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Demon Reconnecting Ritual

Sometimes we may be working with our Demon companions but notice they get quiet or things seem different. You may wonder if they left or if something has happened and they are upset with you. It is not uncommon to have time where due to stress, lack of sleep or other factors in your life…
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Demonosophy – Methods for Connecting with Demons

Over the years I have found that one of the most effective ways to connect and work with demons is just through honouring them and inviting them to join me. Some people think this is an easy lazy way, but it isn’t. It is not a cake walk! This is because my focus is not…
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Connecting…. How Do You KNOW When You’re Ready?

This is a very good questions as having an understanding of this can prevent a lot of people from getting injured along their spiritual journey. With any spiritual path I always recommend a strong foundation. Grounding, Light/Dark Balance, Shielding, and Mental Mastery. These skills grow as you do and sometimes for some entities you do…
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