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Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

One of the main things that we are taught when we walk with demons, is the concept of thanks and gratitude.  When you shift your attention to that which you are grateful for, those things which you are thankful for, it changes your energies, it shifts your perspective and you are able to see your…
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Alchemy of the Sun

Welcome Summer – The Reign of the Sun

This is the time for the reign of the Solar Demons for they are the masters at harnessing the power of the Sun.  They are an incredible group of demons who work with the solar energies and utilize the power of the sun for powerful manifestations and transformative magicks. The solar demons are called so…
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Solstice Fire

The Solstice cometh! 

This week is a very powerful time.  It is a time for renewal, for cleansing and for growth.  The sun rises high as the flames of life and death wash over the lands, cleansing the world and preparing it for the growth of new life and abundance.  The fires of summer are a very powerful…
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How do I begin? 

I get asked this question a lot,  how does one begin working with demons? How does one begin learning about and casting black magick?  The truth is that these questions all have the same answer… Before one embarks on any spiritual path they need to commit time to read, to educate themselves and to get…
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Welcome June 2017! 

The middle of the year is upon us, and I have to say that we are all amazed at how fast this year is moving.  2017 is a 1 year, and that is a time of growth, new beginnings and new journeys.  1 year is often full of chaos as the energies from the 9…
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