Why do you attribute your success to demons?

Why do you attribute your success to demons?



I have been asked this a few times.  People are confused why I work with demons and why I attribute my success to them.  They feel that my results are not from my work with demons but from my own efforts and dedication.

While it is true that I would not have gotten where I am without my own dedication and commitment to this work, it is not all on my efforts.  People will spend their entire life spinning their wheels and get nothing.  If hard work was the end all and be all, everyone who worked hard would get ahead.  In the end though, most people will spend their lives stuck, never accomplishing anything even if they worked hard.  What the demons bring is the opportunity, the amazing opportunities and the connections.  I say working with them is 50/50. You put in your 50% and they will put in 50%.  There are energies and vibrations which allow us to step out of these places and without being guided to what those energy vibrations are, we can essentially become stuck and unable to jump to the level of attainment that we wish to attain,

I believe that there are many gods and the when we connect to them and are aligned with the energies that we resonate with, that is when we can attain phenomenal results.  I do not believe there is one set path for everything, but I do believe that when an individual findz their path and finds the spiritual area they are passionate about, that is when they can attain incredible results.  Those who attain success have an alignment in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibrations and it is from that alignment that they are able to manifest. People get results from connecting with gods who they are aligned with whether that be Christianity, Hinduism or in our case Satanism.

I actually think success in itself is wonderful and that we should be celebrating success with those who attain it, no matter what spiritual path they are on.  It raises the energy vibrations for everyone.  My energies naturally align with demons and the dark lords, so this is the area where I will find success.

When I started working with demons a lot of things happened.  The second I started working with them I was given opportunities and was able to meet people who opened up some pretty powerful doors.  I heard Mammon, he told me things I had never heard before, introduced me to people who told me things that were incredible.

It was about 5 years after working with him that everything fell apart.  It fell apart because it was time, it was time for me to move on. It was time for me to expand beyond where I was and to step into my own vibrational layers.  I valued my time with these people but I knew it was time to spread my wings and fly if I was going to make it in the area I wanted to.    I believe that Mammon set up that situation to inundate me with those success energies.  Some people would say it was luck, but I believe it was them aligning me with what I needed, to learn the lessons to get where I wanted to go.

I have a dream life and everything I desire and it gets better every single day, so a better question is, why would I stop doing what works so well?  I find it so interesting that people challenge me on things, it is like they are uncomfortable with my beliefs but my beliefs are not for them to be comfortable with.  They are my beliefs and they come from my experiences, like everything in this world.

Can you pull money out of thin air?  I can and have.

Have you dined with billionaires and the elite? I have.

Have you traveled around the world and been to incredible places?  I have taken my children to Disneyland multiple times and stayed at top quality resorts and traveled to many corners of the world.

I mean, what I am doing is working… why would I change it? Just because other people don’t understand why I do things?  I never base my actions, thoughts or beliefs on what others think of me.  It is how I broke out of the chains that bound me.  I am living it to the fullest, and yes I have Mammon to thank for it and all the demons I work with.

I believe in my own inner power and that this power can rise from understanding the subconscious mind.  But I also believe that there are external forces as well, it is a combination and a mix of both of them.  I believe it is this understanding of this balance why some people rise to the top, and others spend their entire lives spinning their wheels, working hard, but never getting anywhere.

I walk with demons and learn from them and respect them as I would any human mentor. This is respect for one who understands more than I do and is educating me.   I find there is indoctrination when we are young that we have to do things ourself and never ask for help.   It actually is an interesting mindset that we do not need help.  I have found that those who surround themselves with brilliant minds and create teams and systems go further than those who try to go it alone.  There is a team effort in success and this is the next level beyond the inner world.  Control your inner world, embrace your outer world and know that there is so much more out there than you can even fathom.

Healthy respect and appreciation for someone who knows more than I do is very different than blind worship.  I do not think there is any harm in learning from those who know more than you, and the demons they know a lot more then I do, they are a lot wiser then I am, and it would be foolish of me to not thank them for everything that they have done for me.

So, thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul, to all the demons that walk with me, guide me and support me on this journey <3



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