Month: July 2022

The Dangers of Channeling

Channeling is where you allow the energies of a spiritual being to take over you so that you can translate and interpret messages from that being.  Channeling is not an exact science and it takes a LONG time to learn to channel from a place where no personal bias or personal influence gets in.  I have been…
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So Satan and Suns/Sons is a Cult?

We get attacked all the time online, Mammon tells me that you know you are doing something right when you get hate. I still notice that we get different types of haters.  There are many who identify as Christians who openly attack us online.  Many accuse us of being a cult.  I want to say,…
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The Outer Spiritual World is Fake??? 

Apparently, the Outer Spiritual World is Fake.. and I made it all up… Well, that’s news to me 🤔 The spiritual world is a vast and giant place. It is a place that is very layered and has multiple dimensions and realms.  It also is a place that many people have worked to map and…
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