I have a Demon who has been with me since….

I have a Demon who has been with me since….

Q: Hi, I have a Demon who has been with me since I was young and they have told me things, can you help me?

A: In the literature that we currently have on Demons, a lot is relatively unknown.  It is a shame to because there is so much to their culture and who they are, but so much that is just not available.  Often times people have connections to the demon realms that they might not even realize.  They can have connections to their own demon companions.  It is also not uncommon for these companions to have connections to the known demons that are in literature.

It sounds like you have a demon companion.  Which is an unknown demon who walks with you on this journey here.  Our connections with the companions who come to us are personal and often times they leave breadcrumbs for us to follow and decode the messages they are leaving.  This brings us closer to them and allows us to learn about them which makes our connections with them stronger as we remember then and also remember how we are connected to them and where they are from.  It is a personal an powerful journey that we take with demons.

For those who walk any spiritual path we always advise people to work on their spiritual foundation so that they know how to protect themselves. The spiritual foundation is our ability to ground, shield, ward, cleanse, focus and the mastery we have over our mind.   Once you have a solid foundation it is safe to work with demons and learn from them, as any situation that arises you will be prepared for.  The foundation grows as we grow on this path so the more we work with our skills the stronger we get.

When it comes to what is revealed by the demons, it won’t always be positive.  Like any relationship there are times when sometimes unsettling things can be uncovered but working through it and working to understand it will help you grow on this path.  It will also help you understand the demon you are working with more and see all sides of them.

When it comes to confirming things they tell you, there are many ways to do this.  I know that for me people have come into my life and revealed things which have been told to me and could only be known if the demon was in contact with them.  These moments of revelation have been incredible.  I would ask them to reveal this information to you in another way, a way that would confirm what you are getting.  It happens to me quite a lot through family members, coven sisters and my friends and they always deliver when I ask.

That is wonderful that things have been revealed to you.  My own demons as well I have volumes of notes on them and what they have revealed to me.  It is wonderful isn’t it, how close they become to us and how they are like family members.

They leave things for us to decipher and figure out during our journey with them.  I know my own companions have left many riddles for me and it is part of our journey with them. It usually reveals things that are personal to our connections with then, why they are walking with us and how they can help us.  It is meant for our eyes. I know the things I have decoded have benefitted my life in incredible ways, though for some things it has taken me years to figure out they clues they leave.  It is part of the fun of working with them.

I would say keep working with your demon.  Follow your intuition and make sure you are working on your spiritual foundation as you go.  It sounds like incredible work you are doing and even on the days it does not make sense, I find that if we keep going it all comes together.  I know that sometimes there are confusions and blocks, but overcoming them and having the fruits of your work come together is one of the greatest feelings in the world.


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