Benefits of Working with a Familiar Demon

What are the Benefits of Working with a Familiar Demon? 

For those of us who have embraced having a familiar demon in our lives we have found such incredible and profound experiences really the benefits are numerous!

Quite often I am asked about working with the Goetic Demons and Other Dark Lords and how connecting with them is different from working with a Demon Familiar, or Demon Companion.  Well that question is very simple and easy to answer;

Working with the Goetic Demons or the Dark Lords is more like going and seeing a professional and asking them for help, yes relationships can be build with Demons over time, but there is a amazing benefit to having a familiar demon walk with you on this journey.

A Demon Companion is a familiar demon who works directly with you, they understand your situation, they talk with you, they walk this journey with you, they live with you and they have a deeper and a very intimate understanding of you and your situation.

Some of us have had familiar demons who have been with us since they time we were born.  They have protected us, nurtured us and guided us on this journey, helping to protect us in times of trouble and steer us away from dangerous people or situations.  Sometimes we have lessons that we need to learn, but overall a Demon Companion will do their best to personally make sure that we are safe and protected.

Some call them Guardian Demons, Demon Familiars or Demon Companions, though there are differences in the terms which we talk about more here.

Those of us who are born on the darker paths and resonate with the darker energies of the spiritual world will find that there may already be demon familiars around us, guiding us and helping us.

The notion of a Demon Familiar or Demon Companion, (as those of us who have found great friendships and mentors in demons call them) is not a new one.  For centuries witches have had familiars and guides assisting them, some claimed that these familiars were demons, though the reality is they could have been any number of different spiritual beings.  We all come from different paths and some people find familiars in nature spirits, fae, and other creatures while those who walk the darker paths have found familiars in demons.

Even among Demonology the notion of a Demon Familiar or Demon Companion is not uncommon.  Some of the Goetic Demons such as the Fallen Angels and Dark Lord Paimon, have been known to grant familiars to those who work with him.  There are other demons and Dark Lords who will grant familiar demons, guardian demons and demon companions to those who are walking with them, to guide them and assist them in their daily life.

There are many benefits to working with a familiar demon,  I will list a few of them here;

1) A Familiar Demon is one who lives with you and works exclusively with you, they know you, they understand you, they understand your moods and mannerisms and why you do the things you do.  They get to work intimately with you and so they have an deeper level of understanding as you as a person and therefor can greatly assist you in your walking around life and attaining the goals that you wish to attain.

2) A Familiar Demon becomes a personal friend and mentor.  Those of us who walk with demon companions from a respectful place understand that they are incredibly powerful and amazing spiritual beings who should be respected.

We invite Demon Companions into our lives and they become like a friend and mentor.  Sometimes we share sad moments together, sometimes funny moments, sometimes deep and powerful moments, but they are there for you and become someone that you can confide in and look for guidance in times of crisis.  They are very powerful and wise and can be comforting and nurturing.

It is very important when working with them to show them respect and treat them as you would want to be treated.  They are not malicious cruel creatures that many make them out to be, they are divine and powerful beings that can help guide you in the most profound ways.

3) A Familiar demon can greatly assist you in attaining your life goals.  They can be a mentor and collaborator.  They are one who has seen countless things and are wise beyond measure and they can assist us with goal planning and manifesting. They also have influence over the energies of the universe and they can help us to shift things so that we can manifest and get what we want in a faster time.  With Demons they do expect us to put in our fair share and so the work.  They meet us half way, but what they bring to the table accelerates and allows us to get what we desire.

They do this because demons are very big on personal accountability and learning the skills and the mindset that you need to be successful.  They believe strongly in the notion of teaching a man to fish, vs giving him a fish.  They are about personal empowerment and stepping into your power.  They will help you get what you desire and they will help you to feel empowered along the way.  Working with demons is a journey of self discovery as they help us to break down the blocks that hold us back and awaken our true powers and abilities.  When they know us on a personal intimate level and get to understand us they can go that extra mile to helping us awaken our strength and step into our true power.

4) A familiar Demon can be a lot of fun.  When you have a personal demon companion and you have an established method of communication with them it can lead to come incredible and enlightening conversations.  But it can also lead to moments of humour and fun.  Some demons have an incredible sense of humour and can lift us up when we feel down and can just be someone to talk to.  They understand us on a very personal level and often know ways and things to say and do to make us feel better.

The list is endless really on how having a familiar demon in your life can benefit you.  Demon Companions are incredible and if you would like to learn more about them join our forum Satan and Suns! Which has a lot of amazing information on Demons and Working with Demon Companions.

Priestess Satyra Darque

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  • March 22, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Damn Good Commentary! Well said and well done Priestess!


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