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Exorcism of Sludge Entities

This is a ritual that I have used to bind and banish sludge entities who have attempted to torment and torture me and my family.  Sludge entities are a vast spectrum of entities who cause torment and destruction upon those who cross their path.   They range in size and can be smaller parasitic creatures,…
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Responsibility in Spirituality

Taking the Time to Build your Foundation  This is a topic that is incredibly important and it is something that we take very seriously.  As such, Eilana, Ysabeau, and I have each contributed our thoughts and understanding to this topic.  Spirituality is something that is to be taken seriously.  While there is a lot of…
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Sludge Entity

Sludge Entities Mistaken for Demons

I have studied Dark energies my whole life and have noticed and understand the differences, true demonic energy is high vibrational darkness, the beings responsible for possessions are low toxic vibrational darkness. This is a distinction that must be realized to understand darkness. There is high vibrational darkness, high vibrational corrosive darkness, low vibrational darkness…
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