Month: July 2017

Palace Gates

So you want to work with Mammon?

Prepare for ultimate destruction… And I mean this… no matter how many times I tell people… When you work with Mammon… he is going to make life-changing changes in your life.  This is what he does and he is good at it.  Energy vibration wise.. there is no success in the vibration that you currently have or…
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Spirit Communication

Levels of Spirit Communication

One of the goals of anyone walking a spiritual path is receiving messages form the spirit world and communicating with spirits.  We all come onto this path at different levels and it can be very frustrating for some.  Others are already aligned with their natural skills and they have a good foundation for spirit communication. Below you…
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Chakra Arousal

Demon Companions – Chakra Arousal

A Tantric Master who I listen to sometimes talks about chakra arousal. She says that sex is such a huge thing in our culture because as we grow we become so desensitized to the world around us and our chakras cease to become aroused by the wonder all around us. The reason sex is so big…
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Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession This has been a hot topic as of late.  There are so many movies and documentaries on Demonic possession and what it all entails.  The fact is that not a lot is known about possession and there is a lot of incorrect facts out there.  My goal is to help provide some clarity to…
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Mammon Title

Curses Clashing with Success

I have been asked this many times. Why does the curse not work? Why is my enemy not crushed and destroyed? There is a very simple and easy answer for this. It is because they are part of your growth. This doesn’t mean they won’t get theirs, and when they do your demons will make…
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Leviathan… Lord of Emotions and the Sacral Chakra

I have been doing a lot of exploring with the chakras. There are many demons that have deep and profound understandings of the chakras and I really love to hear their insight on it. Lord Leviathan is one who I have intimately worked with. This amazing Dark Lord of the Abyss and the Depth has…
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Lord Satan – The Demonic Divine and Shadow Work

Lord Satan is the Demonic Divine, He is the Father of all demons and the Lord of Darkness, the Dark Divine… He is an incredible, powerful Dark Lord and Divine being.  Many people see him as the enemy and as the opposite of divine.  A being or horror and corruption, darkness and malice, but in…
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