Mammon and the Mind – Part 3 : Shifting Realities

Continued from – Mammon and the Mind – Part 2 – Shifting the Negative Mind

During the many sessions I had with Mammon I started to notice certain topics that would repeat and certain concepts we would always come back to. One was my perception of reality and weather or not it hindered me, or helped me. My perception of all situations had an impact on me, but it was my interpretation of them that carried me to the next place. This resonated across all areas of my life, weather it is a relationship, career, hobbies, life circumstances, anything.
For the longest time, I would always ask why me? why did something happen? why were things bad? I couldn’t really shake my head around the concept that my own thoughts were the culprit in a lot of what was going wrong in my life. This was one thing that Mammon worked to change.

Mammon: ” What is happening right now, it is because of you, you know.”

Me: but they….

Mammon: No but they, you look back at you! What did you do to create this situation, what actions lead you here to where you are now. You are not happy! accept you created this, accept this was all the result of your mindset and your vibrations, take ownership of where you are and then shift to change it.

Me: “I can’t control other people, they did this!”

Mammon: “They did, but do you really want to be around people who would exhume that type of vibration They will sink you faster then the Titanic. Your vibrations clashed with them because that isn’t where you are meant to be! Shift your focus, remind yourself of where you want to go, you can lament in the hurt and pain, or you can rise up and go where you actually want to go! Your thoughts lead you here! you will only lament in this vibration if you choose to blame surrounding factors, take ownership and change your life, your own thoughts brought you here, and they can free you from this trap.”  

My own thoughts and patterns were the reason I kept landing in these traps, these mental traps that I set for myself with my own mental rules. It was all my doing. I saw what Mammon was saying, I knew he was right, though there was a stubbornness in me that wasn’t fully ready to let it go.

Mammon: “*laughs* are we still here Akelta”

Me: … 

Mammon: “What is more important, having the success you desire or appeasing the self-righteous stubbornness within?”  

Me: … 

Mammon: “The next move is yours. Make your choice.”

I relented. It was hurting myself staying there and it wasn’t doing anyone any good, least of all me. I looked at Mammon and asked him to show me a way to break out of this and focus on where I wanted to go. Mammon helped me to change this and see just how powerful my thoughts were. He helped me to see where I was and what my energy vibrations were creating. I also realized I didn’t have to be a victim to my circumstances, I could change my life by changing my thoughts and vibrations. I just had to go in and find out what was sabotaging me and holding me back….

Mammon – “Look around you, what is happening right now, all of it can be shifted by stepping out of this energy vibration and embracing a new one. This is not hard to do in theory, many people just get stuck in the vibrations they are because of attachments, …stubbornness, addictions in their life and an unwillingness to accept that these attachments and addictions are damaging them. All those in my family are opposed to addictions, they bring down the mind and wear down the body and really I have no time for it. They are not free to move and shift through the energies, they are stuck in certain energy and that binds them.”

I ponder his words – “So everything around us is a result of our thoughts and our feelings? and by altering my thoughts I can change what is going on around me”

Mammon: “Yes, that is what you need to do.” 

Me: “It seems to easy.”

Mammon: “It is not easy at all, in fact, it is very challenging, you have to resist the temptation to fall to drama, prolonged negative thinking, and lingering in energies that pull you down, not to mention that you cannot control others around you and falling with the wrong crowd can pull you down.”  

Me: “Yes other peoples actions and reacting to them, which is the trap I just fell into. How do I avoid these people?” 

Mammon – “Precisely, look around you and sense, you can tell when there are people, things, situations that are brining you down, you know how they make you feel. Even people you like, people who you might think are good, when you scan their core you can tell, you can see the subtle cues, how they talk to you, how they treat you. The little comments that they make, how you react when you see them and see their words. People who make you feel depressed, who make you feel anxious, it is never a good idea to shut out your emotions, they are guide and they can help you. This is another balance that a lot of people do not understand, you have to feel your emotions, you have to embrace them. You have to also understand them and learn instead of reacting to them, to be guided by them. You cannot and should never shut down your negative emotions, they reveal areas that you need to heal, you just can’t get stuck in them. It is like having a hook in you. Don’t try to ignore it. Pull the hook out! nurse yourself back to health, then continue! You will be stronger and more focused then having the hook weight you down. People can be like hooks in you, and when someone makes you feel bad, it is something to look at because they could be a hook pulling you back and hurting you. Even their energies hurt, I know you can feel it.”

Me: “I can, I know what you are talking about.”

Mammon: “Yes, Be mindful of those people. There will be people as well, who masquerade as friends but watch them, their subtle undertones, their sarcastic put-downs, they will bring you down hard because they are enemies masquerading as friends.” 

