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Outer Spiritual World Demons Don’t Die

There have been some people who are very concerned that their companions have passed away or have been killed. I want to discuss how death works from the Outer Spiritual World and why you do not have to worry about this with the companions that we conjure.  I also want to say that if anyone…
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The Outer Spiritual World is Fake??? 

Apparently, the Outer Spiritual World is Fake.. and I made it all up… Well, that’s news to me 🤔 The spiritual world is a vast and giant place. It is a place that is very layered and has multiple dimensions and realms.  It also is a place that many people have worked to map and…
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Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords

I have read different theories on what happens when you connect with demons.  It is fascinating to read and learn about them.  Different people have many different encounters with them.  Once question that has always plagued me is.  Why are they so different at times?  With some of them at first I raised an eyebrow…
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