What is the best option of your third eye workings?

What is the best option of your third eye workings?


Q: What is the best option of the third eye workings you offer? 

~Uphir psychic surgery
~Satanic Orb spell
~Hecate Psychic Gifts Enhancement

A: It is hard to say what the best option is, as they all are unique and wonderful workings, but I will lay out their differences so that you can see which one will suit your situation the best.

The Uphir Third Eye Working is an energetic working to clear any sludge blockages, brain connectivity issues, and to clear the third eye for development. It is performed with Lord Uphir.  The working goes deep into your third eye and cleanses the chakra, activates dormant gifts that you have, attunes you to various spiritual frequencies, and also makes sure your third eye is connected and functioning as it should be.  This is a great working to start with as we really do a deep cleanse of your chakra and make sure that all the energies are flowing smoothly.  Our philosophy is that the third eye is a muscle and that working with it and training it will make it strong and sharp so we include post-attunement exercises to help you continue your third eye growth and development.  It is a very powerful working and a great one for people to start with.   

The Satanic Orb is a powerful energy tool that is created by Lord Satan and attached to your Chakra.  It is attuned to the demonic frequencies and aligned with the energies of darkness so you are naturally attuned to demons, the Dark Lords, and many other dark entities.  Different spiritual beings exist at different spiritual frequencies and this tool helps you awaken dark creativity and can enhance connections with the Dark Lords. This is a good spell to have cast if you are looking to shift your third eye work to darker elements and work with it for dark creativity and working with demons.  It will bring you closer to the demonic frequencies and help you to understand them and work with them. The dark currents of divinity are wonderful and incredible and the Satanic Orb aligns you with those currents.  You can get this spell cast at any time.  It is open to anyone who feels called to the Darkness you do not need to be a Satanist, Demonolotor, or Demonosopher to have it cast. Anyone can have it cast and it is a powerful tool for anyone who wishes to work with the dark currents and connect to the creatures of the night.  

The Hekate Psychic Gifts Enhancement is a ritual that lasts for three days.  It is designed to tap into your natural psychic skills and infuse them with the powerful energies of Lady Hekate.  This ritual for three days infuses you with her powerful psychic vibrations.  They target your third eye and your natural skills.  It also targets dormant gifts and helps them to grow and awaken.  The powers of this spell are meant to enhance your work.  This is a great spell to have cast after the Third Eye Working because it works to take the abilities that you are working with and empower them.  Strengthening your natural skills and awakening your natural abilities.  Lady Hekate is the Empress of Magick and her abilities empower and inspire all that she touches.  She is the balance of light and darkness and she knows the dark secrets of the shadow.  


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  1. Karan Patel says:

    Hi Dear Priestess, I wanted to know that some pages are blank like the Hecate Physic gifts ritual, satanic orb, Lord Uphir’s ritual for spiritual abilities’ enhancement. Can you please help, I need these rituals to help myself.

    Thank You

    • Akelta says:

      Thank you so much for noticing that! I have fixed the links and added them in so that they work now! It must have been during an update on the site the links stopped working. It should be fixed now!

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