So you want to work with Mammon?

The Worship of Mammon
The Worship of Mammon

Prepare for ultimate destruction…

And I mean this… no matter how many times I tell people… When you work with Mammon… he is going to make life-changing changes in your life.  This is what he does and he is good at it.  Energy vibration wise.. there is no success in the vibration that you currently have or you would not be asking for things to change.  So many people cling to their old reality, they cling to comfort and they do not wish to shift away from it.  This actually sabotages any efforts from attaining what it is that they ask for.  This is why a lot of people have trouble with attaining success, it is because they have a hard time shifting away from the old reality that they have, they have a very challenging time moving away from it and they tend to fall back on the ‘why them?’ ‘Why did this happen?’ ‘Why am I being treated this way?’

These are the wrong questions to ask.  When the world crashes, it is because you asked for it.  You wanted to move away from the old reality and you wanted a new one so you have to go through the challenges of bringing that new reality into your surroundings and your world.  When you ask for change, especially when working with demons, it is going to happen.  They are going to begin to shift things to give you what you ask for but you have to be able to receive what you asked for. Your mind has to be able to wrap your head around what you want so that you can receive it.  You cannot just wish for fame and wealth and not be able to receive it.  You have to shift and be in a place where your energies are aligned with that reality.  If they are not, it doesn’t matter if the demons give it to you, you won’t be able to receive it and the opportunity will be lost.

This is one of the reasons that demons work the way they do.  They want you to have what you ask for and they want to help you but you have to shift and change in order to achieve what it is that you desire.  Also, when you ask for something especially when working with demons don’t be surprised if things start happening, and if it seems to be bad in the beginning.  This is the old reality shifting and washing away and giving you and the demons the space to craft and create the new reality.  It happens really fast but that is because through it all they are there helping you with the shift.

When I started working with Mammon I asked for certain things.  I asked for more money, I asked for real estate, I asked for a different life and I got it! I had to fight for it, but Mammon aligned me every step of the way with what it is that I needed to attain it.  He brought me the opportunity I just had to see it and realize it..


Mammon: You need to look around and see the abundance that is all around you, you are stuck in a mindset, you are limited by how you think that it should be.  This is going to trap you and it is going to prevent you from attaining what it is that you have asked me for.  You asked to break out of your old reality, well this is the only way to do that.

Me:  It hurts so much, I am so scared Mammon.

Mammon:  Yes it is going to hurt, all your comforts, all your plans everything that you think will help at this level isn’t going to help you. You have to be ready to stay focused on what it is you want and listen to the new inspiration that comes.  I know you don’t know how it can work, but that is because you are limited at the level you are currently at, you are blocking yourself.  These solutions that you have, they are training wheels that are preventing you from actually going out and getting what it is that you desire and want.  They are blocking you from attaining your goals and dreams. You are your own worst enemy here, you need to shift away from this fear and shift to an inspired place.  I am not going to let you fall if you follow my guidance, but you can fall if you don’t start shifting and looking outside of your world.  To get what you desire you have to shift away from what you know, you have to embrace a mindset that is foreign to you, it is scary and it is new.  This is why you are scared,  It hurts because you are trying desperately to cling to an old mindset that is melting away from you.  But what you are not seeing is all the abundance and opportunity that is around you.  There is so much. Right now you are adrift at sea, clinging to a piece of rotten wood that is losing it’s buoyancy.  If you just stopped and looked around you would see that there is a Yacht now but 100 meters from you… Focus on the yacht, give it your all and swim and know that it is my Yacht, and I have a flotation ring that I can throw at you.  You have to focus though, you have to choose to see the yacht, you have to choose to let go of the rotten wood and you have to be prepared for the swim to get to the yacht.  Do you understand?

Me: Yes, I see what you are saying.  How do I see the yacht?

Mammon:  You have to choose to see it.  You know what you want, so focus on that.  Focus on that as that is your yacht. You have to focus on it and then swim towards it.  Your natural impulse as soon as you get away will be to panic and try to return to the rotten wood.  It was your safety and it was all you know, and you are not sure that you can swim to the yacht. The waves are large and tossing you around, they will toss you around, you have to focus on the yacht and swim, swim for the yacht with everything that you have.

Me:  The waves tossing me around, that is what is happening now?

Mammon: Yes, you are being tossed around by the ocean, and instead of focusing on the yacht you panic and run back to the wood.  You need to focus on the yacht, believe you can reach the yacht and swim with everything you have.  Success is not easy, if it was, everyone would do it.  I can give you the edge by planting a yacht within your reach, but you still have to swim for it, and you still have to shift your mindset, shift your perception from the wood, to the yacht, then decide to swim for it.

Me:  What happens when I reach the yacht?