Me: “These people, how come they align with my life?” 

Mammon: “They are being created by vibrations in you, vibrations that need to heal and past pains you need to deal with. When you change your vibrations, when you heal past traumas and pains and remove those influences, you free yourself from those energies. Emotions are your guide, you can shift out of that reality and you can shift into a new one instantly. Right now the vibrations you are in are the result of where you are mentally, the thoughts and feelings that govern you, that dominates your thoughts, they are creating the world that is around you. I can help you to influence and change things, but if you want massive change, the change that you are speaking of, that needs to come from within, a belief that holds in yourself. What are you going to do, spend most of your time complaining about where you are? or manifesting where you want to be. Don’t let the immediate circumstances dictate where you go, and never feel powerless. Life is the result of the choices you make and the vibrations that you let in, if you want to change, if you hate where you are then change those vibrations, free yourself from where you are and step into the reality you want to be. “

Me: “It really does sound easy, but I know it isn’t”

Mammon: “It’s never easy, it is one of the hardest things in the world changing your conviction, changing where you are. Most people would rather blame those around them then look at themselves in the mirror and ask what did I do to get here. When you can do that when you can stare into your eyes and say, what did I do to get here? and how can I change it? Then you will regain power over your life. You have two choices, you can hate where you are and blame everyone else around you, or you can stop, and look at yourself and say, I created this, and yes it sucks, but I can change it. Life is the choices that we make, and the choices you make in every moment determines the next and you can build on it with mental mastery and taking control of your vibrations. Through this and understanding these concepts you and anyone can shift their reality to be anything you want. The second you say you can’t is the moment you can’t, keeping thinking you can, and you will find a way, it just might not be the way you think, stay open to possibilities.” 

Me: “What do you mean it might not be in the way I think?”

Mammon: “I will give you an example. Flying, many people said that flying was impossible! but there were those who never quit, who never said they can’t and now you have airplanes. Airplanes allow humans to fly, a thought once deemed impossible, but it became possible, you have to look at what is going on around you, and believe you can find a way, and expect that the way you find, will be something unique, sometimes you cannot even fathom right now, you have to open your mind to the possibilities, understand your limits, obviously jumping off a cliff believing you can fly won’t end well, but believing there is a possibility that had just not been uncovered yet will allow you to open new doors of creation. “

I knew he was right, this all made so much sense. It is a hard concept to attain but really anyone can do it. This is where focus and mental mastery come into play. You have to stay focused on your goals and what you want and realize that the shifting of your reality is sometimes going to cause moments of upheaval and turmoil, you have to have the focus to stay committed to where you want to go. You also have to have the mental mastery to see the whole picture of what is going on and not get swept away by the details. As your life is falling apart would you rather focus on the disaster around you, or on building up your new reality? Mental Mastery also calls for us to go deep into our minds, understanding our emotions and what brought us here, and being willing to embrace these emotions, heal what needs to be healed and moving in the direction that we want to go. Healing is one of the hardest things that you will ever do, but it is so worth it.

Look around and see what is going on around you. Thoughts and vibrations are powerful. We are powerful beings and we are creators. Yes, sometimes we find ourselves in a bit of a mess, sometimes we ask for more than we can handle, and sometimes we have other people, who are around us, throw their energies on us and can damage us with their presence. Everything around us is energies and shifting those energies will change what is going on around us. We have to be mindful though of what we ask for. All change usually brings about a time of chaos, where the old binds of our old reality come crashing down and the new reality begins to manifest and unfold.

One of my mentors used to say that intention is the sum of the words, in and tension, you have to be in a state of tension while you are shifting from one reality vibration to the other, and the further away the vibration are from each other the more tension you are going to be in as your reality is stretched and your mindsets challenged. It all comes down to the power of the mind. Mammon told me he would help me with the shifts and he has, they have brought joy, pain, anger, sorrow, and overall happiness. The journey through the darkness of my mind has taken me to the depth of my soul but taken me exactly where I wanted to go.

2 thoughts on “Mammon and the Mind – Part 3 : Shifting Realities

  • March 24, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    That sound so good

  • April 23, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    I kept asking myself…what is Mental Mastery? It is creating your life thought by thought. It is always being on guard for the energy you might send out which can cause trouble. It is being a magnet for the good things in life, to know they exist, and that we are capable of achieving them! I loved these three articles, and as I work with Lord Mammon, I see how the ways I choose to think have made such a difference in my life. What a relief to know that I am the Master! And what a responsibility, too. What I say yes to, and what I bar from my life are so very important!


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