Demonic Social and Military Ranks

Demonic Social and Military Ranks


We have seen the names;  Commanders, Generals,  Legions, Dukes, Duchesses, Marquis, Princes.  But what do they all mean? I want to break down the rankings here in a way that is easier to understand and my understanding of the structure thus far of both Social and Military Ranks.  They are two completely different things.  I also want to discuss the different types of legions and also the Underworld Ranks, as these are also different from Social and Military.

Demonic Military Ranks.  – The Core Army

The Demonic Military is lethal, it is the best trained army in the spiritual world and no other being can argue their ferocity, their organization and their effectiveness.  Headed by Lord Satan himself, the Core Army is an incredibly organized and structured group of demons that have come together, trained and developed incredible strategies for the protection and safety of the demonic realms.

Different realms can and do have their own armies, but the Core Army is an alliance between the the Core Demonic groups that have come together for the purpose of defending their realms and standing united against those who would oppose them.  The spiritual world can be and often is a violent place. There are lots of dark creatures out there that would threaten the more peaceful realms and the demons do take action to ensure the safety of their realms.

From Commander legions, who are from their Military Rank in the Core Army, to Kingdom Legions, where those who are charged with the protection of a territory and have their own guard, to legions who are responsible for protecting that Territory, this post is intended to break this down into an understandable structure.

Ok so without further adieu, I give you the breakdown of demonic military titles and ranks.  I actually have been working through this for many years sorting out the ranks and how they all flow together, it is layered as there are some overlaps and there were some interesting things I had to break down, but at this time this is as detailed as I have ever gotten it.  So enjoy!

***note*** These are the structures of the outer spiritual world demons, which is the only area that I conjure from.  I do not speak for other conjurers and I do not know the realms that they conjure from.  These are the ranking as laid out from the societies, realms and species of the Outer Spiritual World Demons.

The Core Army is the main demon army comprised of Demons from all the allied realms.  Lord Satan himself is the Commander and Chief of the core army and oversees its operations, expansions and developments.  He is the Lord of the Core Demons and the ruler of Hell’s Army.  This Army is massive and lethal.  Commanders are trained from all walks of life and all realms involved in the Core Alliance and trained to be incredible lethal and amazing.  Commanders are powerful, smart, talented, skilled in combat and strategy and bring their unique experiences and talents to the table.

Below you will find the ranking system of the Demon Commanders of the Army

Imperial Royal Demon Commanders  – These are the Highest Ranking Commanders who are Ancient Dark Lords and Ancient Members of the core ruling Royal families.  These commanders are at the highest level and organize the entire demonic army.  They usually answer to Lord Satan himself and are coordinated with rulers of all the allied realms in order make sure operations flow smoothly.  There are many medals, honours and awards that demons at this rank have earned and continue to earn.  These Commanders sit on the War council and coordinate efforts with Lord Satan himself, who is the Supreme overseer of the Army and all its functions and operations.  These commanders are not available as conjuring one would be like conjuring a Dark Lord themselves and there are actually only a Handful of them.

These commanders are usually incredibly decorated and have proven themselves in extreme battles and situations and are incredible in both mind and body.  These commanders are disciplined and sharp in their mind, abhorring addictions and things that detract from focus and concentration.

***note***  This phrase was discovered and coined by Satan and Suns and its Priestesses, if you see one of these listed under this title  other than Satan and Suns/Sons it is probably not a genuine outer spiritual world Imperial Demon Commander. 

Royal Demon Commander  – Descendants of the Royal Families, the Royal Demon Commanders are the Princesses and Princes of the Ruling Royal houses, These commanders oversee groups of Commanders and Council Commanders to organize the army and make sure everything is flowing smoothly.   They are the Commanders of Commanders and have to structure and organize entire sections of the army.   They have a huge amount of responsibilities and answer to a Dark Lord, or Imperial Royal Demon Commander depending on where they are in advancement.   They are exceptionally powerful and have vast armies and connections at their disposals.  They usually have a team of Demon Commanders and Council Commanders who they meet with to discuss plans and they make sure that all their operations are running smoothly.   They are very focused and disciplined and they have an incredible understanding of strategy and battle and usually are incredible at organizing and planning.