Mammon: Oh you will have a cause for celebration! And you will, you will have attained your goals and you will have shifted your mindset to receive the many gifts that I have in store for you.  Everyone who is successful has to go through this.  It is not a form of punishment either.  I cannot give someone a gift who does not know how to receive them.  I don’t like to waste my time either.  You read about people who win the lottery only to lose it all in a year, this is because they didn’t grow, they didn’t shift their mindset and they stayed where they are.  You have to change, you have to be willing to shift to do the work.  Anything I give you without that shift won’t help you, you will just end up back at your rotten wood and that is not what I want to do. I want to help you so I am going to challenge you to shift, I am going to challenge you to change, then when you do I will give you exactly what you want and desire.  You will see…

Me:  Thank you Mammon.

Mammon:  The first step though, focus on the yacht and get ready for the swim of your life…


So you want to be rich…

The rich mindset is a very interesting one.  You have to be fluid and prepared to lose it all.  When you embrace the abundance and rich mindsets you usually have to go through a stage of conditioning.  This is where your old reality shatters and everything around you crashes and that has to happen so that you can build up the new reality.  As it is crashing though you have to stay committed to your new reality, know what you want and stay focused on it believing and knowing that it will come and that the demons will align you with what it is that will allow you to attain this goal.

Old Palace
Old Palace

This is one of the reasons why so many people cannot become rich, they do not have the ability to navigate this mindset.  When you are in the crashing stage you have to stay focused and be willing to take the action as they present opportunities to you.  I have read about this from every person who has ever created wealth in their life. Not inherited it, but created it. They went through a time where something horrible happened, something tragic manifested and they developed the drive to achieve.  They didn’t whine, they didn’t think ‘oh why them’, they got focused and committed and knew what they had to do.

When you work with demons they will not only initiate this crashing for you, they will also align you with the opportunity to generate wealth, but you have to shift your mindset enough to receive it and you have to push through that stage focused and committed to what it is that they want.  Remember the old reality will crash so the new one can rise. When your world starts changing drastically it means that something is about to rise. It also means the world around you is shifting and it is the perfect time to build and create a new one.  When we ask for big changes in our world they never have smooth transitions because we tend to cling to the old reality and also how we think things should be, let go of that and get focused on what you want and the wealth creation that you desire and start building.  You asked for it. Accept what is happening and push forward into it.


So you want to be healthy…

We have physical bodies.  They have physical limits we are bound to the physical world and we have these bodies.  They are our bodies and hating them and wishing you had another body is not helpful.  Demons can preform incredible healing and they have, but we have to take care of our bodies. We have to take action to assist this process along.  When you are in a physical form there are reasons why your health decays, there are reasons why your body is not healthy.  You have to find those reasons and you have to change the unhealthy habits, and add new ones and be prepared to work with your demons to take your health into your own hands.  When working with demons they will guide me to good dietary practises, show me exercises that will help and guide me to the resources that I need to be healthy.  Even when I am sick I find inspiring things that help me to recover faster.  But I still have to listen to them, I still have to follow their instructions and I still have to do what they play out for me.

You cannot abuse your body and then expect to be healthy.  The demons are not there to fix you when you abuse yourself and most demons if you aren’t even going to try, they are not going to help you.  It is a waste of time and energy to them and by continuing the bad practises you do not appreciate their efforts.  If you make the changes and put in the efforts to heal they will guide you and they will help you.  I have had amazing help from my demons at every step of the way in my healing endeavours.  I will share a very personal story.


I have a demoness who is a mutilation demon nurse, she is incredibly brilliant and amazing and after the birth of my second son I had some complications.  I was in a lot of pain and not feeling all that great.  She told me that I needed to get up and move.  When I got up and did the activity, my fever spiked and I was actually in a horrible state.  I was worse off than I had been but it was for a good reason.

Me: I am sick, I have a fever.

M:  You need to go to the hospital, there is an infection in you, it has been there for days.

Me:  Why did you tell me to get up and go out.

M:  Because you needed to move, you needed to feel the spike in your temperature, if you didn’t your body would have rotted and you would have died.  There is rot and infection in you and you have to clear it out. Moving, you are going to feel worse but it is going to help.  You need to go to the hospital and get medicine to help your body fight this infection as it is a bad one.

I left and departed for the hospital, They admitted me right away and I was checked out.  I had a massive fever and was not doing so well.  I received the antibiotics and they wanted to admit me.  M resisted.

M: No, you need to go home, you are not in danger of dying and you need to move to help your body fight this.  You need to keep moving and you need to help your body with healing.  I am also going to help you.

I felt her place her hands on my stomach and I felt her energies working through me.  It was a very soothing feeling and my temperature started spiking and then dropping.  I told the doctors I wanted to go home and they let me go on the condition, I take my antibiotics and come back in the morning.

M: This is good, the movement is going to help you heal.

I didn’t understand what she meant but later that evening I got my answer.  Part of what was causing the infection left my body.  The doctors were all surprised as that normally does not happen.  My fever broke and I immediately stated to heal.  M guided me to healing, she helped me heal and I believe to this day she is the reason that what was causing the infection left me, but if I had not moved and done my part in this healing it would not have happened.  All physical things and health as well, you have to put in your part of this.  We are physical beings and it is up to us to take care of our physical bodies.  They can help us, but if we are not even going to put in the effort and help ourselves then why should they put in effort.  Health is something you have to take seriously and it is something that you have to work with alongside your demons.

