Energy Colours and Their Meanings

Energy Colours and Their Meanings

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Colours of the Aura

Colours of the Aura

I wrote this a long time ago as a guide for an Aura Reading Class I taught. Colours can be very personal and this is not set in stone, it is important that when learning to translate energies that you go with what is right for you and if something comes up that feels different then what you see here, follow your intuition. This was just meant to be a guide to help people who are just starting out in reading and interpreting energies. I hope you enjoy.

Red Within the Aura – Relates to the Physical Body, Specifically the Blood and Cardiac Organs

Deep Red: Grounded, strong, Will Power, Energetic, Intuitive, Focused, Clarity, Passion, Active Urges, Assertion, Vitality, Endurance, Intense.
Can also mean : Wounded, Injury, Future pain may arise in the area, Unhealthy desires.

Dark Red: Stamina, Strength, Purpose, Fighting spirit, Warmth, Warrior, Cooperative, Recuperation, moodiness, selfishness.
Can also mean : Anger, Aggression, Force, Physical Harm, Repelling Force, Vengeful.

Crimson Red: Optimism, Competitive Nature ,Success Driven, Passionate, Sexual, Powerful, Creativity, Joy, Entrepreneurial.
Can also mean : Reckless, Lusty, Jealousy, Short Tempered, Spiteful.

Pink: Loving, Tender, Sensitive, Sensual, Artistic, affectionate, Pure, Compassion, Romantic, Gentile, Willing to Help others, Innocence, Healing Energies, Calm, If located near third eye or ears can indicate clairaudience.
Can also mean : Vindictive, Spoiled, Greedy, Immature. 

Dark Pink: Seductive, Playful, Erotic, Sensual, Creative.
Can Also mean : Immature and/or dishonest nature, Egotistical. 

Orange Red: Confidence, creative power, Healthy ego, Love of Self.
Can also mean : Narcissism, Selfishness, Creative block, Lack of confidence, Lack of appreciation for self.

Orange Within the Aura – Physical Body, Reproductive Organs. Emotional Body

Orange: High Aspirations, Ambitious, Energy, Stamina, Creative, Productive, Adventurous, Courageous, Outgoing, Social Creature.
Can also mean : Addiction, Overeating, Stress, Bodily decay, Rot, Infection. 

Orange Yellow: High Minded, Restrained, Proud of Self, Cold, Confident, Focused, Urge to achieve success or results, Ambitious, Direct, Desires experiences, Intelligent, Expressive, Artistic, Creative, Scientific, Perfectionist, Detail Orientated.
Can also mean : Pride, Cold, Self Justified, Narrow minded, Self sacrifice. 

Gold: Divinity, One with creator, One with Healing energies, Health, Wisdom, Open minded, Mental strength, Internal Power, Core Strength, Heart of Gold, Kindness, Spiritual knowledge, Transformation, Inspiration, Awakening, Unlocked potential, divine protection, Protection, Inner knowledge, intuitive thinker, Spiritually minded, divine guidance, Enlightenment, Masculine Energies, God Like, The Male Psyche, Male influence on society.
Can also mean : Can block energy to other parts of the body causing injury, too much of a good thing, Abusive energies, Domination, corruption, Greed.  

Yellow in the Aura – Spleen and Life energy

Yellow: Awakening, Inspiration, Intelligence, Creative, Playful, Innocence, Easy going, Optimism, Analytical, Warmth, Overcoming ignorance, Artistry, Wisdom, Confidence, Warm personality, Mental power, Tenacity, Power, Respect, Prestige.
Can also mean : Internal and External struggle, Fear of losing control, Fear.

Light yellow: Emerging psychic and spiritual awareness; optimism and hopefulness; positive excitement, New ideas, growth.
Can also mean : immaturity.

Dark yellow: Quick thinker, Fast worker, Intelligent, Learning, student .
Can also mean: Trouble with studies, Over analytical, Stressed, Fatigued, Trying to learn to much at once.

