity tormenting the individual. These beings that are removed are not Demons, many people mistake them for demons though because everything is mislabeled as a demon. The word demon actually comes from the Latin Word Daemon and is a Divine intelligence. That which is being removed during an exorcism is actually a sludge entity which latches to the individual, torments and tortures them and slowly consumes their energy.  

There is a distinct variation between the energies of divine darkness and a low vibrational sludge darkness, one will elevate you and the other will sink you and lead you to ruin and despair. Sludges invade the energetic space through fear so they will often take the form of what the individual fears, in the case of people who are religious it will take the form of Demons, Satan, Beelzebub, that of which they fear.  

Humans are divine in nature as well and as such if they remember their power they can push these beings off of them though their own core divine power. This is why we teach the spiritual foundation and building spiritual shields to keep these beings away from our personal space. Those who are in a place of fear though have forgotten that power and through fear the sludge is able to invade their space and get a hold on them. This is the basics of possession and when I go in to remove them I often have to untangle then and work to restore the damage that has been done. Once that is completed the entity can be banished through any Divine Channels. 

Angelic and Demonic energies will remove them because they are both divine in nature. This is why both will work. Another aspect though of an exorcism is you have to also make sure that you are in alignment with the individuals belief who is possessed. I have removed sludges from Christians before but I don’t tell them what I do, and also will call on beings who are aligned with their faith and I have and do work with the Archangel Metatron. So I make sure I am in alignment with the individual who’s energies I am helping.  

The spiritual world is quite massive and the aspects of divinity are both darkness and light. There is evidence of this even in your own bible. The essence and energies of each individual comes from different places and different Also to answer your questions Almost Zen, every single one of my encounters with Demons and the Demonic Divine has been positive, empowering and uplifting, the Demonic Divine is not a low vibrational energy, it is high vibration and it is an alignment of divinity in it’s own right.  

We get the diversity of people that we do here because of the diversity of our energies, we are all from different places in the spiritual world this is why different people are drawn to different faiths and different paths. It’s part of the beauty and complexity of the world that we live in, and the beauty and complexity of the spiritual world. Everyone wants to blame demons for everything, but it is mostly because the darkness, and dark entities are so misunderstood. Sludge Parasites and Entities though, they have the motive and the reason to possess and they are thrive in the destruction and darkness that pain and agony brings.  

Those who are so quick to blame demons would do well to research and learn of the history of demons and learn of the many layers of darkness.

8 thoughts on “Sludge Entities Mistaken for Demons

  • December 28, 2018 at 3:18 am

    This makes sense the more I research demons. What is the origin of these Sludge Entities (first time I have heard this term)? And are they considered a separate entity with intelligence if they lie and say they are a specific demon by name during possession?

  • December 30, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    This is just what I needed to read. There is a lot of written and spoken material out there blaming demons as the source of all ills. It is so prevalent that I was beginning to lose my focus on the demons I have been following for the last few years. I feared I may have been going down a dark path. After much confusion, I put out a message to these demons to help me to sort out the good from the bad. Lo! Your blog post arrived to clear things right up! I am now happy I am on the the right path. Coincidence or synchronicity? Either way it work for me. Thanks for this inspirational post!

  • February 27, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    From my own personal experience I have found that what you speak is true. Although there is always much to learn and expirience, I have found this post hitting one of those spots of “ha! :D” since the Dark Divine is terribly misunderstood.

  • April 12, 2019 at 6:28 pm

    This post truely opened my eyes on so much. I came frim a very Christian background and once I left it was hard to switch off the so manny preconceived ideas I was raised with. Overtime Ive realized that the fallen are definitely are different kind of Devine. I’ve encountered mant sludge entities, however mt firrst encounter with a dark Devine quickly allowed me to sence the high in which they create. Not the low dark sickening energy the sludge projected. Thank u for this article. I look forward to reading more.

  • June 20, 2019 at 11:51 am

    I’ve dealt with two sludge entities before. The first one, I called (not intentionally but idiotically by saying something really stupid) and it attached itself to my ex boyfriend at the time. He was going through a hard time because of the breakup.

    The entity possessed him and raped me, alot (over a period of about a couple months, at least I think that’s how long, it’s been a while since this happened). At first, the entity was at standard human strength but almost mindless. It was shaky and made weird noises and was altogether creepy. One time, I looked at it and it’s eyes were in the back of it’s head. I could sort of fight it off of me but exhaustion eventually sets in and it’d get it’s way. Then, it would just collapse, pass out and a minute later my ex would come back again.

