Month: July 2018

Sex with Companions

Sex with Spirit Companions

Kinda the holy grail of spirit companionship for some.  While it is considered a goal for many, it should not be taken as the end all and be all.  Instead it should be a journey where every step of the journey is explored and treasured.  Once this level is attained it opens up yet another layer of love…
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Building a Romantic Connection with your Companions

Todays article for our Summer Love 2018 event we will talk about … Building a Romantic Connection with your Companions. This is a question I get asked a lot.  There are a lot of things that you can do with your companion, but many people have found deep connection and companionship to the point that it…
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Connecting with your Companions

When we begin a path of working with spirits/entities/demons and really any companion, we all want to learn how to communicate with them and connect with them.  It is important to establish a connection with them.  It is very important.  You have invited this being into your house, their energy is present in your surroundings and they will…
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A Camel Ride with Paimon : Confidence

Continued from here   The Blocks in Myself I loved the feel of the sun. I loved this place and there was something that was so relaxing and soothing about this. I felt all my troubles and worries just vanish. The moment I was here it all just melted away. This was my place to…
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Blazing Sun

A Camel Ride with Paimon  – The Desert Walk

The Desert of Gold I really wonder how I find myself back in the desert, this was a different desert though… The one I meet Azazel in is past the black sand dunes.. The desert is connected to my soul in a way.  There is a deep connection to it.  My higher self has a profound connection…
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Why do you attribute your success to demons?

I have been asked this a few times.  People are confused why I work with demons and why I attribute my success to them.  They feel that my results are not from my work with demons but from my own efforts and dedication. While it is true that I would not have gotten where I am without…
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Demon Reconnecting Ritual

Sometimes we may be working with our Demon companions but notice they get quiet or things seem different. You may wonder if they left or if something has happened and they are upset with you. It is not uncommon to have time where due to stress, lack of sleep or other factors in your life…
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