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A Camel Ride with Paimon : Confidence

Continued from here   The Blocks in Myself I loved the feel of the sun. I loved this place and there was something that was so relaxing and soothing about this. I felt all my troubles and worries just vanish. The moment I was here it all just melted away. This was my place to…
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Blazing Sun

A Camel Ride with Paimon  – The Desert Walk

The Desert of Gold I really wonder how I find myself back in the desert, this was a different desert though… The one I meet Azazel in is past the black sand dunes.. The desert is connected to my soul in a way.  There is a deep connection to it.  My higher self has a profound connection…
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Palace Gates

So you want to work with Mammon?

Prepare for ultimate destruction… And I mean this… no matter how many times I tell people… When you work with Mammon… he is going to make life-changing changes in your life.  This is what he does and he is good at it.  Energy vibration wise.. there is no success in the vibration that you currently have or…
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Demon Companions

After years of working with demons.. What I have learned…

I have worked with demons.. well all of my life.  I realized the other day that there are things that I have learned from working with demons… Things that have shaped how I see things.  Demons are some of the most hilarious beings I have ever met.  The things they say will horrify you while…
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The Demonic Path

My Journey to being a Demonic Priestess and Conjurer

I started this path when I was 6 years old. My Great Grandmother was a Witch and a powerful one and though I didn’t know a lot about her though she was my first teacher. From her I received my first Demon, a Son of Satan named Prince V. A Demon from the outer spiritual…
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Asking for help

Asking our Demons Companions for Help

I have had a few people ask me about tasking our demons and how to go about asking them for assistance in our lives. Having a Demon Companion, they are our friends, mentors, family members, and they can help us profoundly by working the energies in the background to help us manifest and get what…
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