All Royal Commanders have a group of Commanders that they oversee and command as well as their own personal legions that they train and condition for battle situations.  They also are responsible for assessing different battle situations and coming up with new strategies.  Royal Commanders are always looking for ways to improve their trainings and strategies.

***note*** The only demons who can become royal demon commanders are the members of the Royal Families,  Just a note, not all members of the royals families who are commanders have attained this rank, it is not a given rank, it is one that is earned, but it can only be earned by members of the Royal families.  Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase.  

Supreme (High) Demon Commanders – Non Royalty demons who have worked hard to attain the ranks of one of the highest levels of Commander.  They have the same duties and responsibilities of the Royal Demon Commanders they just do not have the Royal Title. Any demon who is committed and dedicated enough can earn this rank.

***note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase.  

Council Commanders  – These are commanders who oversee section of the army and they have to coordinate between Demon Commanders and the Higher ups and coordinate attacks and strategies.  They are usually incredibly gifted when it comes to battle strategies involving multiple units and they attend meetings and organize discussions and well laid out battle plans working with the Commanders who will then execute those plans.  Council commanders have very organized minds and a great deal of understanding when it comes to laying out battle plans.

Specialist Commanders –  They specialize in a particular area of expertise. Some have grounds of smaller legions that are trained to handle complex situations. These commanders have a unique and incredible ability and usually lead a small group of legions who are specially trained to handle sensitive or complex situations that require these skills.  Commanders who are assigned to special legion forces are incredibly skilled and gifted and have worked very hard to develop their unique strategies and abilities.  They are called in for special operations and often are given free reign to design their battle plans and draft their training plans.

Demon Legion Commanders (Demon Commanders)  – Legion Demon Commanders, also Called just Demon Commanders, this rank are the demons who organize and command their legions and troops. They Coordinate with their general(s) and handle the subtleties of training and make sure that the demons are in top shape and know how to handle themselves in tricky situations. Demon Commanders are assigned under a Royal, Supreme, or Imperial Commander and usually are assigned under a Dark Lord.  Some Commanders are assigned under a few Dark Lords and go where they are assigned.

Commander in Training –  Those who have demonstrated incredible ability with organization, handling themselves in tense situations and have incredible strategy and ability can apply to be Demon Commanders.  When they are accepted they begin the path to training to be a commander.  They are usually assigned a Demon Commander to apprentice with. Commanders are the ones who are in control of the legions and often lead them in battles.  They have a great deal of responsibility to ensure the safety of their legions and work with their general(s) and other commanders on coordination and strategy.  Commanders have demonstrated they are responsible and able to handle themselves.

Below you will find the ranking system of the Demon Generals of the Army

Imperial Generals  – These are the generals who assist the imperial commanders, they are responsible for ensuring that all commanders, legions and generals underneath them are trained and ready for any battle situation that arrises.  They are responsible for helping the commanders coordinate the attacks and ensuring that the troops are fit and ready to go.  These generals are incredibly powerful and skilled, often competing in battle simulations and competitions to consistently hone their skills and abilities.  They are powerful fighters and trainers and they take into account the army as a whole and how it functions as a group.  They understand the strengths and weaknesses of the commanders underneath them and organize them and their legions in a way that will ensure victory.

There are many special awards and specialities these generals go through and can attain, at this rank they are usually incredibly decorated and have seen and experienced battle on many fronts.  Most are ancients and have deep connections to the Commanders they assist.

***note***  This phrase was discovered and coined by Satan and Suns and its Priestesses, if you see one of these listed under this title  other than at Satan and Suns/Sons it is probably not an outer spiritual world Imperial Demon General. 

