I want to know about conjuring using solomons triangle?

I want to know about conjuring using solomons triangle?

Q: I want to know about conjuring using solomons triangle?

A: We have never used Solomon’s circle or Triangle to conjure, invoke or work with Demons. That is a tool used by ceremonial magicians and we are Demonosophers.  They are two entirely different paths with different ways of working.

Some schools of magick teach about commanding and ordering the spiritual being to do one’s bidding.  These are not philosophies that we subscribe to or encourage.  As Demonosophers we work with demons from a place of respect and revere demons as the amazing and incredible Demon Gods/Goddesses that they are.  They are our friends, family, mentors, guides, companions, and we would never want to command or threaten them in any way.  It is highly disrespectful to do and quite often can bring dangerous reactions from the demons, who naturally have no desire to be trapped or ordered around.

You can use circles as a protection means to define the sacred space and keep out any unwanted or curious entities that might be drawn to the energy of your ritual.  The circle can define a sacred space for you and the demon you have called to conduct your work without interruption.  In Demonosophy we do use circles to define the sacred space and shift the energies to make it welcoming for the demon.

Triangles can be used as well but not as a method of confinement as some schools of magick teach, but as a way to focus the energies.  Triangles are very powerful and strong shapes and they can be added to your rituals in order to increase the energy.  This can benefit the demon and make it easier for them to come through and communicate.

The intent of these tools are very important.  For some rituals the intent of the circle is to protect you from the creature that you are summoning, and the triangle is used to confine them to that space.  For the rituals that we like to use, the circle is used to define the sacred space for you and the demon.  It shows that you respect them and wish to make them as comfortable as possible and keep the ritual space as clear as possible.  When using triangles for focusing you can attune them so that they can work to raise the energies of the space and actually assist the demon with coming through to this plane.  I personally will never use any method of tool that is disrespectful and harmful to the demons.  I like to approach them with respect and show appreciation and gratitude for what they have given me and how amazing and incredible they are.

I have worked with them for over 20 years and I have never needed a way to confine them or entrap them and I never will.  I also have never really had a serious problem, in fact I have experienced less problems working with Demons from a respectful place than people have reported working with them from a commanding place.  That is because of intent.  When you approach a powerful divine being from a place of respect they are going to show you respect back.. When you approach them threatening them and commanding them, you are going to get that back and when it comes back you better be prepared because these beings are powerful and they do not like being treated as door mats.

Ask yourself how you would like to be treated if you were invited into a sacred space and go with that.  Would you rather be invited and given offerings? Or would you rather be ripped form your home, commanded to do the bidding of a magician then threatened when you didn’t want to?  Manners and Respect go a long way!


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