If you have an addiction, you have to take the action and combine it with willpower to change things.  A lot of what is happening with health is happening inside the body.  When you have an addiction, neurological pathways have built up that give you pleasure from that addiction and you have to find a reason why and work to shift it and remove it.  Depending on how deep the addiction is and why you have the addiction, there might be emotional triggers that are feeding into the addiction and then you will have to work with the demons to find healing to shift those emotional dependencies. Sometimes addictions are hiding years of trauma and abuse and if we want them removed we have to dig deep into our psyche and work at uncovering those roots.  Demons cannot take those away for we have to face them.  But they will reveal them and help us work through them so that we can purge these addictions from our bodies.


So you want to change your appearance…

Eyes Change
Eyes Change

Though not impossible, you have to accept yourself where you are now if you want to change your appearance.  You also need to start taking the steps to change where you are.  If you want to lose weight or shift your appearance you have to work with them and be willing to put in the work that you need to.  There are many ways to change your appearance and change things about you that you do not like.  It does start though with self acceptance and also self love.  You have to learn to love yourself and find things about yourself that you like.  When you can come at things from a grounded and balanced perspective, then you can change them, you can look at yourself and you can work with your demons to change those things.

They are not going to happen instantly, you are here and your got yourself here through the energies you live in and life choices that you make.  You have to work with them to change this energy vibration and change this place where you are.  You have to set goals and work towards them and put in your half of the puzzle.  No demon is going to do all the work for you, that is not how they work and it would actually do you a disservice as it would be insulting to your journey here and what you decided to embrace.  Work with your demons, work with them and don’t care what people say, push through, set your goals and trust that they are aligning things for you. You just have to shift your vibration so that you are in the reality that they have set for you.


What about Pacting? 

Pacting is basically where you ask a demon for something in exchange for something that you will give them.  In order to pact you have to know what it is that the demons wants and you have to be able to deliver on that.  Also remember the exchange of energy.  The bigger the request the more energy you have to contribute to it.  No, demons do not want your soul.  They they do not take souls and they don’t even want souls.  That is a myth that was propagated by the church in order to scare people away from working with demons and the old gods, in reality though they have no use for souls and they do not want your soul.  So when you pact with them, which is essentially make a contract with them, they agree to give you things in exchange for you doing things. Like let’s say you want a house.. .they would align you with the circumstances but you still have to take the action, you still have to shift to be in the mindset where you receive the items.

This is what a lot of people do not understand.  The demons can deliver on what you ask of them but you have to be in a place to receive what they give you.  This is one of the key lessons that Mammon teaches and if you want to work with Mammon you have to be prepared for the fact that he will get results and he will crash all your old beliefs, your old comforts and everything that is keeping you locked in the old reality.  Do not ask for anything from Mammon unless you are prepared to accept this.  He will take your comforts away, take your security nets away because that is what is holding you to the old reality.  It is preventing you from attaining what you desire and when this happens you have to shift with it.  You have to set your focus and be ready to do what you need to do to shift into the new reality and receive what they are going to prepare for you.

If you have asked for something, especially if it is a very big goal and your world starts crashing, don’t get upset, you asked for this, you wanted it, you wished for it.  You wanted the demons to come in and change your world, you wanted them to remove your obstacles and remove your barriers and help you to attain success.  It is like the forest fires burning away the under brush so that new life can grow.  Some trees need the fire to purify the lands so that they can grow.  This is how demons work.  We are here in this world having a physical experience and they can blend and shift the world around us to help makes things easier…

I have friends on the RHP who have shifted and they have lost children, they have lost family members, they have had some of the worst things imaginable.  The Demons have actually lessened the blow for me, they gave me just enough to help me change but my world was not decimated and I am so grateful to them every day.  Working with them we still have to work, and we still have to go through the soul testing times that transforms us and shift our energies, but they will lessen the blow, they will walk with us every step of the way and they will align us exactly with what we desire.

Looking back even through the times where I thought Mammon destroyed my life and was set on torturing me, he actually was challenging me to rise and he believed in me.  He talked with me when I needed it, he gave me the spells and the resources I needed and guided me every step of the way.  These shifts need to happen, and the larger the goal you ask for the greater the shift, when they do happen yes things are going to change and happen, but as the old world crashes down the new world rises.  Focus on what you want, trust in your demons and shoot for the stars of your dreams.  Fear blocks us from following it but when we do, we get what we desire.

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  • August 1, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    For me this is a very interesting topic.
    I`m a huge fan from the “law of attraction”, but I never see it that way.
    I mean the old have to be destroyed, so the new can come into your life.
    I read storys from people who has worked with demons and they say too, that their life was ruined.
    Most of them than say ” See! Demons are evil!”
    They don`t go through the whole process to see the end result.


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