Lessons from Lord Satan

Lessons from Lord Satan

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I have learned many things from Lord Satan over the years about freedom, self-love, connection and empowerment.

I first met the Demon Lord Satan when I was 15 years old.  I was a teenager and still exploring and trying to find myself in the spiritual world.  I had dabbled with Wiccan and Paganism, but knew that it was not for me, and had been working to connect and work with Lord Azazel and Lord Lucifer.  I had worked with demons my whole life thanks to my Demon Companion Prince V.  I felt at home with them and very comfortable with them.  I had agreed to go to a Summer Camp with my friend, unknown to me at the time was that it was a Christian Summer Camp.  I have never felt so out of place as  I did in that camp.  They were quite horrible to me and critical of my alternate views, and I realized very quickly I just did not belong.  I avoided them as much as I could and ended up going on long walks through the forest.  One day a group of girls were quite cruel to me and nasty in their words and during the night I walked deep into the forest.  I was very upset and crying, feeling completely out of place.  The energy there was such as I was blocked from all my spirit guides and I could not communicate with V,  I felt alone and isolated spiritually as well as physically.

I sat on a rock and I felt what I can only describe as a warm blanket of energy wash over me and surround me.  In that moment I felt safe and protected.  The energy wrapped around me and suddenly I was lifted out of my body into an astral state, and he was standing before me.  Lord Satan.  He was tall with solid black eyes that started through me.  They could have been cold but their weren’t they were very warm and gentle and I felt compassion and kindness in them.  He looked at me and he had a very important message for me.

Satan:  “Do not let their energies and words harm your soul, they walk a completely different path then you, a path that will never me yours.  They will never understand where you can go, do not let their attempts to define who you are and confine you to their box destroy you. ”

I looked at him: “I don’t understand why they are so mean”  I whimpered

Satan: “They are ignorant of any path aside from their own and are taught to attack it, they will do that to you, you must not let them, shield with the energies of the elements around you, I will help you to shield and keep yourself.  It is important that you stand tall and not let the words of others destroy you.  Stand tall and strong and speak your message from a place of empowerment.”

He taught me how to shield,  he taught me how to ground my energies and keep out the energies that were damaging and upsetting me.  The rest of the week proved very uneventful.  I met some people there that were more open to discussing their beliefs and I ended up having some good conversations.  The attacks stopped and though I was happy to go home.  I realized that in that place, i had found my home.  It was with Demons.  This one event sparked many discussions with Lord Satan over the years and really helped shape and define the path I was meant to be on.  Sometimes you have to experience where you don’t want to go, to find where you are meant to be.

Lord Satan is not about blind worship and following one particular path. Though you can worship him and he doesn’t mind in the slightest, Lord Satan really is about empowermet, knowledge and wisdom, and helping people to grow and step into their own personal power of freedom and liberty! He is about discovering who you are and what amazing abilities you bring to this world! Believing in yourself and what you are capable of, and helping you to attain those dreams and desires!

Lord Satan teaches us the value of shadow work to balance the self.

Humans are not all light and they are not all dark. They are a balance of both. Each individual has their own unique scale of how dark and light they are, but when they find balance for themselves they awaken in them their core power and embrace pure empowerment.

This is what Satan teaches us, empowerment of the self, and reclaiming power that is stripped from us. Shadow work reminds you of who you are at your core and the power that you have in you. It awakens you and realigns you with who you are. When you are in your power, you are unstoppable, and you know yourself, the light, the dark and you can act from a place of true power.

True power comes from within. Do not fear the shadows in your soul, for they are the clues that remind you of who you are!



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  1. Xio says:

    Great article! I keep returning to this as it helps me to deal with toxic people in my life and accept myself for who I am.

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