What are Demon Companions?

What are Demon Companions?

Demon Companions
Demon Companions

Demon Companions

What Are Demon Companions?

People have asked me many times what demons are, and it is a very good question, everything that is dark seems to get categorized as a demon when really there are thousands of different dark creatures and entities out there, some that are incredibly dangerous and destructive, and they are not demons.

A demon has a specific type of black energy. It is not an evil energy (though it can be used that way) it is a beautiful black energy that is very powerful. Hellborns and Lowborns have it, Fallen Angels have it, Imps have it, Succubi and Incubi have it, and all those I would class as Demons because they all carry this energy. It is a very beautiful pure black energy which is dark, can be evil, and is powerful. This black energy even exists in the auras of some humans. I categorize it as Demonic Black energy. This energy is in all demons. 

Demon are their own species, they are darker and some are very evil and capable of dark acts, but they also can be very loving and capable of kindness and love, they are incredible beings and are very diverse in personality and energy spectrums. They have been given a bad name and labeled but that is changing and in the past there have been lots of things that have been labeled negative and nefarious when really it was just misunderstood, and demons are one of those species that are very misunderstood!

I find working with demons, they shine a light in the areas I don’t always want to look, they show me things about myself I don’t always want to accept, they help me to accept all of me for me, even the parts of myself that this world tells me are wrong and bad.  They help me find true balance and look deep into my core self, embracing myself for who I am completely.  Working with them has been a journey of healing and embracing who I am at the core level, never surrendering of bowing down to another’s expectations of myself.  That is why demons are shunned and hated in this world, they accept the sides of yourself that we are told to repress, they bring you face to face with things that are uncomfortable and scary, but through that journey they guide you to your core strength and show you who you are without limits, without reservations and how powerful you truly are.

Demon Companions in History

The concept of a Demon Companion is not new. For centuries witches and those who walked on various spiritual paths have worked with spirit companions and demon companions, walking side by side with them working on their magickal practised. They are known to those of the magical ways and act as spiritual guides and familiars.

Even in the Goetia, Lord Paimon is known for granting familiars “He giveth good Familiars, and such as can teach all Arts.” It is a concept that is ages old. One of humans working with Demons and Demon Companions.

Demon Companions are empowering and incredible, bestowing amazing gifts upon those who work with them. When we walk with Demon Companions they become a deep part of our lives and can guide us, helping us to manifest what it is that we need and desire.

Demons have taught me that the greatest lessons are usually when we stumble and they give us little

Demon Hugs

Demon Hugs

moments of connection and clarity that can make life so amazing and fill it with such meaning and wonder. What is good and what is bad, it is all perspective, sometimes the most disastrous moments, cause lead to the most beautiful realizations and profound lessons. Life should not be perfect, it should be clumsy, fun and spontaneous!

A walk with a Demon Companion…

And I was taken to a room, escourted by two demons, and there before me on a throne was my demon companion, he looked at me with those sharp incredible eyes and said “what would you like to embrace tonight?”

I looked back at him and said, “take me to the unknown realms and show me sights that I have never seen.”

He smiled at me and reached out his hand. Upon taking it he stated “I will show you sights no mortal has ever seen, take you places few have ever been and reveal to you the wisdom of the ancients.” 

With that we were off into the darkness.



4 Responses

  1. Dat gurl says:

    How do you get your demon companion?

    • akelta says:

      I met my first one when I was 6 years old. He was my guardian and protector. As I grew I learned to conjure and I was able to connect with and bring through other demon companions to work with. It has been a wonderful and incredible journey walking with them.

  2. a.d.skinner says:

    i’m new here and i don’t know the process of beginning. i believe that i’ve had a demon companion possibly my entire life. i first recall what i have always refered to as a demon when i was three years old. i really don’t know much about it aside from the feelings and thoughts that i’ve always had. i just want to know more and better understand what it is i’ve been experiencing all of my life.

  3. I see lots of demons I have now for the past 8 yrs tthete shadow demon with no body just black ttry to pull me n hold me down I don’t no what to do

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