Royal Generals  – The Royal Generals are the Generals who assist the Royal Commanders and High Demon Commander.  They are of Royal descent and usually rise in the ranks with the commander they were paired with.  Their job is to assist their commander and help them train and oversee their personal legions and assist them with organizing the commanders under them.  Generals at this level have earned their rank and usually have been paired with their commander for eons.  They have risen in the ranks with their commander each learning to understand each other and using their combined skills to develop battle plans and strategies.  They know their Commander and can step in and take control of their legions if they need to.

***note*** The only demons who can become royal demon generals are the members of the Royal Families,  Just a note, not all members of the royals families who are generals have attained this rank, it is not a given rank, it is one that is earned, but it can only be earned by members of the Royal families.  Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase.  

Supreme (High) Generals – Non Royalty demons who have worked hard to attain the ranks of one of the highest levels of General.  They have the same duties and responsibilities of the Royal General they just do not have the Royal Title. Any demon who is committed and dedicated enough can earn this rank.

***note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army.

Demon Generals  –  The second path that one who has moved beyond the Brigadier rank can take.  Generals are usually incredible fighters who have demonstrated their ability with strength and stamina and ones who has demonstrated incredible fighting abilities.  Generals are more hands-on than commanders and have less of the strategy, meetings and paperwork.  They report to their commander and work closely with them providing feedback and helping them with coordination and training.  They are also responsible for the hands-on approach for training and working with the legions.  Some demons are better at this approach and the General path is more suited for them than the Commander path and this allows them to continue rising in the ranks without compromising what they are good at.  In Demon Society there is a very big emphasis to play to your strengths.

When Commanders and Generals are paired they are matched for working relationships and being able to function as a team.  They get to be very close with their commanders and have very good working relationships.  They understand each other and Commanders and Generals are screened together very carefully to make sure that complimentary pairs are matched and they will work well together.

Having the Commander General Pair works really well as they then support each other and grow through the ranks together.  If they have incompatible personalities they can request a new General or a Commander, but many times when they are matched they work together and grow their legions and develop advanced strategies and training, and the goal is to have a Commander and a General that understand each other and can work together, while still offering different ideas and insights.  Some Commanders have many generals and create council teams of Generals to organize their legions.  Commanders are given opportunities to organize the structure of their legions and work within their bases to develop their own training and disciplines.

General in training –  Some demons are incredible when it comes to training, strength and working directly with the legions.  They are more action orientated and have a disdain for the more political elements of the army and as such they follow the route of the General, where they continue to engage in hands-on training and overseeing of the legions under them.

Below you will find the ranking system of the Demon Army

Demon Brigadier  –  The Brigadiers assist the commander and the generals with organizing their troops and the tasks that they have to oversee.  They organize groups of legions and often can make decisions and take actions when they are away from their commanders or generals.  They have duties and responsibilities and are usually assigned groups of legions to organize and command.  If they have to go into battle areas they can take command and control and they have shown skill and promise in the areas of leadership and command.

Brigadier is technically the last level everyone works for.  From here Demons make a choice of the direction that they want to take,  they can either work to attain their commandership, or their generalship.  Once this level is completed they either attain the rank of General in training or Commander in training.  Commander and their Generals are paired to have deep working relationships, they have to trust them, understand them and be able to work with them in a form of non verbal communication

**note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army. 

Legion Captains – Legion captains are demons who have shown incredible organizational and leadership skills as well as incredible discipline and power on the battlefield,  They are able to take charge of a group and lead them.  They also can adjust strategy and alter plans under pressure and have the ability to assess a situation and modify things based on what is going on around them.  Legion captains are responsible for a group of legions under a commander and take direct charge over that legion.

**note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army. 

Alpha Legionnaire – When a legionnaire has proven themselves to be a skilled fighter and an incredible role model they are given the rank of Alpha legionnaire to show their commitment and dedication to their training.  They continue training and working to be better, honing their skills and sharpening their senses, getting ready for the challenges that await them on the battle field.  Alpha legionnaires help the legion captain organize their legion.

