The Dark Season of Miracles

The Dark Season of Miracles

Dark Miracles

Dark Miracles

As I look out my window at 4:30pm to see the darkness falling all around me, Sunset comes early at this time of the year.  It is no secret that this is a time of Darkness.  It is the darkest time of the year, but it is also the brightest and one of the most festive.

November shows us that it is a great time for dark work, shadow work, execration, banishment, and exploring the shadow nature of the soul.  But there is something else that rises from the darkness.  Something that often happens when we are surrounded with the darkest of the dark and this is the misunderstood aspect of darkness, this season of pure darkness reveals it.

For in December, at this dark time of the year, people come together, they raise the energies through celebration, through festivities and through coming together.  They bring in the outdoors and invite those who are lost and cold in to share a meal.  The Yule tree is an offering to the forest spirits, an invitation to come in and take a rest from the bitter cold.  We open up our homes at this time of the year, to people and spirits alike and come together for joy and festivities.

People decorate their houses and their buildings with lights.  They shine lights of colour, illuminating the world around them.  If the sun cannot illuminate, then we will find it in ourselves.  We will brighten the world around us with our own light.  That is the nature of working with demons, and it is nature of the Left Hand Path and the Journey of Lucifer.  We fall into pure darkness only to find that the light was within us all along.  Through that transformation we become creators. we become miracle workers.

The season of miracles, why is it that the darkest time of the year is one of miracles?  It is because of the energies.  Through the darkness we are called to rise, to elevate our own vibrations and access the incredible power that is within us.  For it is when we are surrounded by darkness that we are given the incentive and the motivation to realize our manifesting efforts and our hidden abilities.  We are in a way granted permission to go all out, to let our energies shine and to create beauty and wonder in the darkness that is around us.  This is why December is the season of miracles and why I feel it aligns perfectly with ones working with demons.

Darkness is beautiful and it contains inside of it the transformational energies to help anyone rise.  We all become miracle workers and we all become manifestors.  We are called upon to survive the darkness and we rise to that challenge.  We harness the light from within and we harness the incredible power that is contained within.

This time of the year is one for great manifestation.  It is a time to really tap into the energies that are all around you and realize that you are a worker of miracles and one who can manifest and create.  Celebration energies raise the vibrations and raised vibrations are perfect for manifesting.  This is why this is the season of miracles, because when we need to, when we are pushed into the darkness, we have the energies all around us to rise and manifest, to craft and create producing miracles out of what seems to be nothing.  It is the energies, the high vibrational energies of the season and the festive spirits of those around us that allow us to manifest.  Everyone is in a more celebratory spirit and the energies are flowing freely, so it is a good time to tap into them and really set the stage for powerful manifestations in the New Year!

This is the season of Miracles, and we want to Wish you a very Happy Holiday! Whatever holiday you celebrate know that this is the season of celebration and the season of miracles!

Happy Holidays! Happy Yule! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Festivus to all!! We hope your holidays are wonderful and filled with abundance, festivities and celebration!

Holiday Dark Blessings!

Akelta, Satyra, Yllidra


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