    During this phase, my ex was in a deep depression and would constantly try to come to me. I was stupid but I didn’t turn him away because I was terrified he’d off himself. So I continued to expose myself to this entity perpetuating my ex’s suffering and guilt.

    The entity started messing with him further at this point. He’d lose track of time. Apparently it’d frighten him using lights going on and off and other things like that. I’d try to avoid being alone with him but inevitably it’d find opportunities.

    The entity got stronger, it became more aware and aggressive. My ex was losing more time. The entity was communicating with him. Physical strength and speed enhanced during possession. I felt like a ragdoll.

    At the end, I was alone at his place with him (yes I know just how dumb that is). He was drinking and going through a downward spiral. I was trying to cheer him up because I knew what would happen next.

    I grabbed a deck of cards on the table, picked them up and showed it to him intending to ask him to play and he freaked out. He jumped out of his chair frightened and backed into the corner in the kitchen. The bottom card was the Ace of spades. He ran forward then spazzing out, knocked the cards out of my hand and mixed them up on the table. He was speaking of death and was really worried.

    Then he went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. *not to pee/poop* I went in with him to try and calm him. I wanted to hear what he was speaking about.

    Then, it possessed him, raped me again. I looked it in the eyes the entire time and told it I wasn’t afraid of it. It was growling and angry then it was over.

    I left the house, walked a bit looked up at the sky and asked for help. I said, please save him and I concentrated on that thought.

    My ex found me and we talked for a moment though I don’t remember anymore what was said. I went back to his place and that’s where it happened.

    All of a sudden, he was in awe, whatever he saw was beautiful and when they left he started crying and begging them to stay. He called them Angels but who knows, it could have been his interpretation. Apparently they told him to take me to the beach, maybe it was a message for me. I used to live near a beach.

    After a point, he forgot everything or if not pretended to but it seemed like he really did forget.

    *Fast forward*

    The second sludge was attached to the boyfriend I’m with now before I even met him. He’s pretty resilient so he could hold off full on possession. But the entity wanted to hurt and maime. (My boyfriend came from a violent past)

    One day we were having sex and he had an episode. He was growling and shaking. We finished and then my boyfriend began the fight he’d been fighting for years. He was pleading with the being, shaking saying he loves me and doesn’t want to hurt me. I wrapped myself around him and showered him with as much love as I could just concentrating on the emotion. Then, it was gone. He was shocked at first, he couldn’t believe it. He asked if I was an angel. We went on a walk, he cried and felt real emotions (which he said he hadn’t felt in years) but then he started to get a bit anxious and started searching for signs of the entity. And then started saying he’s still here. Then he forgot what happened. It was so bizzare.

    I don’t know if the entity is still there or not but I do know he hasn’t had an episode since, it’s been 5 years and he contributes that to being with me.

  • June 23, 2019 at 1:18 am

    Hi Akelta,

    Thank you for informative post!

    Just wanted to point out that while Latin authors did use the word “daemon” or “daimon”—it is originally a Greek word that they borrowed. Apuleius, a Latin author, writes about daimons in “On the God of Socrates,” and actually suggests that depending on the way the word is being used, a more proper Latin word could be “genius” or “lemures.”

    But you do well to point out that the word had no negative connotations at first. The Greek word first referred to a sort of intermediary spirit between men and gods (they power divination, transmit messages and sacrifices and even guide souls of the dead. They later also serve like guardian angels (Interestngly, Socrates was described by Plato as having a daimonion (“demon-like thing”) that warned him of danger). This is an oversimplification but the development of the word in literature bears a lot of parallels with the info from your site(s).

    • January 18, 2022 at 7:12 pm

      You seem to know a lot about the energies. Do you know who the faceless angel is? I’m not sure if he has wings. I saw him in a vision. He is toned and tall. His skin is almost a grey color and he has a human like form. He was sitting on a rock shaped like a jagged chair or throne and there was red under him. Like blood. But he wasn’t scary like the sludge I’d recorded from a different experience. He was like a calm and calculated type of being. He was cold but also warm at the same time. And I was drawn to him. I want to know more about these energies. How do I start studying them and getting to know what I’m dealing with on the daily better?

  • March 19, 2020 at 5:50 pm

    Thank you for this!!!! It sure does help me when I tell people possessions and other toxic entities are NOT demons!! You guys are awesome!


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