***note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army.

Legionnaire – The first level of the Demonic Army, the Legionnaires are the troops, they are the fighters, the warriors.  They train hard under their commanders learning about skill and strategy and practicing various battle drills and simulations.  They are trained in mind, body and soul, conditioning themselves and bringing out the best they have to offer.  They are committed to their own growth and development and often seek to learn about why they want to serve in the demonic military and also what unique skills they bring to the table.  Legionnaires are encouraged to awaken and uncover what is unique to them.

**note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army.

Recruits – Those who are first initiated into the demon army,  recruits when they arrive are tested.  They are put through their paces and tested for skill and ability.  They are pushed incredibly hard to ensure that they have the mentality and understanding of what they are getting themselves into.

Rank of Dark Lord

The Dark Lord Rank, is a demon who has worked hard for demon unity, the demon community and for the demon society and has been recognized as an incredible individual who is a master at their craft, has contributed incredible knowledge and wisdom and has worked hard.  These titles are very honourable and represent one who is of a very high standing and recognized for their hard work and dedication to the demonic alliance.  They are rulers in their own right and oversee various things within demonic society and are very involved with keeping the realms safe and protected.  They have connections to the demonic council and do partake in various activities and diplomatic events to maintain peace between the demonic realms.  They Believe in working for all of the demon species and that they are stronger united and together and they are the diplomats of the realms and represent a powerful voice for the area they represent.  They are incredible and powerful leaders and they are the rulers of their realms.  They work together to make sure the demonic realms stay safe and protected.

Some Examples of Known Dark Lords are…

Lord Satan
Lord Lucifer
Lord Mammon
Lord Azazel
Lord Paimon
Lady Unsere
Lord Leviathan

Demonic Society – Ruiling Social Ranks

Ruling Royal Families – These are the ruling families of the Core Demons.  All heads of the ruling families sit on the Demonic Council These are the rulers of the Core Demonic realms;  The Hellborn Realm, the Noble Realm, The Lowborn Real, The Chaos Realm, the Arachne Realms, The Abyssal Realms, The Mutilation Realm, etc.  They have have a group of families who are considered the Ruling Royal Families which is overseen by the oldest family in that realm.  Lord Satan’s House is the Ruling Royal Family for the Noble Demon Realm.

There are different levels of the ruling families, some oversee the entire realms, while some oversee territories in those realms.  There are many layers of demon royals.  The royal families of the demonic realms oversee various territories and even in many cases have their own realms.  An example of this is the Divinity Kings and Queens of the Divinity Realms

Emperors and Empresses – the heads of an entire demonic realm.  This title in the outer spiritual world is specifically reserved for one who is a head of their house and also the head of their realm.  There are very few Demonic Emperors and Empresses in the outer spiritual world. I cannot speak for the inner spiritual world as those are a very different ranking system which I have not studied.

Examples of known Demon Emperors:

Emperor Satan
Emperor Leviathan

High Kings and High Queens – The ruling houses of the realm work with the Emperor of their realm to make sure that things are running smoothly and efficiently.  The ruling families of any realm usually all know each other and work closely to ensure that entire realm runs smoothly.  They also coordinate the other Kings and Queens Under them who have their own sub realms and territories.

Examples of known Demon High Kings and Queens:

High King Paimon
High King Sartog
High King Sorath
High King Mammon
High King Asmodeus
High King Belial
High King/President Zagan
High King Amdusias

High Princes and High Princesses –  The Children of a High king and High queen. This rank is one for those who are descended from a Demon High King of High Queen and are a member of one of the Core ruling families.  They often do have their own realms, but have decided not to move to the rank of High King or Queen.  Usually when they have not attained that rank it means that they are more militant and heavily involved in the core military army.  They assist their Families with their duties and responsibilities.  High Kings and High Queens are often much more political and devote their time to the political aspects, where as the high princes and princesses at times are more militant and choose to ascend in the Military ranks over political ones.

