Satanic Orb Questions

Satanic Orb Questions


What is the significance of the Satanic Orb Colours?

Each orb is cast individually to match and align with your unique energies. This means that each orb is customized based on your energies. The underlaying energies of the orbs are black as they are crafted by Satan and are put together with various vibrations gifted from his hand.

The alternate colours are a combination of gifs that he adds that are unique to you and also energy vibrations that are designed to match your personal energy frequencies so that we can link the energies of the orb to your aura in a beneficial way that will evolve and grow with your natural energies. The colours are designed to reflect this.

The end result is a black Satanic Orb, that is overlaid with your personal vibrations and colours which will help you to grow, connect with and work with your Orb.


Will I feel something or how will I feel after my Satanic Orb Casting?I have gotten this question a lot and I wanted to post it here.

The short answer is, it varies.  You might not feel anything initially, some people will feel a tingling sensation or feel various swirling energies, others will experience small headaches (this will just feel like a small pressure) and maybe a slight fever, these symptoms should subside in a day to a few days.  If they do not it is likely that it is not the orb and you are actually sick.

After you have the Satanic Orb cast you can and should take note of how you feel.  What are you feeling.  The orb is always placed behind the third eye and acts to enhance and work with your natural energies.  Each orb is customized for your unique energies and are designed to work only for the individual they are cast for.  Once it is cast take note of how you feel and take some time to meditate with the Orb and see if you can sense and pick up it’s energies.

Different people will feel different things.  Some people will connect instantly to the orb while others will take some time to connect to their orbs and learn to work with the powerful energies.  It is a new energy that is in your field and so it can take some time for your energies to adjust to it.  The first few days after the casting it would be beneficial to keep a journal of your experiences and keep track of how you are feeling and new experiences that you are having.

Meditating with the Orb can open up a lot of powerful experiences.  Meditating with it and just focusing on the orb, paying attention to the images or feelings that you are having and what sensations arise when connecting to the Orb. There is a lot that will grow from your orb and it will grow and change with your energies.


There are so many different ways that that orb can be used. I am going to give some examples here but really I know there are way more uses and experimenting with it and playing with it’s energies will open up new doors for anyone who has it! These are just some examples of the ways the Orb can be utilized.Increased ability when it comes to connecting and communicating with entities…Meditating with the Orb and connecting to it’s energies before working with your spirits and entities will help you to attune your energies to their frequencies. This is especially true of the frequency of demons as the orb is a demonic tool. Working with the energies of the orb in meditation prior to spirit communication will attune your third eyes frequency to darker energies and help you with connecting and communicating.

Increased spiritual awareness

The Orb is attached to you and works passively with your third eye. It is connected to you and just having it will help enhance your natural third eye abilities and help you to awaken your sensitivities and get in touch with your natural spiritual abilities. Just having it connected to you will benefit your spiritual awareness.

Increased ability to connect and receive messages from the spiritual world.

Sitting with the Orb and connecting to it before bedtime and asking for divine messages from the darkness will help you to receive messages that are coming through the spiritual world. Connecting with the orb before bed time will enhance your dreams and help you to receive dream messages from demonic and dark forces. Right before bed, take a moment and focus on the Orb, meditating with it. Then when you feel the connection ask a question that you have or ask to receive messages from the spiritual world.

Increased energy and Psychic abilities

Meditating with the Orb, it is designed to open up your psychic channels and help your natural skills and abilities to grow. When you connect with it’s energies it connects to your third eye and helps to stimulate it’s growth and development. Even just sitting in silent meditation focusing on the Orb will help your natural energy and psychic abilities to increase.

Increased connection to ones higher self and spiritual inspiration

The Satanic Orb is a gift from Lord Satan who is a Divine being. This means it opens up your energies to the divine source and this means connecting to your higher self and connecting to the divine consciousness. Meditating with the Satanic Orb with the intent on connecting to your divine essence and your higher self will help you to shift into a state where connection is simplified and you can receive powerful messages from your higher self. The orb can also make it easier for your higher self to connect with you when they need to.

Increased creativity

Meditating and connecting with the orb before and art project will bring inspiration and opening the creative flood gates. Connecting to the orb prior to working on your art project will also open a divine dark channel and allow ones mind to shift into a place where they can create to creative sources and allow creative inspiration to flow. It is a beautiful state and connecting to the Satanic Orb awakens it. Lord Satan is very creative, as are his children and the power of the demonic creativity flows through him and the Satanic Orb.

Increased connection to Lord Satan, and Lucifer and all the higher demon lords

The Orb is infused with Divine Demonic frequencies which helps with connecting with and working with the Dark Lords. The Orbs natural energies help to open up connections with the demon lords and helps you to connect and work with them with clarity. It helps you to receive clear and amazing messages from them and will help you to form powerful connections.

Increased mental clarity and focus.

Demonic energies are powerful and incredible focused and structured (look at hells army). When the orb is plays behind your third eye it also links to your mind and sends powerful energies into your energy field that are designed to help you enhance your mental clarity and focus. Meditating with the orb and connecting with it before focusing exercises will help sharped the mind and activate the potential of the human psyche.


The orb is meant to act as a demonic enhancement tool. So do’s for using it are for things like spiritual growth, psychic growth, mental mastery, and creative growth and are things that it should be used for. It can and should be used for connecting and working with your demon companions and also for working with your own personal darkness and embracing the dark nature of your soul.The don’t come down to common sense. Don’t use it to try to force or command the demons or your demons companions that will not end well. Really though it is a tool that grows with you so don’t be afraid to play with it and experiment with it’s energies. It is divine energy and cannot be damaged. Have fun and enjoy your Satanic Orb!


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