Demonosophy – We don’t sell souls

There is this concept that has been big throughout history on selling souls to demons in exchange for favours.  This is a fear tactic that was spun by Abrahamic paths to paint demons as evil and sinister creature who would temp you for a high cost.  There are pacts that can be made with demons, but this is more like a working contract, where you request something from the demon in return for services.  The most I have ever been asked for from a Demon is a construction of an altar or honouring them in a way that is special to them.

I have never been asked for my soul.  That concept is wrong.  Why would a demon or any spiritual being want your soul?  What would they do with it?  Maybe there is one demon out there who has a collection of souls on display in his home, but they really have no use for souls.

They are Divine beings themselves, Dark Divine beings and the goal of any divine being is empowerment and awakening, not restriction and containment.   The goal with working with demons and walking any Left Hand Path is to free yourself from the restrictions and limitations of the world and allow yourself to be free of the programming and influence this world places on you and allows you to uncover who you are at your core.  The whole premise of the Left Hand Path is freedom and embracing freedom of the self.    Demons help guide us on this journey, they would not take our soul because that would be another imprisonment when what they want is to guide us and show us how to be free.

Walking and learning from the wisdom of demons, is not selling your soul, it is not surrendering your power, it is the opposite! it is freeing your soul from the shackles and beliefs of this world! and it is about awakening your person al power, and walking the path, no matter where it takes you, to find your way home.

When you first ask a demon to help you attain something, you are not always at a mindset where you can accept what you have asked for.  Many people have had experience of where they get exactly what they ask for but they didn’t understand what they were asking for and it turned out bad.  When you work with demons they want to guide you and show you how to shift your energies to get into the mindset to receive what you desire.  They will guide and direct you and align you with what you want but you have to be open and ready to receive it.  That is why they work with you and I always say, when working with demons you have to put in your 50% of the work.  This is for your benefit and you will be able to get what you want and enjoy it! 

Satan, the Father of all demons and the Lord of the Demonic Divine, has taught
me much about myself, being true to who I am, and honouring my heart. These are the lessons from him, personal truth, embracing who you are, and reclaiming power that people will try to rob you of. Learning from the wisdom of demons frees our soul, and awakens our heart. The greatest gift you can leave this world, is having lived your life, being authentically you!  Be yourself and don’t sell your soul to Satan, invite him over for tea! He will appreciate that more 😉

One thought on “Demonosophy – We don’t sell souls

  • September 23, 2017 at 12:56 am

    Hello Priestess Akelta!
    Do I have to look into Lucifers, Satan, or any demon lord sigil to invoke or evoke him? Do I have to say the demonic enn that correspondence with them? I can’t see or hear spirits but I can feel their presence. I wonder if it’ll cause problems because I can’t hear them. If I practice on call the demon lords will I be able to see more signs and will my psychic senses increase?

    Oh one thing how did Lucifer and Rosier manifest to you? Everyone has different experiences from them but I don’t know much on Rosier.

    Satan sounds amazing to me bbuuttt my patron is YWHW. I’m on and off with him because of christian dogmas about YWHW really bothers me. But he doesn’t seem to have any issues with me doing witchcraft. Can it be possible if Satan can be my mentor? friend? another patron? brother/father? etc. Whatever comes to my mind. I don’t want to offend him in any way. I work with the archangels and I’m really interested in working with demons. I’m not sure if that’ll cause some fights to happen. I hope this doesn’t happen to me… pretty much me being the monkey in the middle while they start fighting over me lol XD


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