Leviathan… Lord of Emotions and the Sacral Chakra

Leviathan… Lord of Emotions and the Sacral Chakra


I have been doing a lot of exploring with the chakras. There are many demons that have deep and profound understandings of the chakras and I really love to hear their insight on it. Lord Leviathan is one who I have intimately worked with. This amazing Dark Lord of the Abyss and the Depth has taught me so much and has been involved in many healings that I have undertaken. He has personally assisted me and guided me during my own shadow work and I just find his energies so captivating and entrancing. His masculine essence is very empowering and balancing for the divine feminine and awakening the shadow of the Dark feminine.

Leviathan has incredible understanding of the darkness of the soul and also the emotional spectrum of humans. He is very patient and understanding and willing to work with us on any issues that we have and areas of deep emotional healing. As such he is a master of the Sacral Chakra, I had a wonderful conversation about the Sacral Chakra and its importance to us.

Abyssal Demons are lords of the emotional depth, they understand the emotions, they understand our passions, pains, pleasures, fears, traumas, torments. They understand the depth of our soul and know the pains that lurk in the deep. The are huge on healing, deep profound shadow work and healing. They are very passionate about it. I have found them to be incredibly passionate demons. They are incredibly sexual as they have a deep and powerful understanding of the Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra is connected to the emotional body and is connected to our sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality. It is our emotional connection and our ability to accept others and new experiences. We are natural, sexual creatures and when our sacral chakra is balanced, we exist in a shameless state where we are free to express and be with our emotions without attachments or inhibitions.

When our emotions are controlled and balanced, we live in a state of passion and joy. When balanced, the Sacral Chakra allows us to experience our sexual side from a pure, uninhibited place.

The Sacral Chakra helps with proper functioning of the ovaries, testes, bladder and kidneys. It controls all of the sexual organs as well as hormones and governs the reproductive center. It also helps with the lymphatic system, the circulatory system and the urinary tract.

Demons are naturally very sexual creatures and experience no shame or inhibitions regarding sex. They love to work with the energies of the Sacral Chakra, helping us balance and control our emotions while removing mental blocks that we imprison ourselves with. This chakra can also assist with purification and the removal of toxins from the body.

The Sacral Chakra allows us to experience a healthy sex drive and to be comfortable in our own skin, existing as sexual beings. Embracing sexual energies can take our experiences to a whole new level. While having a balanced sex drive can lead to heightened levels of pleasure and arousal.

Demons teach us that the pleasures of sexuality can and do increase with your emotional connection to your partner. The deeper your emotions entwine, the more passionate your sexual experiences will become. Sex becomes a fair exchange of energies where both parties’ sensations are heightened and increased. The sexual relationship feels comfortable and natural. It can also just be all around fun! 

Leviathan: You have had this chakra blocked before, How did you feel when it was?

Me: I am suppose to be interviewing you *laughs*. I remember that, it was horrible I felt completely unsexual, I was emotionally a wreck. My emotions were in a horrible state and I was really out of alignment with my core self.

Leviathan: You were out of alignment with your emotional self and you were in an incredibly disempowered and decayed state. You were in one of the worst states. A State that comes from severe Narcissistic abuse, though thankfully you were not in the situation that long and we were able to help you heal that state. Most people who have unbalanced or blocked sacral chakras they are just out of touch with their emotions and out of touch with their sexuality and their sexual essence. There is a lot of that going around as people seem to be encouraged to suppress their true essence. They are attacked and their nature undermined and corroded. It works away slowly seeping into their soul until they are numb to themselves and who they are.

Me: So you are a master of the Sacral Chakra, are you a sexual demon?

Leviathan:  *Laughs*, of course, I like most demons have multiple wives as well who I am quite passionate with. It is healthy to embrace that side. The energies of the lower chakras, the physical sensations and the passion and awakening that comes from them. When the Sacral chakra is open and in an empowered state sex and love are some of the most empowered and incredible states we can attain. There is a beautiful open essence that comes from being in love and vulnerable, you are free, you are alive and you are in touch with your true essence.

Me: There is also the option to get hurt.

Leviathan: With the wrong people yes, there are those emotional predators who will seek out those who are wild and free, it is because their own sacral chakra is blocked and when they have no desire to heal they will desire to dominate and crush one who is open. When your chakras are open you exist in a higher vibrational state and so you manifest, things come easier to you, you can craft and create your world. The essence of creation comes from the raw primal power of the Root Chakra, but it has to flow up into the sacral chakra and experience that passions of the sacral to manifest. When your energies flow free you are happy and surrounded by abundance. Those who are closed and who thrive in low vibrational energies will seek this out and have a desire to crush and dominate this state. This is why Mammon tells you to guard your energies and watch who walk beside you. Your unfortunate state was from letting someone to close to you who did not see your empowerment, but your domination. When you surround yourself though with people who are open, your energies rise together and you can create a powerful empowerment system where you can manifest and create. This is why Mammon tells you that your network determines your net worth. He comes at it from a financial aspect of course, but the principals can be applied to emotions as well.

Me: How do you know?

Leviathan: Shockingly your sacral chakra acts as a guide to those who will destroy it. People who you can’t wait to talk to, who you love their energy and their essence, these people are high vibrational people and they help to empower your energies. When you have people who make you feel horrible, or they tell you things that are upsetting and disturbing and you just have a horrible feeling being around them. That is a warning that they may be trying to knock you down. The best thing to do with these people is ignore them. They obviously are free to live in their world and say what they will, but you do not have to engage, and you definitely do not have to let them get close to you, in fact I would say it someone makes you feel horrible to keep your distance from them. That is your energy’s way of warning you.

