Mammon and the Mind – Part 2 : Shifting the Negative Mind

Mammon and the Mind – Part 2 : Shifting the Negative Mind

Continued from – Mammon and the Mind. – Part 1: The power of Psychology

I prepared my space and opened my session with Mammon.

Mammon:  “I have more books for you to read.”

Thought Vibration – William Attkinson
The Power of Concentration – Theron Dumont
Who Moved my Cheese – Spencer Johnson
How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie
The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism – Theron Dumont
Mind Power – William Attkinson

Me: “I read some of those already.” 

Mammon: “Read them again. You need to inundate yourself with this information, you need to throw yourself into it and begin to absorb it.  Reading something once, you will start to get an idea, but through repetition and repeating and going deeper into these concepts you will start to shape your mind with them.   Right now your mindset and vibrations are stuck and you need to free yourself from them.  When you get stuck in a vibrational state your life stagnates and you can’t grow.  You have to push yourself and keep growing, grow deep in your studies so that the concepts are your nature, they are your thoughts, when you are vibrating those thoughts you will start to see incredible shifts in your environment. The human mind has 50 000 – 70 000 thoughts a day, what do you think is the percentage of positive ones to negative ones?  Reading these books and allowing their words and energies to shape your mind will help you shift to a place where you can manifest what you desire.” 

This was a very powerful realization to me.  How many of my thoughts are negative to positive?  He said that every thought I have is sending out a vibration to the world around me and that I should be mindful of how many of those fall in the negative category as they are creating and manifesting my surroundings.

Me: “Should I force myself to be positive?”

Mammon: “No, negative thoughts have their place.  If you are having them there is a reason and you need to find the source of that reason.  If you don’t understand where they are coming from they can control you from that shadows.  Negative thoughts are showing you what is going on in your surroundings and they are dire warning signs that something is impacting your manifestation.  Certain people or situations can cause an incredible amount of negativity and when you are faced with them you  really should think of removing them from your life.  This will help you shift the energies so that there are more positive vibrations.”  

Me: “This is what my mentor said when he meant his circle gets smaller every year.” 

Mammon: “Yes, some people have a very negative vibration to them.  You know them in how they talk, how they react when you are down and also how they treat others they feel are under them.  These people will suck up to you until they feel they are above you, then they will try to crush you under them.  They are ego filled and it is best to keep them at a distance.  The preservation of your mental state is very important for manifestation and should be honoured.”  

Me: “There are a lot of people that can fall into this category, everyone has bad days.”

Mammon: “This does not mean that you should go about dropping people when they have a bad day or fall on hard times.  It means though that if someone is a continuous negative force in your life and you find your interactions with them to be draining and bringing you down, that you might want to think about how close they are to you and how their energies might be effecting you and removing them if need be.  The choice in the end is always yours, but some people will hinder your manifestation process and they will be a negative impact on your mindset.”

Me: “How is the best way to go about this because people’s thoughts and feelings can change on a whim?”

Mammon: “You must be mindful of the thoughts of others and how their words and vibrations are making you feel.  These feelings are also guides and will reveal to you how others are effecting you.  When you start having negative thoughts it is a warning that something is wrong in your surroundings and you should work to clear this and shift back to a positive vibration.  This will help you maintain a positive mindset.   One thing that you should do,  work at eliminating drama and feelings that bring you down.  Pay attention to your interaction with people.  If you feel anxious talking with them, or if they have said things to you that have hurt you with no regard or care for what they have done, you need to limit your time with them and make sure you are keeping your inner space positive and empowering.  These things are very important.”  

He could tell I was still processing and trying to figure this out.

Mammon:  “Everyone has their bad days, this is not about cutting everyone out of your life, pay close attention to how people treat you when you are down.  If they turn on you, attack you, or offer little support when you are in your darkest moments then they are not one that you want in your life.” 

I have had many conversation with Mammon about guarding the energies of the mind and making sure that we keep the space around us clear and empowered.  He says to watch my thoughts, but guard them,  my thoughts are creating the vibrations of my manifestations, and that is going to shape what is happening around me.  My energy vibrations and the energy vibrations of those around me will help to shape the vibrations of the world that I am walking in.  My feeling and surroundings are a very good indicator of what I am shaping.

In the end we are the architects of our reality and the energies that we work with and have around us shape what is going on around us.  He said that this can change,  if things change and you suddenly find yourself having horrible luck look at your surroundings, did someone new come into your life, is there a negative energy that is destroying the energies around you,  if there is you need to locate the source of it and remove it.  Sometimes the energies align and things happen.  We all have those days, it is part of life and the fabric of the universe and especially when transitions are happening everything can just fall to shreds.  The goal though is to raise our vibrations and that does mean checking what is going on with us and monitoring the energies within.  Your feelings are a guide and they can help guide you to the places that you want to go and warn you when something is horribly wrong.

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