Green in the aura – Heart and Lungs 

Green: Comfortable, Natural, Healthy, Growth, Balance, A positive change, Love of people and Animals, A teacher, Social personality, Healer, Adaptable, Endurance, Perseverance, Persistence, High self esteem, Abundance, Easy going.
Can also mean : Greedy, Using power for selfish means, Corrosive toxic energy. 

Emerald green: A healer, also a love-centered person, Grounded.
Can also mean : Envy, Jealous. 

Yellow-Green: Creative with heart, Communicative, Articulate.
Can also mean : Dreamer, Can’t be trusted to get things done, Wandering thoughts.

Dark green: Adaptability, Strong willed, Warrior.
Can also mean : Jealousy, Resentment, Victim mentality Blaming self or others, Insecurity, Low self-esteem, Lack of personal responsibility, Sensitive to perceived criticism.

Turquoise: Relates to the immune system. Sensitive, compassionate, healer, therapist, Love healing, heart, generosity, Cool headed, calming, relaxed.

Blue in the Aura – Throat Thyroid

Blue: Cool, Calm, Collected, Caring, Loving, A helper, sensitive, Intuitive, Peace, Tranquility, Honest, Deep feelings of love, Affection, Communication, Unity, Intelligent, Logical, Relaxed, may indicate psychic abilities if located around third eye.
Can also mean: Cold, Reserved, Shy.

Royal Blue: Clairvoyant; Evolved spiritual nature, Generous, Guided, Optimistic.
Can also mean : Hypocritical, Sneaky, Scheming.  

Dark Blue: Calm, Observant, Insight, Protection, Quiet.
Can also mean : Fear . Loss, Harm, Unsure, cloudiness 

Light Blue: Peacefulness, Clarity, Good Communicator, Truthful, Intuitive.
Can also mean : growth needed, unclear of future events. 

Indigo in the Aura – Third eye, visual and pituitary gland.

Indigo: Spirituality ,Integrity, Psychic skills , Ancient memories, Intuitive, Sensitive, Deep feeling, Ancient Memories, Wisdom, Sexual, Abstinence, Hypnotic, Safe, Sedative, Present, Understands self, Integrity, Secrets, Deep intuition, Clarity.
Can also mean : Misguided intentions, Corruption, Trouble maker, Radical, Detachment, Ungrounded, Deep Emptiness, Moody, Sorrow. 

Violet in the Aura – Crown, pineal gland, nervous system

Violet: Sensitive, Wisdom, Intuitive, Psychic powers, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical, Vision, Imagination, Intuitiveness , Healer, Unified, Enchanting, Deep spiritual understanding. High spiritual energy that can transmute lower energies.

Lavender: Imagination, Visionary, Daydreamer, Etheric, Healing, Balanced, Tranquil.

Other colors in the aura

Metallic Silver: Spiritual and Physical Abundance, Awakening of higher mind, Opening to new spiritual areas, Attracts money, New Ideas, Intuitive, Nurturing, Enhances powers from the moon, Associated with feminine energies, Divine Goddess energies.
Can also mean : Injury, Cold, Harmed, Blocked emotions, Blocked energy.

Dark gray: Darker side, the shadow self, unconscious desires.
can also mean : Health problems, Fear, Guardedness, Blocked energies, Dark past, Trauma, Depression.

Black : Shadow self, Protection, Warrior, Strength, Power, Mystery, Sexuality, Wealth, Elegance, Sophistication, Profound, Energy about to be activated, Sturdiness, Reliability, Aloof, Solitude.
Can also mean : Anger, Destruction, Consumes light, Long term un forgiveness, Illness, Can be an entity within the aura, Past life pains, Unreleased guilt. Fear, Evil, Sadness, Withdrawn, Danger, Mourning, Unhappiness.  

White : Purity, Healing, Inspiration, Forgiveness, New energy, Transcendence, Higher dimension, Truth, Angelic, Pregnancy, New life.
Can also mean : Empty area needing to be filled. 

Brown : Love of the Earth, Grounded, Humble, humility, at peace, tranquil, Modest, Protection, Inner peace, Powerful core.
Can also mean : Insecurity, Loss, Unsure, Misguided, Lost


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