The Power of Love

The Power of Love

Power of Love

Love is an amazing thing.  It can cause man to raise armies and in the same breath, bring him to his knees. There is a love though, that is not often talked about. In fact, we are taught and programmed in this world to do the opposite. We on the Left hand path though, like to challenge what we are taught and go against what we have been programmed to believe. I am of course talking about the concept of Self Love.

From the time we are born we are taught not to love ourselves. We are taught to talk ourselves down and to dim our light instead of shining.  It is a tragedy of this world. As children we are so full of light and wonder. We are so ready to go out there and take on the world. Time after time we are beaten down, told to play it safe, told to have a backup plan and told to do what is practical.

We are told we are not attractive. We are told that we are stupid and dull. When we try to shine we are criticized and told we are dumb for our ideas.  The world is programmed and conditioned to beat down the individual and to dim their uniqueness and wonder.  When you see successful people, you see people who have confidence and who go out there bold and brave.  They are willing to challenge what they have been taught. They are willing to love themselves and risk being called egocentric and conceited.

Self love is not about either of those things. In fact, a person who embraces self love from a healthy place will honour themselves and will realize that they can help more people when they put themselves first and make sure they are taken care of.  You cannot help others until you have taken care of yourself. This is why when we are on planes we are told to secure our breathing device first, before helping others. We do this because if we fall, we are no help to anyone.

There is a difference between those who love themselves and those who are narcissistic and conceited.  They are not to be confused.  I have found that those people who embrace self love, they take the time to fill their cup first. They pour their own glass, so when it comes time to help others they are full of energy and have their needs met.  I had a very beautiful and wonderful conversation with Lord Rosier that I would love to share here.

Me: Tell me about love, self love.

Rosier: Love, love of the self is beautiful. Your first relationship here is with yourself. You are with yourself daily. It is important to love and honour yourself.  It is important to find what you love about yourself and spend time daily focusing on it.  Love moves through you and it is all around you, you have just been taught not to take it.

Me: I catch myself at times. I am working to re-write these conditions but it is so easy to knock myself down.

Rosier: It is the mindset that you knock yourself down before others can.  It is destructive and it is programmed into you from a place of fear.  People fear hurt, they fear heartache, so they try to shield themselves from it.  When you love and embrace yourself and who you are though, you do not need to fear this hurt, for you are loved by you. Hurt and heartache are part of this life here, they are part of this journey, it is unavoidable. So it makes most sense to love yourself and be able to be there to pull yourself up when hurt hits.

Me: That makes sense. Honouring and loving the self gives you a foundation and support.

Rosier: This will allow you to grow, this is why those who are successful love themselves. They believe in their skills and abilities and no one can knock them down.  People try, though one should not give them heed.  Love is so beautiful. I have many lovers, many of whom I love and cherish. Our energies when they mix together, builds us up.  Love is something to be embraced, especially love of the self.  One who has a healthy love of the self will shine brightly and know their worth and their skills. They will be able to inspire others and build up all those who walk with them.  Be the light of love in the life of those around you.

I saw what he was saying.  We are so conditioned to beat ourselves up and knock ourselves down.  This Valentine’s day I propose that we love ourselves, that we love and honour who we are.  That we find things about ourselves that we love and appreciate and allow ourselves to feel that.  It feels amazing to love yourself and love what you are capable of doing. To look in the mirror and see someone who is wonderful, someone who is beautiful and someone who radiates from the heart.

Let yourself shine, believe in yourself and believe in what you are capable of.  Don’t let the opinions and views of others knock you down. Rise up and be yourself. You do not have to prove to anyone but yourself how amazing you are.  When you are authentic, you will naturally manifest people who love you for you.  It was when I embraced who I was and allowed that person to shine, that I found some of the greatest friends in my life. Friends who love and accept me for me, every single part of me.  That is good feeling, they reflect the acceptance I have of myself.  Know your skills, believe in yourself and give yourself permission to love yourself and permission to shine.  You are your best ally and your biggest cheerleader. Don’t dim your true essence because of someone who doesn’t matter.  If someone wants to knock you down for being you, then they are not someone who you want in your life.

Walking the left hand path means honouring the self and also loving the self.  It is not selfish, it is not conceited.  It is natural and it is healthy.  I find it funny how people view the left hand path as dark, it is not dark. We honour the self and so we are called selfish, We honour the individual and so we are called horrible.  We are not afraid though to love ourselves and to love who we are and what we bring to the world.  This Valentine’s day honour yourself and love don’t be afraid to love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Akelta, Satyra, Yllidra and Eilana


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  1. Cupid Cake says:

    Beautiful Valentine’s Day message ❤

  2. Hugo says:

    The teachings contained here have my deep admiration, the way of the left hand is being great and this because I have little time, much more I will learn, thank you for teaching.

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