Demonosophy: Thoughts on Offerings

I was posting about Belial on another forum (Creepy Hollows) and it sparked an interesting discussion with my coven sisters on offerings. There are some offerings that I give that are not listed in the books and things that I am just inspired to give to particular Dark Lords. Or things that they ask for; Like Mammon asking for Oud. The conclusion that we came to was this….

When you are working with a particular demon, the offerings that you give them will vary as offering are as personal as the individual connection between human and demon/dark lord. Some of the dark lords, connections with them are built over years and as your relationship with them unfolds they may ask for different things as that relationship evolves. Even demon colours, Lucifer colour is listed as yellow, I have and always will see him as blue.

What is an offering? It is a transference of energy. Different frequencies and perhaps our personal frequencies and connection to that demon resonate at different frequencies, so offerings may vary based on your individual frequencies or how we connect with that dark lord. I also find the offering can vary based on seasons. I like to give Belial Mint during the spring and Pine during the winter. This may also have to do with how my energies connect to Belial at those times. Maybe it is not so much about the herb, but the energies between human and demon and how we connect to the individual. It really is a powerful and personal journey.

I worked with demons before I had books and Demonolatry, I was a Demonosopher before it had an official name and in the beginning I really followed my senses and listened to them and offered then what they asked for. They gave me to guidance, I didn’t give herbs and offerings because a book told me so, I gave them because I was inspired to and because THEY told me to. Or I gave them things that I had because that was all I had. Sometimes I just have sat with them and talked and enjoyed their company. Treated them as a close friend and just build the connection on our conversations. Some of my greatest memories are just sitting with one Demon and talking to them, spending time with them and listening to their words of wisdom. I am always respectful and follow the inspiration and what they tell me when connecting, but sometimes it is unconventional and not by the book at all.

Knowing their elements I try to offer them things that fall within their element but over the years I have noticed that what they have inspired me to offer them, falls in that element anyway. Listening to their inspiration and guidance goes a long way to building deep connections and friendships with Demons.

Just some thoughts for today.

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