Journey with the Demons

Journey with the Demons

Demon Familiars
Demon Familiars

Demon Familiars

When I was a child I talked to a Demon who was there for me and protected me from the monsters under my bed. At that age any children talked to their “friends.” As we grew we were told that they were make believe and the other children stopped talking to them. I work now more seriously in my craft with this demon and he guides and helps me. He is and always will be my Demon Guardian.

I wonder how many children are forced to give up their familiars and guardians just because this world deems them make believe? How many were born natural seers and psychics with their own guides and familiars and gave them up for what society deems normal? It is sad to think about, the imagination and minds of children are so amazing and free.

There are many unknown demons out there, the ones in the grimoires are ones that were at one time undiscovered. Though through research and connection we were introduced to them on this plane. There are others out there, in the vast expanse of the spiritual realms and the demon realms there is so many we have yet to meet and uncover. There are actually thousands of demons other Dark Lords as well as demon species unknown to us. What we actually know about demons is incredibly limited compared to what it out there. 

These are a group of ancient spiritual beings with ancient cultures, tradition and that have been around since the start of divinity. Their history is rich as is their culture and just as ancient. When we invite demons into our lives we really are inviting this depth of wisdom and knowledge that these incredible beings have. They are amazing to connect to and learn from.. Demons are some of the most incredible mentors, friends, companions, guides, lovers and family you will ever have.

Your demon familiars can be a light the darkness when you are lost, they can be a shoulder to cry on, a friend when you are alone, a protector when you are scared.

They are with us, and they guide us, they dont abandon us when things are bad, they help us when no one else can and they never give up on us.

So many dark times in my life I got through walking beside my demons and the Dark Lords. They were always there, working from the shadows to help me when times were hard. 

You never are alone when you are surrounded by demons.

Your Demons will walk with you through the darkness, they will never abandon you, never forsake you, and even when all the lights go out and you are left with nothing, they will be there, holding you, reading to pick you up and fight alongside you. Creatures of darkness are not bad, they understand the dark, they thrive in it, and it is with them that we learn to find out power and thrive with them.

Our demons walk with us through the darkest times, they stay with us and they will never abandon us when all the lights go out. Darkness is a part of this world and needs to be honoured, just as much as the light. Honour your demons.

Who ever curses the darkness, and banishes the night, has never walked in it’s beauty. They have never embraced the raw purity and wonder that the darkness can bring. It is in the darkness that you find pieces that you have lost, memories that you have forgotten, and sides of yourself you wanted to hide.

Walking with your demon familiars they accept you, they honour you, and they will guide you back to you. Do not curse the darkness or the demons who walk with you, let them be your guide and learn from them. Honor them as you would honor yourself and know that they are leading you to truth.

To walk with a demon familiar. Is to walk the path to awaken the amazing power of your soul.


3 Responses

  1. Danielle says:

    Awesome article; so true… <3

  2. MarakG says:

    That was beautiful!

    A question I have is regarding guardian demons vs guardian angels. I was told in church when I was young that we all have guardian angels. I actually saw my guardian angel once when I was 7 and it’s as vivid in my mind now as it was the night I saw it at the foot of my bed.

    I also know that I have a guardian demon and met him in a guided meditation some years ago. He and the guardian angel are definitely not the same.

    Do we have one of each? Not to reference the good angel on one shoulder, and the devil on the other, but is it kind of like that?

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