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So many demons that I worked with growing up who saw me through the worst of my life and were with me for the best, my time with them slipped away when I fell to stress… Lucifer was one of those demons.  Lucifer who I used to talk to daily, who I would channel for my husband, who he would channel for me and who helped me through so many things was one.  I realized it had been ages since I had connected with him.  It was him that reached out to me.

I have been working on this new manifestation technique.  I didn’t realize it at first but the demons have been using it to get my attention when it is time to reconnect with them for my next lesson.  I got a very big surprise today.  I won another Christmas basket!!  This one from a craft fair I have never been to before.  Sunday my family and I went to a large craft fair in Vancouver and well, I ended up winning a raffle basket.  There were a lot of really cool items in the basket.  A painting, a bracelet, a pin, nice soaps, some cards, and something that really stood out to me…

It was a golden necklace of a feather…. Feathers in my mind have always been symbolic of Lucifer and he always has used them in the past to get my attention.  When I saw this golden feather I knew it was a gift from him and that it was time to reconnect with him. I didn’t realize how much I missed his presence and working with him until I picked up this beautiful necklace.  I knew it was a message and a sign from him that it was time to begin working with him again.

Lucifer had always guided me on my path.  He has always helped me walk this path and find my own strength and power. He is one who has always been there for some of the darkest times.  He was the one who called those soul family members who are living here to me when I fell, he was the one who rallied behind me and brought people into my life who I needed the most.  Lucifer was one of the first demons that I ever worked with and he has always been there for me when I needed him the most.

I smiled to myself as I prepared Lucifer’s altar.  I prepared all the offerings he enjoys and prepared to connect with him.  I hadn’t even finished when I felt his presence behind me.

Lucifer: Hello Akelta

Me:  Hello Lucifer

Lucifer: I am glad you got my message.

Me: I did, thank you it is beautiful.  It is so good to see you, I am sorry I have not reconnected with you until now.  How are you doing?

Lucifer: I have been well, my wives are doing well also, I know you always ask about them.

I smiled. I always felt such warmth and love coming from Lucifer when he spoke of them.  The joy that his family gave him in his heart.  It was always inspiring to me.  To have gone through such sorrow and heartache, to have walked alone in the darkness only to find family and love.  It always gave me hope that I could rise from the ashes of everything that had happened to me.  Lucifer who had been through so much had embraced such deep and profound love, really it was falling from such light I believe that allowed him to embrace the balance of love and experience it in its wholeness.  The darkness and the light of love.

Me: I really do love the necklace, it was a very fitting message.

Lucifer: It will be more than just a message.  Do you remember what you asked for when we first started working together?

Me: Yes, I asked for the ability to make my dreams come true and to embrace the confidence that is at your core.  I wanted to become strong and confident.  I was so shy and nervous in the past, I wished to step away from that person and feel confident in my self and in my strengths.

Lucifer: You have done that, take a look at how far you have come.  Take a look at the growth you have gone through.

Me: I still don’t feel like I am there yet.  I have moments. I still have fears.

Lucifer: You are the one who is holding yourself back from this.  You have all the skills and you have everything you need right now.  What is happening is that the more you grow, the more you are challenged to face everything that has held you back.  It is the nature of growth, when you set outside of where you are, you will always be challenged to face that which held you there.  It is why growth is so hard because this does not stop so long as you need growing.  You either stay where you are or you grow and face everything that held you in place.  This is why growth is so hard and challenging.  Most people will be content with the devil they know, rather than face the devil they do not.  This, where you are right now is the hardest part of these lessons, to have it all at your finger tips, to see the path, but to turn back because of fear and blocks.  This is what you have to overcome, to know that it will never stop, getting what you want and growing involves you continually pushing through these challenges and lessons and take what life throws at you no matter what it might be.  Everything that comes at you, you must choose to embrace your skills and your mental mastery and rise above it, no matter how hard it hits you, no matter how much it hurts you.

Me: So this won’t stop, the challenging, the lessons.

Lucifer: No, they never will, you will just learn to face them and learn to navigate them. You will come to rely on your skills and your abilities and know that whatever is thrown at you, you will be able to conquer.  You will see the challenges as part of the journey, they will not be so devastating, they will not destroy you.  It is not overcoming the lessons, it is being able to face them with the confidence and the ability to defeat them without losing yourself.  You will face them with the strength of your core, the alignment of yourself with your higher self and know that whatever comes your way you will rise from it.  Trust, faith, and confidence in yourself.  It is like anything, the more you do It, the better you get at it.  It becomes like a game.

