Month: September 2017

Pondering the 1 Year Energies

We have been so so busy that we ended up missing a week of our Newsletter, but we are happy to get back on track this week. Last week we worked to get more posts up in our demon encyclopedia.  We have so many new ones coming and hope to finish the Goetics this year,…
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Mammon and the Mind – Part 4 : Addictions

This is a continuation from this post…. Mammon and the Mind – Part 3 : Shifting Realities I remember having many conversations with Mammon and his children who came through.  All of them share a similar view of addictions and how it can destroy and crush the mind.  Addictions themselves are bindings, they cling on to a particular…
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Fall Woods

Welcome Fall!! 

Welcome Fall!!  As the months turn to September we begin to enter my favourite time of the year! The Fall season is one of magickal energies and feelings.  There is a sacredness to this time, a calling of the powerful energies.  There is something so beautiful and empowering about this time of the year. This…
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