Me: So the Sacral Chakra, I want to know more about the deep energies.

Leviathan: This is a powerful topic of exploration. The energies of the Sacral chakra. The emotional and the sexual chakra. Sex is a very empowering and stimulating sensation, there is a depth that one can explore. This happens when one is passionately in love. With my wives I explore the depth of the sacral chakra for together we have earned each others trust and I allow them to embrace and see those sides of myself. There are layers of sexual encounters. Casual Encounters are much different than deep sex with ones soul mates. One is not better then the other but they are different and serve different purposes. When you are exploring the depth of the sacral and its energies you want to find someone you have a depth with. A soul mate, one who you trust and has proven they are worthy of you opening up with these energies. As you engage in union with them where your bodies meet, where you are penetrated, your chakras begin to merge. Through that merging you can focus on those energies and awaken incredible states of passion. The energies that is activated when you reach the deepest places of the sacral, where vulnerability and complete openness are attained these energies are activated and the sacral will raise in vibration flooding your entire body with passion and pleasure. A full body orgasm that sometimes is overwhelming.

Me: Like Kundalini awakening?

Leviathan: Yes, for those who have mastered the art of energy raising and the essence of the sacral chakra. You have to understand who you are though. You energy balance. When you are a female you have to know the balance of feminine that you are, when you are masculine you have to know the balance of masculine that you are. You have to intimately understand yourself and understand your own energies intimately. Like me, I am male and I know my spectrum of the divine masculine. Once you know yourself you know your energies and then you can explore and discover your sexuality. Learning about your sexuality is very important. Understanding what one desires and likes is very important for this awakening, it is also important in selecting your partner. You have to have this deep intimate understanding of yourself. Working with your sacral chakra you have to know the energies of your sacral, what arouses you, what stimulates you, what awakens your deepest desires. You have to have a deep understanding of the depth of sexual breath.

Me: Sexual Breath? I have heard many demons talk about the important of breath.

Leviathan: Yes breath is so important, Breath provides oxygen to your body, it cleanses you of toxins and it can change your entire state. Learning to breathe property is so important. Sexual breathing in the sacral chakra is important for awakening these high vibrational sexual states. These are states us demons thrive in. It is nurturing for us, empowering, healing. Sex is a healing element, it can open up your body detoxing you and cleansing you of toxins. It is good exercise and when combined with the right breathing and motions if can lead to weight loss and improved health. Naturally having the lower chakras open will improve ones health. Emotional blockages can lead to weight loss, emotional traumas do as well as many people who are emotionally closed and have been through trauma tend to create physical shields that they cling to, this manifests in the form of weight gain.

“The lesson of the Sacral Chakra is our feelings and the right to feel. Being able to connect with our senses and honouring what it is that they are picking up. Working with and experiencing our intuition and allowing it to help guide and direct us in our lives. It is also our right to be social, to connect to others, to be intimate and free to explore as well as embrace our intimate nature.

When this chakra is balanced, we feel free to express our emotions and communicate our needs. We are joyful, ambitious and have a healthy love of ourselves. We develop healthy relationships and are confident and creative.

When the Sacral Chakra is unbalanced it can lead to issues such as eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, asthma or allergies, candida and yeast infections, kidney stones, prostate problems, gynecological problems, urinary problems and sexual issues such as impotency and frigidity.

People with an unbalanced or blocked Sacral Chakra tend to be shy and withdrawn; they can be helpless and weak. They do not desire sex and will avoid having sex as much as possible. They do not feel sexual sensations normally and quite often find sex weak and disappointing. ”

Me: The Sacral chakra has so much to it.

Leviathan: It does, there are so many layers, more than we can cover in this session. But I think we have a good start. Explore this, you have the resources available to explore what I have shown you…

At this point he touches my sacral chakra and I feel the energies open and begin flowing. I am incredibly aroused and I look to Tiger who is waiting behind me. He smiled at me with a devilish grin that I know all to well. Part of our unspoken language of lust and love.

Leviathan: Experiment with what I have shown you. Working with the energies of your sacral chakra and being open to them will lead to greater levels of emotional healing. The more you work with your chakra the more your confidence will rise and you will feel stronger and empowered.

Leviathan shoots me a knowing glance: for now though go have fun, the sacral chakra is a playful chakra and should be explored from a place of freedom and fun.

I thank him for his wisdom and his council, I was quite delighted with this session. It was very informative and I love how wise and patient he is and I adore connecting and working with his energies. They are so balancing and nurturing. Once the space has been closed my glance shifts to Tiger who swoops in and surround me in his deep passionate energies. He locks me in a passionate kiss as he reaches with his hand and begins playing with my sacral chakra. I know that tonight is going to be a lot of fun.


4 Responses

  1. DragonWarrior says:

    The Dark Lords have lots of useful knowledge. I continue to learn and I am greatful for their teachings.

  2. Ranka says:

    This is such a moving post! I am currently in the midst of leaving a decade long relationship where my sacral was damaged from the lack of intimacy. I am working towards it being open and full of life again.

    • Akelta says:

      Thank you so much Ranka, I am so glad you enjoyed the post. I wish you the best in healing and filling your life with wonder and joy. It does happen, it seems hard at times and hopeless, but if we just keep moving forward one day you will wake up and feel free from what was.

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