The Evolution of a Spiritual Journey

Demons, my path has always been walking with them but I found as I grew they were always consistent and always in my life. I was working with demons before I can remember. I adore then and love them. My path is Demons, and will always be Demons. I love them, they are a huge part of my life and I have a heartfelt passion for my work. I have always been guided by the demons, and I believe it is their guidance and inspiration that lead me here, to working on S&S and working with all of you.

We created S&S as a community, a safe space, a discussion space, where we all can get together and share our spiritual experiences, and learn about ourselves and our spiritual journeys, sharing insights and ideas and seeing what resonates with us. There are so many people out there who are told what to do, how to do it, this is what you need to do to practice this path and so on and so forth and I disagree with that. Spirituality is not about another persons rules it is about soul searching and finding your own empowerment and finding the place that you call home.

Spirituality is about finding your truth and your path working with your personal guides, companions, familiars, Dark Lords, Immortal Gods, whoever you are called to work with. It is not about conforming to another persons rules. Demons are about freedom and releasing yourself from limiting beliefs, living in your truth and finding your empowerment. Really the goal with walking here is to shed yourself of what you have been taught and find the truths that resonate for you.

My Spiritual Journey so far has lead me to many different paths, Amazing paths and from each experience I have learned and grown from each of those paths has helped me to grow and uncover who I am. Paths like Theistic Satanism, Demonolatry, Raja Yoga, Mantra Meditation, it all helps me to grow, though I never actually found my home, none of these paths fully resonated with me completely. All paths are beautiful and we can learn a lot from exploring and when people are starting out uncovering their spiritual sides, it does help to read about and learn from the paths of others, but you never have to settle for anything that isn’t you.

I really think that spirituality is an investment in the self and a journey towards self discovery and finding ones truth.

Personally for me… I want to follow my heart and my path, anyone who has talked to me, who has worked with me, who has worked with the demons I offer know me, and I love you all and this community and I am not going anywhere. I am about unity and coming together, friends, family, demons we are working hard to bring people together and create an Amazing space for growth and discovery! Amazing discussions and sharing our spiritual journeys, and mine is sharing my passion for demons and sharing the wisdom they share with me, and I love sharing it with all of you. Likewise I like hearing the reverse, I love hearing all your journeys with demons and I love to hear about your growths and discoveries and seeing where your personal paths take you. Mine has been an incredible journey.

My family is from a bloodline of Witches, Witches who worked with demons, so there is a magickal ancestry in my bloodline…but I have come to believe that we all have magick in our bloodlines, we all come from a family where there is magick in our bloodlines! We all have that relative who could see and talk to ghosts, that one relative who knew things, we all have spiritual potential and we all have psychic gifts, we are all beautiful. Humans are born with natural psychic potential, with connections, with our own energies and talents, and you don’t need any specific or magickal blood line to work with the demons and the dark lords, or any immortal for that matter, they are not like that. You don’t need to be on one particular path or belief to work with them, they are not like that. You need to walk the path that is in your heart and realize as a species we are born with natural gifts and potential that anyone can grow when cultured and nurtured.

You need to experiment, you need to try different things, explore different paths, you need to find your home. No one has the right to tell you what you are and what path that you should walk. If someone wants to exclude you because you are not in alignment with their rules then it wasn’t meant for you, no spiritual path should be exclusive. Our spiritual paths are not defined by the rules others lay out for us.

For me, I am a Demonic Priestess and I always will be.

My training was in working with the Dark Lords and Demons, they came to me when I was young and I have been blessed to have them in my life. My Mentor was a Theistic Satanist but we explored many different paths together, including Raja Yoga and Mantra Meditation with the Hindu Gods, taking from each path what empowered and inspired us and brining it into alignment with our true nature. THAT is spirituality, reading and learning and finding the path that calls to your heart. Our commitment and dedication and focus was to our own spiritual foundation and our own mental mastery and psychic development. We committed ourselves fully to walking the path that was right for us!

I have had a hard time defining my Path, until now… The definition of Demonolatry is the worship and respect of demons. Anyone who knows me knows I have always respected them and fought for them. My whole purpose here is to help connect people to them, show their true nature and change the perception of them. They are like family to me, friends, mentors, and companions. I love them! But Demonolatry still didn’t fully resonate with what I do. It never fully aligned with me, and that is ok! it is a beautiful Path and anyone that is called to walk it should do so, it has such amazing aspects of it. For me though my path takes a different turn…

My path will always be mine and my love of the demons will stand strong, they are like family to me. I always have forged my own way and my own path and I will continue to do so. Satan and Sons/Suns was created to open doors, bring people together and help inspire anyone who is called to find their spiritual path and wants to share it working with demons and the Dark Lords, we have always sought their guidance and received knowledge and wisdom and joy from working with them and Demon Companions. I finally know what I am.

I am a Demonosopher – The practices of working with the demons from a place of pure respect, to learn their wisdom and knowledge and lead an inspired life. I truly believed this was meant to happen and I am excited about moving forward! I have a name for my Path now and I am very excited about were it is going to take me and my . I have books on the way and am going to delving into this a great deal more and sharing the way that I work with Demons though knowledge and education. I am very excited about the future!

Thank you all for walking this path with me and sharing this journey! We have a lot of exciting things on the way!

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