Me: A game?

Lucifer: Yes, a game. What is the next challenge? What is the next thing you have to face? How will you master it? How will you prove victorious? What challenges will the next level bring?  It can be a lot of fun.  What you will know though, is that even though each level brings new challenges, you will be better equipped to deal with them and you will come to enjoy the challenges.  Part of life here is the journey and the challenges that we face along the way.  So many people hold themselves back through fear, fear of others, fear of themselves, fear of failure, fear of success.  At the end though, what will you be remembered for?

Me: Not what they were afraid of.

Lucifer: They will be forgotten if they let their fears prevail.  Who cares what people think? Who cares what they say? Who cares what judgements are passed on you by people who have no bearing on your life? Even people who are in your life, who cares what they say?  You have to detach yourself from their views and thoughts.  People like to divide others, they like to create problems. People delight in getting in the business of others and causing rifts.  They don’t care about you and they will forget about you when a new target comes around.  They will be your enemy one day and your friend the next. Do not let them dictate the course of where you go.  People who dwell in these energies, they are not worth sacrificing your dreams over what they will say.  The best thing to do is do what you want and ignore the negative talk that will always be around you.  The higher your vibrations rise the more you will see these people and how they act, how they just delight in the drama and the conflict.  It gives those people something to do and your confidence should not be bound to it.  Fears for those people and their words will only hold you back.  Be bold, be brave and just put yourself out there.  Whether they laugh, praise or criticize at least they are looking. That is how you get to where you want to go, be seen, put yourself out there and don’t worry about the judgements and what people are going to say.  This is one of the secrets to success.  Doing what you are called to without fear of judgement and criticism.  You will delight in the praise and chuckle at the criticism for you will see it for what it really is.

Me: It’s amazing, I go from an introvert who could hermit for months to big and bold.

Lucifer: *smiles* and you are going to be amazing at it.  You have to realize that the opinions of others, they just don’t matter.  All that matters is you, where you are, what you are doing and that you are giving it your all, giving your projects your all, giving you growth your all and going forward facing each challenge that comes to you with confidence and charisma.

I smiled looking down at my necklace.  It was beautiful and it made me feel happy.

Lucifer walked over to me and put his hand over the necklace.  “This is a reminder to soar free, soar high, as high as you can go and never let anyone who cannot see what is above the clouds limit where you can soar.  Only you can decide that and only you can decide how high you go.  It all rests on you.  No one can stop you, no one can limit you, only you can limit yourself if you heed their words.  There are still hooks in your confidence that are holding you down and preventing you from really spreading your wings and soaring.  You are still in your own way and you have to let go of this if you are going to soar free.  I know what you need to do.

Me: What do you recommend..?

Lucifer: You will work with Andras,  Andras is a very powerful demon who can help you just in this area. You will work with Andras on your confidence and releasing yourself from this level so that you can rise to the next one.

Me: Andras… I have worked with him before, He is a demon of vengeance and darkness.

Lucifer: Like all of us there is more to him than that.  There is more to him than what meets the eye and what has been written, but I know you know that.  You will be surprised when you do deep work with him and learn about the different sides of him.  Remember Sorath.

I laughed.. I will never forget Sorath, not after what happened.  I know how to approach him without incinerating in his solar flames, but it was ridiculous.  The things I learn from demons I think that most people would not believe.

Me: I will be glad to follow your advice and connect with him.  Thank you my Lord Lucifer.

I smiled and we parted.  I was looking forward to working with Andras, I knew there were still hooks left in me that needed to be removed and I was confident that Andras would know just what to do.  I smiled as I placed the golden necklace around my neck.  It really was beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Reconnecting with Lucifer

  • April 21, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Ave Satanas sister I to have just reconnrctined with Lucifer it’s been a while he’s been working with me for years I’m 51 years old I’m now reconnrctined with my Lord Lucifer HAIL SATAN

    • April 22, 2018 at 5:40 am

      Ave Satanas, that is wonderful that you have reconnected. I know sometimes life gets busy and it is just so refreshing and amazing to reconnect with them. Lucifer is so amazing to work with! Hail Satan!


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