Can one use magick to change their gender?

Q: I am a boy but i wish to be a girl i feel i should have been a girl how can you help me?  Please help me i am willing to do anything…

A: Thank you for your email. This is a very big request. I understand fully being born in the wrong vessel to navigate this world. You say that you are a boy but feel you should have been a girl. My personal feeling is that you are what you feel like you are. If your soul and inside is a girl, then you ARE a girl. It doesn’t matter what society sees. Our flesh vessels are nothing more than seats in which our souls sit to experience different challenges to enhance our soul journeys.

There are certain physical and hormonal changes that can reconcile the inner soul with the outer vessel, however, these are physical matters that cannot be changed by magick. My suggestion on that would be to try to get into a good gender therapy program as soon as possible if you can. Don’t delay- the treatments available for reconciling one to their true gender are incredible nowadays. There are many ways where you can awaken what your truth is embrace who you are on the inside.

Magick, however, can help you overcome a lot of the pain associated with this and help your soul and bring out your inner Goddess. This requires a lot of self work and inner strength on your part- for this sort of magick comes from within you. You can bring her out and let her shine no matter what the physical limitations or medical limitations in your area. I would suggest working closely with Powerful Female Deities who can help you tap into your true soul gender and enhance your femininity. I would suggest working with Lady Lilith who is the Vampiric Goddess of feminine empowerment and one who can help you to awaken the power of the passionate primal feminine and help you to step into the body and energy you know that you are meant to be.

Lady Rashoon is another one, her energies are more gentle and she works with the softer attributes of the divine feminine, she can help you to discover your own personal essence in the divine feminine and can help you to claim your personal vibration.

This message is true of girls who know that they are boys at heart. If you feel in your heart that you are a boy then you are a boy and it does not matter what society thinks or says, you know yourself better then anyone and in the end you have to do what is best and right for you and no one should be trying to tell you otherwise. You can also explore many different options to help you to transform your appearance so that what you feel you should be on the inside, matches what you see on the outside.

The demons who you can work with to help you empower your masculine essence are. Asmodeus. The Demon of Lust and Passion but also an incredible masculine force. He can help you to love yourself and find your confidence. He can also help you to align with your masculinity and embrace who you are as a man, define your place amongst the divine masculine and live as you feel called.

Another amazing demon for you guys to work with is Astaroth. Astaroth is an interesting demon, have both a male and a female form and being a demon who is bi or duel gendered. Meaning that their essence compromises the balance of both the masculine and feminine and they have been able to help people to awake and bring out their true nature.

Good luck to you and remember there are option for you and there is a lot of empowerment one can find with transformation of the self!

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