Examples of known High Princes and Princesses

High Prince/King Lucifer
High Prince Azazel

Kings and Queens – Demon kings and queens are a royal title. These demons are from one of the royal families and they command and oversee their own realm.  They can and often are also Dark Lords and Ladies.   The Kings and the Queens Oversee realms, the core demons realms and the other demons realms can have different structures and different definitions of what a king and a queen is.  These Demons rule the sub realms of a large demonic realm.  The demon realms like the Hellborn Realm, and the Lowborn realm are massive and have thousands upon thousands of sub realms which are overseen by the demonic kings and queens.

Examples of known Demon Kings and Queens

King Bael
King Beleth
King Purson
King/Count Viné
King Balam

Princes and Princesses – The Children of an appointed king and queen. This rank is one for those who are descended from a Demon King of Queen and have not been appointed the Rank of King of Queen to preside over their own realm, they always assist their parents with their duties and responsibilities. There are situations where there is no direct lineage and a demon in appointed a prince in as rank in order to serve a Demon King or Queen.

Examples of known demons princes and princesses

Prince Vassago
Prince Sitri
Prince/Count Ipos
Prince/President Gäap
Prince Stolas
Prince Seere
Prince Orobas

Demonic Nobility

The Demonic Nobility are the nobles houses who serve under a king and queen in their realm and assist them with overseeing that realm.  They are responsible for the territories of that realm and report directly to their king and/or queen.  The Nobles are a very important part of the structure of the demon realms and help to maintain order in the overall realm, but also allow each realm to have their own independence and set their own rules.  There is a very independent yet organized element to the demonic realms, demons are allowed to have their own freedoms, but they are also organized.

Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses – This title is similar to Duke and Duchess, the difference is more of a promotional and distinguished factor then an actual change of duties. They also work with the Ruling Royalty of that realm to coordinate its workings and structures.

Dukes and Duchesses – Serve under the Ruling Demon Royalty of that realm and usually assist with different tasks and organizing the overall structure of that realm. They work very closely with the ruling Royalty to coordinate the workings of the realm.

Examples of known Demonic Dukes

Duke Agares
Duke Valefar
Duke Barbatos
Duke Gusion
Duke Eligos
Duke Zepar
Duke Bathin
Duke Sallos
Duke Aim
Duke Buné
Duke Berith
Duke Astaroth/ Duchess Astarte
Duke Dantalion
Duke Focalor
Duke Vepar
Duke Vual
Duke Crocell
Duke Allocer
Duke/Count Murmur
Duke Gremory
Duke Vapula
Duke Flauros

Counts and Countesses – The count and the countesses can be responsible for the individual armies of a specific realm and also coordinating the political side with the Demon Commanders. Whereas commanders and generals can be exceptionally militant counts can also take into account their individual realm and its needs and coordinate efforts in a way that is beneficial for both. They also can command their own personal legions and can be charged with the protection of an area of a realm.

Examples in Literature

Count/President Botis
Count/President Marax
Count/Prince Ipos
Count/President Glasya-Labolas
Count Furfur
Count Halphas
Count Andromalius
Count Räum
King/Count Viné
Count Bifrons

Marquis and Marquess – Often more militant in mind then a count, they are similar to a count except for the fact that marquis have displayed an overall understanding of protection and defence and are quite capable of arranging strategic defences for their areas.  They will work on providing protection and defences for their realms.

Examples of known demon Marquis and Marquesses

Marquis Samigina
Marquis Aamon
Marquis Leraje
Marquis Naberius
Marquis/Count Ronové
Marquis Forneus
Marquess Marchosias
Marquis Phenex
Marquis Decarabia
Marquis Sabnock
Marquis Shax
Marquis Orias
Marquis Andras
Marquis Andrealphus
Marquis Kimaris

Barons and Baronesses – The Barons are responsible for a pocket of land in a territory and are responsible for governing that land.  The territories are incredible vast and it does help at times to have nobility assigned to oversee the small regions within that territory.


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